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Casablanca Talk Deluxe (February 2010 Graph)

Translated by [ profile] muffin_song and [ profile] wao_wao

My eternal thanks to Julie for letting me rope her into working on this <3  It was a lot of fun, and a really good learning experience for me <333

Please do not re-post or retranslate without permission.


  Oozora Yuuhi, Ranju Tomu, and Hokushou Kairi discuss the Takarazuka production of Casablanca and the new Soragumi. )




Feb. 21st, 2010 02:02 pm
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This morning I had the weirdest dream.

I went to check my mail, and I had a reijou.  (In reality Casablanca senshuraku was only two weeks ago, and I stalk my mailbox on a daily basis.  Thus far I've only received reijou from Micchan.  But given that Eri-chan and Mitsuki have both sent me things before, I'm still hopeful ~_^)

Only in my dream, the reijou I received was from some underclassman I had never written and didn't even know who they were.

My mailbox is a drop-in slot.  So sometimes if there are junk flyers you have to pull them out before the rest of the mail can drop out.  In this case I pulled some other stuff out, only to find my mailbox overflowing with reijou, all from people I 1) didn't know, and more importantly, 2) hadn't written to.  I also got a bunch of random things like photos (sent without envelopes using 10 cent stamps?) and programs from Mami's ochakai (Micchan apparently had a guest spot and sang two songs...?)

I got woken up by my phone going off, and by that point I was more relieved than anything else ^^;
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Last night I ended up watching a couple of episodes of The Muppet Show with some friends.  One of them featured Elton John, and over the course of the episode he wore a number of his typical 70s-era flamboyant outfits.  (My favorite number in the episode was where he and The Muppets performed Crocodile Rock, complete with singing crocodiles <3333)

Eventually he sang "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with Miss Piggy wearing this outfit.  My friends gently poked fun at Elton. 

I, on the other hand, realized that I had gotten to the point where even Elton John's 70s fashion didn't faze me.

Gee, I wonder what it was that corrupted me -_-;
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So a lot of the Shangri La character names are puns and/or have second meanings based on their kanji.  This is what I have figured out so far: (and er, obviously correct me if I got any of these wrong ^^;)

Oozora Yuuhi (Sora 空):
Sky ("Sora" is an alternate reading of the "zora" part of Yuuhi's name)
Nono Sumika (Miu 美雨): Beautiful Rain (?)
Suzuna Saya (Yun 雲): Cloud
Ranju Tomu (Ran ): Storm ("Ran" is from "Ranju")
Yuumi Hiro (Aisu 氷): Ice (氷 translates to "ice", and "Aisu" would be this word in katakana)
Hokushou Kairi (Kai
海): Sea ("Kai" is from "Kairi")
Toki Irisu (Fon 風): Wind
Hasumi Yuuya (Hyou 雹): Hail
Junya Chitose (Fogu 霧): Fog ( translates to "fog", "Fogu" is a katakana-ized way of writing this
Nanami Hiroki (Rui
): Tears
Aihana Chisaki (Hien 飛燕): Flying Swallow (?)
Fujisaki Eri (Mizore 霙): Sleet
Sorahane Riku (Sou
): Blue
Aizuki Hikaru (Kou
): Rouge

Names I haven't figured out yet: Amou Tamaki (Yan Yan 欣欣), Houshou Dai (Bunjaku 文雀), Hanatsuyu Sumika (Fon Fon 芳芳)

I'm having way too much fun XD  Also, I'm predicting Kai-chan as Sumika's lover who vanished.  It's the kind of role she's good at, and with a name that means tears...?  Poor Kai-chan ;)

Alas Mitsuki (my favorite 94th) didn't get a named role, but neither did a lot of other people.  I'm mostly just glad that she got into a show at all.
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1. Right at this moment, soragumi is performing Casablanca for the final time.  I'm excited about their next round of projects (and it's not like I've seen the show since early December), but I still feel a little sad.  I really loved Casablanca, and I'm so grateful I got to see it live.

2.  Shuugoubi for Shangri La is on Thursday, apparently.  There's something wrong with me (or rather I've gotten sadly accustomed to overworked soragumisei) when I think, "They get until Thursday off!"  Given that Shangri La starts in about a month, I was worried it was going to be one of those cases where okeiko began two days after Tokyo raku.  *sigh* I do hope they get a decent vacation sometime soon.

