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Shangri-La has finally started, and Asahi was kind enough to provide me with many, many images to obsess over <3

Yuuhi looking smexy.

Background!Mitsuki (assuming my baby-locating curse isn't kicking ing) + background!Kai-chan.  Oh, and Yuuhi looking pretty again, but that goes without being said.

Plaid pants + fedora + moustache Masako XD  Please never stop being yourself, Masako <3  Ayumi-san's outfit is very pretty, too.

Kai-chan in an outfit that shouldn't work and yet somehow does, probably only because she's Kai-chan <3

Poor captive!Tomu looks angsty.  And (like many other otokoyaku in this show) very, VERY pretty <3

I never actually saw Gin-chan no Koi, but there's something about the outlandish-ness of the costumes that makes me wonder if you could interchange some scenes?

I'm sure this is actually a very serious scene, but all some of those facial expressions out of context... XD

I know this show is supposed to take place in the computer, but something about the site of the characters sitting around a computer cracks me up.

And finally we have our first shot of Micchan ♥♥♥♥♥.  I hope the fact that it takes this long for her to show up in the pictures isn't a bad sign, although some of the earlier pictures were really small and I couldn't tell who was in them.  The Asahi reviewer says that they were surprised that Micchan's character seemed so spineless in comparison to Tomochin's, but you eventually find out a reason behind this.  So it's looking like Tomochin is the true villain after all...well, I just hope that Micchan's character is at least interesting.

Another shot of Yuuhi looking smexy.

Kai-chan looks so much like a video game character it's not even funny.

Ah, look like there's something important going on, and yet I can't take you seriously in those pants :3

Micchan's haircut makes her look like a 12-year old boy, and yet...

Poor Micchan...things don't seem to be going well for her, and I have a feeling she won't get out of this show alive.  But I hope we find out interesting secrets about her charcter <3

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