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So I'd like to get back into the habit of Live Journal-ing about personal stuff.  I do have [ profile] cherrytop, my RL journal for this, but I've found that it's really hard to keep up with more than one journal and I don't use it much these days.  I've been thinking about leaving [ profile] cherrytop as an archive and writing about both Zuka and real life stuff here.

The only problem is that while some people on my [ profile] muffin_song friends list also follow [ profile] cherrytop , the reverse isn't true, and I don't want to bore my college friends and so on with Zuka babbling.  So I would have to make [ profile] muffin_song friends only and filter the entries into personal and Takarazuka.

I'm not sure how I feel about moving to friends only.  On one hand, more and more of my entries these days are friends only (I don't want to publicly post anything that could link me back to my fan club affiliation).  But going back to the other hand once again, I don't like accusations of elitism in the Zuka fandom, and if I made a friends only journal I would worry I was going in that direction.

I suppose I could just accept the friends request of everyone who asks and then filter my journal according to how well I know them.  *sigh* I'm feeling like a snob already.  And yet I feel uncomfortable with letting people I don't really know read about things I consider private.


For people who have done this before, any suggestions?
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