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Watched the 2008 Daigekijou "Me and My Girl" raku last night.  Such a good show, and even better with bonus Ai-chan Jackie (the Ai-chan!Jackie digest on the official DVD just isn't the same).  I sorely miss Mihoko and Taki-san these days :(

Anyway, I have a rather dumb question.  I never really understood why it had to remain a secret that Sally was training with Professor Higgins.  Why couldn't Sir John and Sally have told Bill of the plan?  Obviously it makes for great dramatic tension later on, but I never completely understood the point of putting Bill through all that pain.  I have a feeling I'm missing something really dumb -_-;
matataku_hoshi: (Asa and Mihoko in The Magician's Melanch) anyone really surprised?

I have mixed feelings on this one.  I feel like Asako overstayed her time and I hated the fact that the company never gave her a new partner after Mihoko, but there are also performances of hers that I really love (Ernest and Love and Me and My Girl, namely).  Also, I got into fandom in January of 2007.  From the top stars of that time, only Mizu is left o.O

Whew, what a crazy year for retirements.

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Guess which extremely bouncy senka member showed up in the cast listing for hanagumi's Me and My Girl????

Okay, okay, so she's already played the role of Parchester twice, and you could make the argument that some other should have a turn.  But she was...amazing beyond words in the 2008 Daigekijou version.  MiiMai is an incredible show to begin with and chock full of really, really good performances, so saying that Maya-san's role was my favorite means a lot.

My favorite part of her "Lambeth Walk" is when she starts going into her white man dance XD

Kyou Misa is also listed in the cast, and will most likely be playing Maria again.  I have to admit that I wasn't wild about her performance in the Hakataza version, but maybe she'll have better chemistry with Yuu and Ayane-chan?

ETA: It just occurred to me that this probably means that Hacchi-san won't be Parchester.  But she'll probably be Hethersett, which is a very fun (and decently sized) role.  (Honestly, I think I have an easier time imaginging her as Hethersett rather than the slightly-goofy Parchester).

Now if I ran the world, Ichika would be Jackie.  But since I don' guess is still that Miwacchi will get it.  Miwacchi is probably the hanagumisei I'm the most interested in, but the whole idea of her in drag is getting...well, I'm sure you know ^^;
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I crashed very, very early last night.  Sometime between then and waking up the initial photography for Russian Blue and hanagumi's Me and My Girl went up.

In regards to Russian Blue, it looks like it could be a really cute show, and they both look good.  But...I'll admit that it's really strange to think of a new yukigumi Daigekijou show without Tonami ;_______;  My first yukigumi show was the 2007 Elisabeth, so I've always associated yukigumi with her.  Then again, I've always been an advocate of Takarazuka-in-motion as people have been calling it, so it's not like yukigumi could have stayed the way it was, given how often and how fast things change.  I will try my best not to be bitter that Mika and not Nacchan got the new spot -_-;;  *waves the Kimu flag in an attempt to think of happy things*

As for hanagumi's MiiMai, Ayane-chan and particularly Yuu-kun look fabulous.  I don't follow hanagumi very much, but this could be a lot fun <3
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M-san tells me that Asako and Mihoko went to see Kiriyan in K Collection.  I get the impression that the three of them bonded when they all went on the MiiMai tour to Britain <3


It's not too long until Elisabeth rehearsals start up.  After all is said and done, I'm really interested in seeing how the rest of the roles are cast.  I know it was somewhat controversial not to include any senka members, but it does provide some interesting opportunities for the rest of tsukigumi.

I want Toshi to be a black angel <3

Also, something I haven't heard discussed...will Kacha be in the shinko at all?  On one hand she was just at the point where it looked like she would be getting leads in sora, and it seems unfair to deprive her of at least a shot at roles like Lucheni, etc (I'd a bit worried about her health if they gave her Death).  On the other, I'm sure she's under a ridiculous amount of pressure as it is -_-;;
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Lucia, you are one VERY lucky fangirl.

2009 seems to be the year of the revival, or at least that's what it feels like.  I suppose I should be sick of MiiMai by now, but the truth is I've grown very fond of it.  And I could definitely see Yuu and Ayane as Bill and Sally.

Does this mean that there might be another chance for Yuuhi!Jackie?  Or will Miwacchi get a female role yet again? *snicker*

There's certainly never a dull moment around here lately ^^;;

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(More thoughts to come after I get through the whole DVD.  Which could be a while!  Because I may need to watch that again)
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The DVD preview for Kiriyan's Me and My Girl is up.  It looks, well, shiny, to say the least.  Oh, and the preview for yukigumi is up too.

