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I'm not particularly a big Asako fan these days, but the third design makes me crack up. 

After the Elisabeth DVD is released I will eagerly be awaiting the video-edited montage in which Asako!Lucheni kills Asako!Elisabeth, who then falls into Asako!Death's arms XD
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Do you think Grand Theater ohirome kouen as a rule tend to particularly good or bad?

I'm thinking about the ohirome kouen for the current crop of top stars.  Any thoughts on top stars going back further than that would be appreciated.

Sakura/Secret Hunter: 
The latter was pretty silly, but I still really enjoyed both halves.

Jazzy Fairies/Revue of Dreams: 
Wasn't wild about either one.

Elisabeth (yukigumi 2007): 
Was awesome.

Valencia/Sora Fantasista: Sora Fantasisa was wonderful, but Valencia wore on me quickly.

Ai to Shi no Arabia/Red Hot Sea: I thought Arabia was pretty mediocre, and I think I would have liked it even less if I saw it more than once.  Red Hot Sea was a lot of fun.

So...things aren't looking too good for the non-revue parts.  Or did a few of this particular generation just have bad luck when it came to ohirome kouen?  For most of the ones I don't like, I would blame their quality on bad writing rather than the new tops themselves...
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M-san tells me that Asako and Mihoko went to see Kiriyan in K Collection.  I get the impression that the three of them bonded when they all went on the MiiMai tour to Britain <3


It's not too long until Elisabeth rehearsals start up.  After all is said and done, I'm really interested in seeing how the rest of the roles are cast.  I know it was somewhat controversial not to include any senka members, but it does provide some interesting opportunities for the rest of tsukigumi.

I want Toshi to be a black angel <3

Also, something I haven't heard discussed...will Kacha be in the shinko at all?  On one hand she was just at the point where it looked like she would be getting leads in sora, and it seems unfair to deprive her of at least a shot at roles like Lucheni, etc (I'd a bit worried about her health if they gave her Death).  On the other, I'm sure she's under a ridiculous amount of pressure as it is -_-;;
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I started watching my copy of The Energy 2, specifically the soragumi Elisabeth shinko digest.  I got very confused as to why it cut from Death's first entrance to "Ai to Shi no Rondo" until I remembered that it was a digest.  This is the kind of week I've been having -_-;

In other news, Nettan has a pretty voice.  I have to admit that I know very little about her other than that she was in Glassy Landscape and retired early.

*goes back to watching*
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I didn't find out about the news until this morning.  I'm glad this was the case, or I would never have been able to fall asleep last night (and I didn't even have access to a computer then).

Anyway, a few comments on Elisabeth (because I feel the need to put in my two cents as well :P): 

1) There has been a lot of discussion Kacha now that we've seen her in the white dress.  Elisabeth starts out as a bit of a tomboy.  She's supposed to be beautiful, but does she necessarily have to be regal the entire way through the show?  I personally think that Kacha has enough of "the look", even if she's untraditional.  Which brings me to my next point.

2) I love Elisabeth, but with the possible exception of the 2007 yukigumi version, all of the productions are basically the same.  If tsukigumi is going to perform this show only two years after it was last performed, then I'm really not opposed to the idea of shaking things up.  I'm interested to see what Kacha brings to the role.  Of course, a "new" production of Elisabeth doesn't make the casting decisions in regards to Ai-chan and Shizuku any less of a slap in the face.  But...I'm interested to see where this goes.

3) I've already posted about my feelings on Franz.  That being said, Kiriyan's strength is making boring characters into interesting ones.  And she can be especially good when tackling a challenge <3  Oh, and there will be a moustache.  Kiriyan looks good in moustaches <333

4) Poor Ahi :(  And um...what will the other two Rudolphs be doing when it's not their turn?  My personal theory is that they will be revolutionaries, who ironically enough have more stage time than Rudolph.  Will it be a three-way role rotation?  And if that's the case, will Mirio have to learn three honkouen roles AND her probable shinko lead?

5) We haven't talked much about the other roles.  I'm betting on Sonoka for Zeps and Ryuu for Max.  My latest dream is for Ai-chan to play Madame Wolf.  I would die, but I would die *very* happy.  Also, "My Dear New Orleans" ends in Tokyo on April 26th.  Elisabeth starts on May 22nd.  Does this give Miho Keiko enough time to be Sophie?  *looks around to make sure of not jinxing the idea by saying it out loud*

Okay, that was more than a few comments.  I'm going to bed.
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It's been interesting reading the opinions on potential tsukigumi Elisabeth casting.  Some people are really excited about the idea of someone they like being cast as Franz, and some dread the idea.  The same goes for Lucheni.[Poll #1338015]


Jan. 14th, 2009 11:15 pm
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I used to react to this sort of thing with outrage.  But now...I can't stop cracking up, it's so absurd.  This may be the most bizarre production of Elisabeth ever.

ETA: You really can't predict anything these days.  Oh, Takarazuka in motion ^^;

ETA 2: Kacha isn't even geographically in the same place as tsukigumi right now, since she's in the Mura rehearsing for BeruBara.  Are they putting off the press conference until later, or is she missing out on rehearsal for this?

ETA 3: I'd just like to remind everyone of a time when the world made sense.  *clings to her shinyukigumi Elisabeth DVD*
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First of all, I'd like to thank the survey respondents for being by and large intelligent with their answers.  With the 2008 "Enchanted by..." series in Graph, I got the impression that people were just writing in with the most recent thing they'd seen :P

For those of you who haven't seen Brilliant Dreams: Stage before, each episode focuses on a different performer.  A few months beforehand, the Sky Stage websites ask fans to write in with what they think that performer's most notable role/scene/etc. has been to date.  Each episode's guest then comments on each answer.

