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I need to leave this entry open for logistical purposes, but if you don't know what Yuletide is, please skip this.  These aren't the droids you're looking for ^^;;

Dear Yuletide Writer,

This is my first time participating in Yuletide, and I'm very excited.  Thank you for writing for me!

Some preferences:

  • Nothing that ends on an overly angsty note, please.  I'm not a fan of fan-fiction that leaves me feeling more depressed than when I opened up my computer for some good ole fashioned escapism :)  And on a similar note, no character death, please.
  • I will admit that I enjoy smut, and smut could be a part of any of these prompts.  I have however tried to write my prompts in a way that will not force *you* to write smut (or anything higher than All Ages) if you're not comfortable.
Please use [ profile] bwinter as an intermediary for me if you have any questions.

My requests: 

Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy

     Characters: Percy Blakeney, Marguerite St. Just
     Request: Something taking place either near the end of El Dorado or immediately after (either
     Percy and Marguerite's reunion, or soon there after).  Showing Percy recovering from his
     ordeal is a plus.  Angst along the way is fine, but nothing that ends too depressingly, please.

Notes: I guess this prompt would qualify as hurt/comfort?  In any case, I like my Marguerite strong willed and my Percy to be respecting of her agency.  That being said, I'd rather that this wasn't exaggerated *completely* out of historical context (Percy probably wouldn't send Marguerite off to the army, for example ^_~)

Scarlet Pimpernel - Wildhorn/Knighton
(yes, I realize I'm somewhat cheating by using two different forms of the same story ;P)
     Characters: Percy Blakeney, Marguerite St. Just
     Request: In the actual musical, Marguerite finds out almost immediately that Percy really didn't
     die at the guillotine.  What if that wasn't the case, and she didn't find out he was actually alive
     until later?  I'd love a fic that explores this road and shows Percy and Marguerite's reunion.

Notes: I love Douglas Sils' Percy in the American version for his passion and liveliness.  I love Kiriya Hiromu's Percy in the Moon Troupe Takarazuka Version for her tenderness.  Like I said in the above prompt, I like my Marguerite strong willed and my Percy respectful of her agency, but not so exaggerated that it pulls us out of the historical period.

On that note, if you're familiar with the Takarazuka version and want to use details/story elements from that version, feel free.

     Characters: Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund, Victor Laszlo
     Request: I've always wondered what it would be like to have the Rick/Ilsa/Laszlo triangle  
     extended a little farther...what if it wasn't just Rick and Laszlo having feelings for Ilsa, but also
     having some attraction towards each other?

Notes: I see this as being more of a three-way romance rather than Rick and Laszlo chucking Ilsa out the window for the sake of each other.  What I love about both of these men is how dedicated each is to Ilsa, and I'd hate to lose that.  So on that note, no Ilsa bashing, please :)

Smut would be awesome for this prompt, but just plain ole Unresolved Sexual Tension works here too ;)

Final Fantasy IV
     Characters: Kain Highwind, Dark Kain Highwind
     Request: I'd love a fic in which Kain faces his dark side again, and this time wins.  Feel free to either use or ignore Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.  Similarly, I didn't explicitly list Cecil, Rosa, Golbez, etc., but feel free to use them or not use them as you wish.

Notes: I really love the Cecil/Kain friendship, so please do not bash it.  An ending with Kain's life looking up a little is a plus, although you don't need to sugarcoat it if it's not appropriate.  I'm open to having this one involve Cecil/Kain slash if you think it's appropriate (no Rosa bashing in that case, though)

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