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Shangri-La has finally started, and Asahi was kind enough to provide me with many, many images to obsess over <3

Some of my favorites + my commentary under the cut )
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So a lot of the Shangri La character names are puns and/or have second meanings based on their kanji.  This is what I have figured out so far: (and er, obviously correct me if I got any of these wrong ^^;)

Oozora Yuuhi (Sora 空):
Sky ("Sora" is an alternate reading of the "zora" part of Yuuhi's name)
Nono Sumika (Miu 美雨): Beautiful Rain (?)
Suzuna Saya (Yun 雲): Cloud
Ranju Tomu (Ran ): Storm ("Ran" is from "Ranju")
Yuumi Hiro (Aisu 氷): Ice (氷 translates to "ice", and "Aisu" would be this word in katakana)
Hokushou Kairi (Kai
海): Sea ("Kai" is from "Kairi")
Toki Irisu (Fon 風): Wind
Hasumi Yuuya (Hyou 雹): Hail
Junya Chitose (Fogu 霧): Fog ( translates to "fog", "Fogu" is a katakana-ized way of writing this
Nanami Hiroki (Rui
): Tears
Aihana Chisaki (Hien 飛燕): Flying Swallow (?)
Fujisaki Eri (Mizore 霙): Sleet
Sorahane Riku (Sou
): Blue
Aizuki Hikaru (Kou
): Rouge

Names I haven't figured out yet: Amou Tamaki (Yan Yan 欣欣), Houshou Dai (Bunjaku 文雀), Hanatsuyu Sumika (Fon Fon 芳芳)

I'm having way too much fun XD  Also, I'm predicting Kai-chan as Sumika's lover who vanished.  It's the kind of role she's good at, and with a name that means tears...?  Poor Kai-chan ;)

Alas Mitsuki (my favorite 94th) didn't get a named role, but neither did a lot of other people.  I'm mostly just glad that she got into a show at all.
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I’m lucky to have been able to see three shinjinkouen performances since becoming a Takarazuka fan.  They’re always so, so much fun.  Shinko performers only get one chance per run to do their performance and as a result always put 200% into their roles.

Shinkos are always a little rough around the edges, but even with that I found the Casablanca shinko very, very enjoyable on its own.  There were a *lot* of promising siennes in the cast.

My review under the cut )

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Since I've gotten home, I haven't managed to get any work done on my grad school admissions essays. And yet I seem to have found the time to finish my Casablanca review AND write a Christmas card to Micchan >.> For the record, I went into this show thinking of it as "Takarazuka Does Casablanca." I don't think anyone could be Humphrey Bogart, etc. so I tried to think of this "Casablanca" as a completely different animal.


The Bad )



The Good )



Cast Rundown )


So in conclusion…no, it’s not an absolutely perfect show. But I really, really love it anyway, and I really recommend that everyone see it

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*continues running around excitedly*

(Yeah, [info]wao_wao and co. have trained me well ^^;)


Seriously, Fujisaki Eri is perfect for this role, as she has a lot of spunk.  She's been ignored in shinkos lately and I'm so glad she's getting some recognition.  Nagina Ruumi as the lead was a no-brainer, but I'm glad that Nanami Hiroki will also get a good role.
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The complete cast came out today. 

Senka: Todoroki Yuu

Hanagumi: Asaka Manato, Shirahana Remi, Nozomi Fuuto

Yuki: Mizu Natsuki, Aihara Mika, Ayabuki Mao, Otozuki Kei, Ayana Oto, Ozuki Tooma, Sagiri Seina, Saou Kurama, Daigo Seshiru, Ootsuki Sayu, Renjou Makoto, Karyou Shizuru, Manaka Ayu

Hoshi: Yuzuki Reon, Yumesaki Nene, Suzumi Shio, Ayami Haya, Ouki Kaname, Yumeno Seika, Kurenai Yuzuru, Aono Yuki, Makaze Suzuho

Sora: Oozora Yuuhi, Nono Sumika, Yuumi Hiro, Ranju Tomu, Toki Irisu, Hanakage Arisu, Harukaze Misato, Houshou Dai, Hasami Yuuya, Nagina Ruumi, Junya Chitose, Aihana Chisaki, Nanami Hiroki

Chorus: Otohana Yuri (Hoshi), Toumi Sarasa (Yuki), Nanase Ririko (Sora), Mikage Rin (Sora), Kanon Mai (Sora), Fujisaki Eri (Sora), Hanasato Mana (Sora), Momochi Ito (Sora), Matsukaze Akira (Sora), Hoshibuki Ayato (Sora), Fuuma Kakeru


-I'm really excited to see that Kai-chan (Nanami Hiroki) is in the regular soragumi cast.  I don't think she's the top star track type, but the company has been paying attention to her and that makes me very happy <3

-Had tsukigumi been around for this one, it would have been funny to maybe see Asako try to do a one-woman Elisabeth ;)  Ah well.

-Looking at the hoshigumi lineup, I think I finally see why everyone is complaining about them being so young ^^; (For a while I was jealous that they at least have upperclassmen to play the mother/father type roles.  In comparison, tsukigumi right now has Hanase Mizuka, an 81st, as its oldest musumeyaku...)

-As much as I'm glad that sora will be appearing in the TCA special this year (it's been a while!!), I feel bad for Yuuhi, Sumika, Tomu, and Micchan (and I here I was trying to make an entire post without mentioning her ^^;) who have to rehearse for the TCA special, the buyoukai, AND perform in Casablanca T_______T  But they've at least had a decent amount of time off between Ooeyama Kaden/Phoenix Wright and the start of Casablanca rehearsals <3

...Exactly how crazy have we (and the siennes we fangirl) become when getting two weeks off after months of non-stop rehearsing/performing seems reasonable? -_-;


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