Have I mentioned recently that the fact that there is a DVD release of this show has saved me from an incredible amount of angst?
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The bad news: I'm not only jet lagged, but definitely sick. Lemme tell you, the only thing worse than doing the trek from Saitama---->Tokyo---->Narita---->Detroit---->Hartford---->Home is doing it when you're sick.

But! There is one thing that cheered my spirits considerably in the last 24 hours. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else yet so I hope it's not old, but anyway:

There will be a Hakataza MiiMai DVD. Not only that, but it will be released in October. (And here yours truly was convinced she was going to have to wait at least a year). I found this out from a Kiriyan fan friend who was nice enough to take me to the airport. (Which is a totally different post, because she's awesome). She gave me a copy of the reservation form, so I can now claim that I've seen it with my own eyes. I can't remember the exact date without digging up the form (which is in my room and yours truly is too lazy to move, but I think it was mid October.

No idea if it's going to be Mirio or Masaki playing Jackie on the day they're recording it. On one hand you would think they would record it on a Masaki day since Mirio!Jackie has already been captured on DVD, but on the other they'll probably record senshuraku for Sky Stage and that'll be Maaski!Jackie. I have to say, I was never that wild about Mirio!Jackie during the Tokyo run. At the same time while I would prefer Jackie!Masaki, it would also be fun to see Gerald!Masaki.

The same friend also saw the show about six times and had really good things to say about the entire cast. After Asako's version was so wonderful, I became a little worried that Kiriyan's version would get overshadowed in comparison. But what I'm hearing is that they're both really good in their own ways. Oh, and I think Magee says "Please turn over" in an American accent :D

ETA: Okay, I just went and checked.  The reservation form says that it will be released on October 18th.
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Last night I went to Kiriyan’s Me and My Girl ochakai with [profile] arlecchinic (who I think most of you know) and Kelly, a friend of mine from out of town.  The last time I went to a Kiriyan ochakai it was by myself and I sat at a table with people I didn’t know.  I have to say, it’s much more fun going with friends and I had a very lovely evening.



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...I've had that line of "Thinking of No One But Me" stuck in my head all day.  A couple of MiiMai notes from today:

-I saw Ai-chan as Jackie this time.  Her Jackie is pure love.  If you liked her Cecily in Ernest in Love, you'll love her Jackie.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm somewhat biased against Mirio for jumping over so many people, but of the two I prefer Ai-chan.  Oh, and her chemistry with Kiriyan in the finale was better :P

-Asako adlibs what she does with the tiger every time.  Today she used it as a blanket and took a nap.  I think Izumo Aya's line is usually "While you're playing over there...", but today it was "While you're sleeping over there..."

-I was sitting on the second floor today.  Even though the Tokyo cast doesn't have the hatsubutaisei, there are still about ten seito who dance in the aisles of the second floor for Lambeth Walk.  I have to admit that I liked it more when I had Asako and Mihoko run right past me, but it's cool that there is love for those of us on the second floor as well ^^
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Okay, now that I have that particular bit of drama out of the way, I went to see MiiMai on Sunday! 



Before the show I was talking to a tsukigumi fan friend of mine.  She said that there are some shows that she dreads having to see multiple times, but this isn’t one of them and that she was smiling the entire way through.  I agree completely.  If you have the opportunity, I really recommend seeing this one, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of tsukigumi or any of the Takarasiennes involved.



Apr. 28th, 2008 05:24 pm
matataku_hoshi: (Kiriyan "stand up and sing") is it that I don't have a MiiMai icon yet?  Probably because I'm trying my best not to spoil myself.  Anyway, on the news today, I found out that apparently Noel Gay's grandson went to see tsukigumi's production of MiiMai.  (Noel Gay was the composer for MiiMai). 

You can never tell with press appearances, but he at least seemed to enjoy it a lot.  Asako, Kiriyan, Mihoko, Ahi, Taki-san, Ai-chan, Naho-san, and Misa Noeru-san got to shake his hand as he congratulated them (What is Misa Noeru's proper nickname anyway?  The TakaWiki says it's Maya-san, but I'm not sure if I've heard that before).

