Sep. 14th, 2009 10:02 pm
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So it is Marimo.  Well, frankly, I can live with that.  I don't think she and Kiriyan are going to be my next One True Pairing, but I liked her well enough in the Pimpernel shinko and in Kean.

I mean, I would have much preferred Alice or Nacchan.  Not to mention Ai-chan.  But compared to a lot of the other choices that were being speculated about, Marimo is at least acceptable to me.  (Not that the universe is looking for my approval, but you get the idea *g*)

I think my only real objection is that she's 164 centimeters.  While Kiriyan claims to be 167 centimeters, I'm pretty sure she's lying.  That's only about an inch in height difference o.O

In other news, poor Chiaki T__________T  She was awfully cute as Louis Capet in Pimpernel.

ETA: Lest I sound like I'm complaining too much, at least we have a top musumeyaku now.  It's about time!!!!
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The cast list is up.

Senka: Kasugano Yachiyo, Todoroki Yu

Hanagumi: Matobu Sei, Oozora Yuuhi, Sou Kazuho, Sakurano Ayane

Tsukigumi: Sena Jun, Koshino Ryuu, Kiriya Hiromu, Hanase Mizuka, Isshiki Ruka, Ryouga Haruhi, Takaki Amane, Ken Ruisu, Kiryuu Sonoka, Mihou Aya, Otoki Sunao, Aoki Izumi, Amano Hotaru, Shirosaki Ai, Seijou Kaitou, Touka Yurino, Hihou Kokoro, Ryuu Masaki, Atsuki Renka, Miyume Himari, Moeka Yuria, Enoki Touya, Ayazuki Seri, Hazaki Mana, Kouzuki Ruu, Kagetsu Miyako, Ayao June, Kao Amiri, Saran Erika, Tsuzumi Eika

Yukigumi: Mizu Natsuki, Ayabuki Mao, Otozuki Kei, Aihara Mika

Hoshigumi: Yuzuki Reon, Ouki Kaname, Yumesaki Nene

Soragumi: Yamato Yuuga, Hizuki Hana

Yukigumi chorus: Konohana Inori, Manaka Ayu, Toumi Sarasa, Rinjou Kira, Momohana Hina, Ayakaze Sakina, Maisono Ruri, Koujou Asu, Amane Sara

OG: Hatsukaze Jun, Haruna Yuri, Miguwa Natsuko, Ootori Ran, Tsurugi Miyuki, Shion Yuu, Makoto Tsubasa, Shizuki Asato, Kouzuki Wataru, Asami Hikaru

I'd just like to say...Mami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jan. 14th, 2009 11:15 pm
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I used to react to this sort of thing with outrage.  But now...I can't stop cracking up, it's so absurd.  This may be the most bizarre production of Elisabeth ever.

ETA: You really can't predict anything these days.  Oh, Takarazuka in motion ^^;

ETA 2: Kacha isn't even geographically in the same place as tsukigumi right now, since she's in the Mura rehearsing for BeruBara.  Are they putting off the press conference until later, or is she missing out on rehearsal for this?

ETA 3: I'd just like to remind everyone of a time when the world made sense.  *clings to her shinyukigumi Elisabeth DVD*
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My Japanese is as spotty as ever, but from what I can gather from this announcement (and please correct me if I'm wrong):

1. Takarazuka will be doing an adaptation of a Korean drama.  I'm not familiar with it, but this is the NHK page. costumes?  I'm intrigued.  (This was the part that confused the most, so please correct me if I got this wrong)

2. They're changing the schedule from 2009 onwards so that every troupe will have two Grand Theater performances in a calendar year.  (As it stands now, I believe they only do 8 Grand Theater shows a year, meaning that two troupes only do one in a calendar year).  This means that all Grand Theater shows will have their runs shortened by about a week.  Not sure how I feel about this. 

3. Ticket prices are going up by 1000 yen for SS seats and 500 yen for S seats.  Bah.  Can't say I'm thrilled with this development, but I guess I'd rather Takarazuka stayed in business.

What does it say about me that I haven't even left Japan yet and already I'm eying tsuki and sora's dates for 2009?  Ideally I'd go at the beginning of June so that I could catch both tsuki and sora, but it's going to depend on my schedule...

ETA: Okay, it looks like they're giving the Korean drama to hanagumi and Yuu/Ayane-chan.  I know nothing about this series, but if the pictures are any indication, certain princesses will be dead.  I'm glad they're not giving up on Yuu.  And I'm really glad that Ayane-chan will be getting a cool role again!  It's been too long.
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The first image for Silver Rose Chronicle is up here.  Looks nice ^_^

Secondly, TCA music is releasing a whole bunch of stuff.  Available starting today are:
-Soragumi's "The Last Party"
-Tsukigumi's "Cinderella Rock"
-Yukigumi's 2000 "Flame of Love" and "Arch of Triumph" (and I believe the special cast verison of the second as well)

Starting on the 22nd is:
-Soragumi's "Pierre the Mercenary", and "A Kiss to the Flames"
-Yukigumi's "Say it Again"
-Tsukigumi's "Twelth Night"

These are all very shiny, but the happiest things are on the 27th, which will have:
-"El Viento" (Asako's dinner show)
-Osaka Samurai :D

Unfortunately you need a Japanese billing address to get this stuff, but you can listen to samples.  Also, I believe that sells iTunes Japan gift certificates.

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From the Takarazuka news section

July 20th:
-Yamato Yuuga's "Brilliant Dreams."  I know Mizu Natsuki and Aran Kei got "Brilliant Dreams" releases, but what exactly are they?  I only know they're produced by Sky Stage...
-Sena Jun's "El Viento" dinner show
-Todoroki Yu's "Lavendar Monologue" dinner show
-the Mahoroba/Magician's Melancholy piano CD
-Sena Jun's "Photographie" DVD.  This is also made by Sky Stage.  It's "making of" footage...maybe from her recent photobook?

August 5th:
-Osaka Samurai
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Hankyu put up the page for Silver Rose Chronicle here.  Yukigumi right now is the troupe that I know the least about, but I'm probably going to see this one since, well, the story sounds interesting.  I'll admit, I like vampires on occasion.  And who does vampires better than Zuka? *dreamily thinks of Rika and Saeko*
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According to the Takarazuka news page, the TCA Music page is in the middle of a renewal.  I haven't actually been there before now, but it does look new and spiffy.  You can preview samples on the page instead of having to go through iTunes.  Don't know if this is new or not, but in addition to iTunes you can also use OnGen, mora, or MUSICO to download your mp3s.  Not sure if those all require a Japanese billing address like iTunes.  I think the search interface is also new.

There is some shiny new stuff like A/L and Never Sleep. 

I must admit that I've been buying less through the iTunes store ever since I found out I could make mp3s from DVD, but it's still pretty darn shiny.  And I'm really glad that a lot of these tracks (like the musical halves of Grand Theater shows) are being released.


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