3. The end of January marked three years since I became a Takarazuka fan.  (Where exactly has the time gone...?)
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This might have something to do with the fact that I'm slightly tipsy at the moment.  But Kiriyan's new star goods?  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

(I'm surprised she didn't find a way to get Finch on there) 

I can't believe she's finally top star... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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1. Tonami recently went out to tea with Maikaze Rira, or as she calls her, "Maa-san." <3333

2. This NicoNico clip of a Sky Stage News special in which the soragumi team (Micchan, Monchi and Arisa) and the yukigumi team (Kimu, Mimi, and Rinjou Kira) play Karuta. 

(Karuta is a card game is traditionally played at New Year's in Japan.  Normally poems get used, but this time they use the first lines of songs.  The players then have to race each other to match up the music to the cards of various shows laying out on the table.  The songs are from all five troupes over the last two or three years, and it's kind of fun to quiz yourself on how many you can get).

I love how aggresive the Sky Fairies in particular become.  Normally they're so shy XD

There's also a clip of the talk section beforehand, in which Micchan and Kimu talk about what they do on New Year's.  Kimu likes counting down to midnight, but apparently Micchan has a bad habit of falling sleep five minutes before midnight and then waking up again five minutes after the start of the new year XD

It also cracks me up that Kimu is the only person in the universe who can make Micchan look shy and quiet by comparison XD  But they're such cute douki ♥♥♥♥


Jan. 24th, 2010 11:12 pm
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Now the real question is, does a girl really need both of her kidneys? ;)
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According to the internet rumor mill (aka the sienne kangeki thread ^^;), Susshii-san, Tomochin, Micchan, and a bunch of underclassmen went to see Tacchin in The Woman in White <33333

But more than that, AI-CHAN IS A TEASE.  You see, January 24th is her birthday (I will not dwell on the depressing fact that she will be turning *twenty seven* and yet was considered by some to be "too old" :P).  In any case, she says she has a surprise for us in the form of telling us what her future plans are.

"それまで・・・舞台するのかなぁ とか、結婚するのかなぁ とか、

バイトするのかなぁ  とか・・・(笑) 色々想像してください(´∀`*)"

"To that end...maybe I'm doing a performance.  Or maybe I'm getting married.  Or maybe I'm getting a part time job.  And so on *laugh*  Please imagine various things!"

As I said, TEASE XD

No matter what she's doing, the sheer amount of moji in her entry indicate that she is her excited, and that makes me happy.  When Ai-chan retired I worried that she would publicly disappear off the face of the earth completely.  Post-graduation she's certainly not obligated to keep up with her fans via a blog or any other means, but the fact that she is doing so makes me so, so happy <3
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Soragumi's next Daigekijou show will be Trafalgar/Funky Sunshine.  Trafalgar is about Horatio Nelson.  From my Wikipedia research since the announcement went up (yay for history through Zuka? ^^;;;), it appears that he was a British naval officer who was famous for leading England to victory in a battle where he was killed.  He also had a scandalous affair with a woman named Emma Nelson (both were married to other people at the time).  Trafalgar is the name of the battle where he was killed.  After El Halcon, I'm amused that Saitou-sensei is returning to the topic of the various European navies again XD

Funky Sunshine will apparently have (shock!) sun-related things as its theme.  Personally I'm just looking forward to the soragumisei saying "Funky Sunshine!" over and over XD

This one seems like it could go either way, but I'm definitely interested <3  Does it sound strange if I say I'm relieved that this isn't an instant "OH MY GOD I MUST SEE THIS" show? ^^; I'm also uncertain as to whether or not Micchan would potentially be transferred out befre this show.  Well, no matter what, it appears that there will be Yuuhi and Tomu fighting over the same woman again <3

Oh, and Mizu's sayonara show was announced too (what would be the correct romanization of ロジェ?  Because that's the show's name, apparently).  And what is it with Masatsuka-sensei and sayonara shows lately? ^^;  The revue is called "Rock On", which is also highly amusing <3


Jan. 5th, 2010 11:21 pm
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I know that [ profile] csh_121476 already posted about this, but I have the need to scream to the heavens that
Maybe this signals that she's going to have some kind of a career in acting.  Maybe it just means that she's going to post pictures of her pets and whatever she made for dinner that night.

