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1) The next "Juri no Yappari Go Go 5" will have Tomu, Mii-chan, and Chii-chan ♥

2) The 14th Isobella Salon concert will feature ♥♥♥ Sakura Ichika ♥♥♥  Unfortunately I don't follow hanagumi much these days, but it still makes me happy to see a skilled upperclassman musumeyaku get some attention ♥

Now can we please just get a release date for the Shangri-La DVD? :P

That is all ♥
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It's been interesting reading the opinions on potential tsukigumi Elisabeth casting.  Some people are really excited about the idea of someone they like being cast as Franz, and some dread the idea.  The same goes for Lucheni.[Poll #1338015]
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So, continuing down the stack of unwatched DVDs, I finally finished sora's Phantom last night.  Like BeruBara 2001 I wasn't really getting into it when I started watching, but by the time I finished last night I decided it was a really well done show.

I think there has been speculation that if Phantom is done again, tsuki will get it.  I'm not sure where this logic comes from, but I feel the need to comment anyway.  I don't see Asako getting another western musical after "Me and My Girl" after she retires, but I may be wrong.  Regardless, I think she'd be a great Phantom.  I think you all know by now how I feel about Kiriyan being cast in just about any interesting lead role.  Vocally, I'm not sure if Ai-chan or Nene (who seem to be the candidates for the next tsuki top musumeyaku) are quite strong enough.  Personally I'm rooting for Mihoko to stay around after Asa leaves.  I think she could definitely pull off Christine.  If this show was done with Kiriyan in the lead, I could see Yuuhi as a really good Carierre.  And of course, if tsuki did Phantom in the next few years Taki-san would play Carlotta yet again.  Is there any kind of precedent for a sienne playing the same role three times?
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After Cafe Break finished tonight, they was a commercial for FLETs/Takarazuka on Demand featuring Juri-pyon.  It was her and some other news reporter lady sitting and explaining how Takarazuka on Demand worked.  Juri was wearing a skirt outfit.  In any case, it makes me happy to see her still involved in Zuka land. 

(I think I heard somewhere that she's also done some stuff for Sky Stage or something).


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