I bolded the important parts so that you stand a chance of getting through my commentary )
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I’m typing this up on my computer at work where I don’t have anything to do at the moment.  As a result, I’m extra rambly Becca today :D

I saw the VHS of soragumi Elisabeth on sale at Takarazuka-an for about 2000 yen and decided to pick it up.  I’m glad I did.  Rereading what I wrote about everyone below may make it sound like I was lukewarm about this show, but I actually really really liked it.  In any case…

Honestly, I’m not sure if there’s a bad version of Elisabeth out there.  I’ve now seen three (sora, tsuki, and yuki 07), and they’ve all been really cool shows.  I think to some extent it’s just a matter of who you like.  However, I think it’s getting more difficult to do Elisabeth lately due to getting compared to everyone else who has done the role in the past.  For example, even if you have a decent voice, you get blasted for not being Zunko.  Unlike Berubara, every honkouen production of Elisabeth has ended up on DVD.  This definitely isn’t a bad thing, but…  Ah well.  I have a feeling few people will complain if there’s another production of Elisabeth in a few years.  I certainly won’t.  I’d love to see Kiriyan’s Death.  (Yes, I realize that I want to see Kiriyan in just about every major role in Takarazuka canon).  Sadly this one probably won’t happen.  Even if there’s another production of Elisabeth before she retires, it won’t be tsukigumi.

...why is it that I started out writing about soragumi Elisabeth and ended up writing about Kiriyan?
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So I ended back up at Elisabeth again today with [profile] hanamichi_2510 and [profile] mizukusa.  A couple of quick notes:

-This show's popularity is insane.  I got on the first train of the morning and got to the theater at 6:15.  Already the B-seki were almost completely gone.  I'd say by about 7, 7:15ish all of the tachimi were gone as well.  This was on a Monday.  When I went to see Secret Hunter on a one-show weekday, not even all of the B-seki were taken by the time the box office opened at ten.

-Komu was at the show today.  Apparently [profile] hanamichi_2510 discovered this when she saw her walking down the street.  It was funny to watch all of the fans on the second floor (where we were sitting) try to spot Komu during intermission.  During Kitsch, Lucheni announced that they had a very special guest: his sempai, Asami Hikaru.  There was lots of cheering.  Apparently Ooura Mizuki was there as well, although I didn't actually see her.  After the show Komu exited through the artists' door.  She was wearing otokoyaku-esque clothing (well, insofar as she was wearing pants).

-Tonami was crying during Watashi Dake Ni.  I love this girl.

-Speaking of love: Lucheni-watching.  Today not only did Kimu laugh at the single mother brought before Frantz-Joseph, but she gave a small wave goodbye when she was dragged off.  She was also all over Madeleine and feeling up Madame Wolf.  She normally does this a lot, but I think [profile] mizukusa agreed that she was getting into it more than usual.

Okay, I had to get up at 4 this morning in order to make it to the theater.  Time for bed!
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About a week ago my friend who had hooked me up with Elisabeth tickets before e-mailed me to say that she had ended up with some extra tickets.  When she offered me the chance to go again, I jumped on it.  Hey, it saved me the trouble of having to get toujitsuken ^_^

So I think this might have been a company booked show.  I'm pretty sure it was for people who had Mitsumoto Visa cards (the same company Osa does advertising for).  There was someone (who I assume was from the company?) out of stage and doing some announcements before the show started.  She then brought out Asuka Yuu, the yukigumi kumichou, who had a few words.

So then the actual show started...

There was a time about a month or two ago that my job was becoming really miserable and I was becoming pretty negative about Japan.  During that time, it was really, really good to have Takarazuka, which was something Japanese I could be positive about.  The phrase is highly cliched and I usually don't like it, but Takarazuka really is like a world of dreams.  A world that I like making visits to.
matataku_hoshi: (Ayaki Nao) seems that the entire Tokyo run of Elisabeth sold out its first day.  People who are more experienced than I, exactly how often did this happen in Tokyo?  It was the same case with hanagumi's Black Lizard/Tuxedo Jazz.  However, for Ryouma Sakamoto, ParisSora, and Sakura tickets were still available during the run, although I believe as time went on they eventually sold out as well.  I don't think I'd want to pick up and move to Kansai, but it does seem like there are perks to being a Zuka fan there. 

As for me, I'm pretty sure I've managed to obtain tickets Elisabeth for a Tuesday night via someone I know who is in Tomo no Kai.  But if I had thought about seeing the show more than became chotto muri the second I was not at Lawsons at 10 AM on Sunday morning (I was, in fact, sleeping).  I guess I could do toujitsuken, but unfortunately I'm going to be fairly busy during the Elisabeth run.  We'll see.  I'm looking forward to it regardless.  And I'm dragging along both my non-Zuka friend and a friend of hers who is visiting from America.
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I think 

[personal profile] ekusudei already posted about this in her journal, but since I'm bored at work...


I'm off to Quatre Reves after school today to pick up the DVDs that my mom is letting me buy for watashi no tanjoubi.  I'm psyched because not only will I have more shiny, but I believe the 07 Yukigumi Elisabeth Le Cinq is also out.  Unfortunately I probably won't be able to watch said shiny for a couple of days since this weekend is pretty busy.  It's sad that I haven't had a chance to watch A/L all the way through yet either, but I blame this largely on Lost leaving me brain dead last night.


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