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Need to keep this post open for logistical reasons.  If you're not familiar with Yuletide, please ignore.  These aren't the droids you're looking for >.>

Some general notes:
  • Nothing that ends on an overly angsty note, please.  I'm not a fan of fan-fiction that leaves me feeling more depressed than when I opened up my computer for some good ole fashioned escapism :)  Which doesn't mean that it has to be all fluff, I'd just rather not have 100% angst.  And on a similar note, no character death, please.
  • I will admit that I enjoy smut, and smut could be a part of several of these prompts.  I have however tried to write my prompts in a way that will not force *you* to write smut (or anything higher than All Ages) if you're not comfortable.
  • No incest, killing puppies, etc :P
My requests:


Fandom: Casablanca
Characters: Louis Renault, Rick Blaine
Optional details: I've always loved the Rick/Louis dynamic.  The way that they don't trust each other, and yet they do have a bond.  So I'm requesting anything about Rick and Louis' "beautiful friendship."

I think the key to writing Louis well is to balance both his casual ruthlessness and his humanity.  Neither should completely overwhelm the other.  It's the way these two blend together that make him such a fascinating character.  (Okay, I will admit though that I've always loved Louis's redemption at the end of the movie ^_~)

Either slash or gen is fine.  If you do go the slash route, I prefer for it to be understated.  Casablanca was a movie made before the emergence of slash fan fiction, after all.  This fic from the 2004 Yuletide is how I think Rick/Louis slash can be done really, really well:


Fandom: Silver Rose Chronicle
Character: Elliot Jones, Annabelle Creme
Optional details: *SPOILERS*

I've always loved the scene at the end of the show where Annabelle comes for Elliot.  So if you feel up to writing something about this scene, I would be a very pleased fangirl.  Alternatively, something with either Annabelle or Elliot looking back on their life together would also be nice.

I find this pairing incredibly sweet, but in general I don't like my romance to be too mushy, over the top, and gushing.  Just simple and sweet.


Fandom: Elisabeth (Levay/Kunze)
Characters: Rudolph
Optional details:

I love Elisabeth.  But I have to confess, having experienced suicide within my own family, I've always been uncomfortable with the way it glorifies Rudolph's suicide.  (Well, maybe "glorifies" is a strong word, but you get the idea.  I mean, he gets sexy slash kissing with Death after he's dead -_-;;).

So...I'd like to see an alternate scenario where Rudolph doesn't choose to go with Death.  It doesn't have to be as happy-ending as "then Rudolph gets married and owns a house with a white picket fence", but I'd really like to see Rudolph making the choice to live.

Just for reference, I'm familiar with the Takarazuka version of this show.


Fandom: Seal of Roses (Takarazuka musical)
Characters: Francis de Valois, Paula
Optional details:

Of all the timelines in the show, I always liked the World War II section the best.  Francis and Paula's relationship is the most genuine IMO.  So...if you want to ignore the last act of the show and find some excuse for Francis and Paula to get together after World War II, I'd be happy ;)  Otherwise, just anything about Paula. 

I like the honkouen, but I'm also very partial to the shinko version.


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