But either way, I'm so glad that we have "contact" with Ai-chan again ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
ETA: So was it anyone here who went ahead and told Ai-chan on the comments section that gaijin also love her? ;)

Eh heh heh

Dec. 30th, 2009 01:20 pm
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My mother has reluctantly agreed to watch "Epiphany" with me at some point.  She went to (and as she pointed out, paid for) Valencia no Atsui Hana with me, but I figured that if I show her something with subtitles, she may understand a little bit more what I'm going on and on about ^^;

(I can't really think of any of the other TIP releases.  Elisabeth is obviously good, but very, very heavy.  *scratches head* Or maybe I should do Elisabeth...then I could point out Micchan/Kiriyan/etc. <33333)
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The Shangri La poster looks even more like Final Fantasy X a video game XD  (The photoshopping only makes it moreso ^^;) But in all seriousness if this is any indication, I'm seriously excited for the costuming possibilities.

For the record, I think I'm predicting Tomu as the Dragon King and Micchan as part of the troupe of traveling entertainers.  (Unless it's Tomochin as the Dragon King, Tomu as the friend with the traveling entertainers, and Micchan in another role?)  Nah, I think I'm sticking to what I first said.  And then Tomochin can be Tomu's co-bad guy and Masako can also be wit te entertainers.

Oh, and I think Yuuhi used to be evil before she lost her memories XD  *scratches head* Maybe she's the Dragon King?

I'm scared of jinxing myself, but I'm really looking forward to this show <3

In other news, Yumiko's dinner show will be entitled "Thank you."  How sweet is that????  The fact that Nacchan is in there doesn't surprise me, and hopefully they'll do some Silver Rose Chronicle stuff..  Having Koma as well is an extra bonus <3
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I’m lucky to have been able to see three shinjinkouen performances since becoming a Takarazuka fan.  They’re always so, so much fun.  Shinko performers only get one chance per run to do their performance and as a result always put 200% into their roles.

Shinkos are always a little rough around the edges, but even with that I found the Casablanca shinko very, very enjoyable on its own.  There were a *lot* of promising siennes in the cast.

My review under the cut )

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This gives me hope that Shangri-La will be as crack-tastic as I'm dreaming it could be ♥ ♥ ♥

And this is entirely waaaaaaaay too cute ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Ha, I am being *good* and not letting myself get any farther in my trip write-ups (including ♥♥♥ Micchan's ochakai ♥♥♥) until I get caught up on reviewing the shows I've seen up to this point. And given that I have other things I was supposed to do tonight...
Thoughts underneath the cut )
I saw the morning performance on November 27th, which I guess was the final day for that particular role combination? Chigi and Koma gave a very cute speech about "If you liked this, come see us at the Nippon Seinenkan!" <3

P.S. Does anyone have any idea when rehearsals for the next yukigumi Daigekijou show start?


Dec. 14th, 2009 10:20 am
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Okay, I have to admit I'm not particularly great at knowing the cheapest way to ship. Is there any cheaper way to send a Le Cinq internationally than 1st class USPS? With the bubble mailer (which I suppose adds some weight and bulk), that's coming to slightly over $10. The annoying part is that's more than the Le Cinq itself *sigh*

Any suggestions?
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Since I've gotten home, I haven't managed to get any work done on my grad school admissions essays. And yet I seem to have found the time to finish my Casablanca review AND write a Christmas card to Micchan >.> For the record, I went into this show thinking of it as "Takarazuka Does Casablanca." I don't think anyone could be Humphrey Bogart, etc. so I tried to think of this "Casablanca" as a completely different animal.


The Bad )



The Good )



Cast Rundown )


So in conclusion…no, it’s not an absolutely perfect show. But I really, really love it anyway, and I really recommend that everyone see it

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Gen's Fluffy Bunny Meme!

Step 1:
Find the most ridiculous, adorable picture of a cute animal you can. Post it below (Linking back to the original page is always polite...) Leave this picture above any LJ cut. The point of this meme is ridiculous cheerfulness. For example:

Next, answer these crucial, life-altering questions:

La la la I am a sheep... )


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