He said that Misa Noeru's Parchester was very funny and that he really enjoyed Taki-san's singing.  He didn't have as extensive feedback for Kiriyan, but I suppose no one is perfect ;)  Afterwards he got a program signed by all the tsukigumisei.  There was an interpreter there translating everything he said into Japanese and I didn't get to hear the siennes try to speak English, but it made me happy regardless ^^

Because I've been doing my best to ignore everything MiiMai related until I see it, in a way I've almost forgotten how soon it's coming up.  Assuming my club can get me tickets, I should be seeing it in slightly less than a month.  In the mean time, I'm stuck plugging my ears, humming, and looking away from the TV every time something MiiMai related comes on.  (At least if I'm too lazy to actually get up and turn off the TV, which is most of the time ^^;)
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Tsukigumi starts Me and My Girl tomorrow~~~!  Break a leg, girls!

I'm going to kindly request to my friends list the same thing that I requested for A-"R"ex: If you could put any promotional pictures, reviews, etc. under a cut, I would be extremely grateful.  I really ruined Mahoroba/Magician no Yuutsu for myself by looking at too much advanced material, and I'm trying my best to never do that again.  I hope this isn't too much trouble, but I would really appreciate it >_<
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This is not okay.  I knew something bad was going to happen when MiiMai rehearsals started, I just didn't know what.  This. Is. Not. Okay.

And what the heck will be happening with top musumeyaku for the next few show?!

But...but...Mihoko... *sob*

And if the page gets updated later today to show that anyone else is retiring, I may resort to throwing things.

*goes back to sobbing*


Jan. 11th, 2008 04:31 pm
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Sorry, have to comment on this.

I love the idea of Ai-chan playing Jackie.  There's so few good roles for musumeyaku.  I always love otokoyaku in drag, but it's nice to see a musumeyaku getting an opportunity.  Mirio, I'm not as sure about.  She seems alright enough (and admittedly I haven't seen much of her), but I worry about how she's leapfrogging over Morie, Maggie, and Masaki, who I like more. 

Honestly, I would have rather seen Yuuhi or Kiriyan as Jackie seducing Asako in a negligee, but I'll take what I can get.

Can someone help convince me that John is a good role?  Oh well, and least this way Kiriyan gets to propose to (hopefully) Taki-san.

Also, yay for Misa Noeru joining the cast!  She does seem to have unofficially been adopted in tsukigumi these days, which makes me very happy :D
matataku_hoshi: (Asako glasses) if I could really stay away -_-;

If I'm reading this right, tsukigumi's going to be doing a tour to England and Ireland the same way yukigumi did a tour to Austria for Elisabeth.  I was never completely clear of what that consisted of, but it sounded like for the fans it was your general tour of the country plus some special talk show appearances with the siennes.  For this one it looks like Asako, Mihoko, and Kiriyan will be going along. 

I'm glad to know that Asako and co. are getting a vacation, even if it's a working vacation.  Who knows, they might even be able to relax a little.

Edit: So there's two options, either the six day tour or the eight day tour.  The eight day tour starts the the day after the Tokyo run of Arex ends...please tell me that the siennes won't actually come until a few days later...going from finishing a run to traveling internationally just sounds hectic.
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So I keep on meaning to post more about the schedule stuff, only I'm finding that most people have already said a lot of what I wanted to say.  But I'll give it a shot anyway.

There's some concern about Asako being typecast, and it's probably pretty valid.  That being said, I'm still happy about Me and My Girl.  Tsukigumi has unfortunately gotten stuck with a lot of substandard material in the last couple of years.  Asako has not gotten the treatment she deserves.  I would rather see her get a guaranteed good comedy role over a more serious role that might turn out to be a clunker.  Besides, since Me and My Girl is something she's been wanting to do, she'll really throw herself into it.

Does it make me selfish that I mostly just want Kiriyan to end up with a really interesting role with a lot of stage time? -_-;;;;;;  I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never actually seen the '95 Me and My Girl, so I'm not so familiar with the roles.  The idea of Kiriyan in drag definitely intrigues me, but I can also see the argument for having Yuuhi be the one to throw herself at Asako.  Out of curiosity, could someone tell me the benefits of playing either Gerald or Sir John roles?

In other news, the announcement of The Tales of Hoffman is probably good news for all younger siennes.  Since Morie and Mirio are off doing Tales of Hoffman, hopefully others like Maggie and Masaki have a better chance of getting good roles in either Hollywood Lover or Arex.  Ideally everyone will end up with something juicy.

Regardless, it looks like an exciting schedule next year.  Right now I'm signed on to work in Japan until August 2008, meaning I can see everything in the Tokyo area that has been announced.  Depending on whether or not I extend my contract, the next schedule announcement might be more angsty for spoiled ole yours truly -_-;


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