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So a lot of the Shangri La character names are puns and/or have second meanings based on their kanji.  This is what I have figured out so far: (and er, obviously correct me if I got any of these wrong ^^;)

Oozora Yuuhi (Sora 空):
Sky ("Sora" is an alternate reading of the "zora" part of Yuuhi's name)
Nono Sumika (Miu 美雨): Beautiful Rain (?)
Suzuna Saya (Yun 雲): Cloud
Ranju Tomu (Ran ): Storm ("Ran" is from "Ranju")
Yuumi Hiro (Aisu 氷): Ice (氷 translates to "ice", and "Aisu" would be this word in katakana)
Hokushou Kairi (Kai
海): Sea ("Kai" is from "Kairi")
Toki Irisu (Fon 風): Wind
Hasumi Yuuya (Hyou 雹): Hail
Junya Chitose (Fogu 霧): Fog ( translates to "fog", "Fogu" is a katakana-ized way of writing this
Nanami Hiroki (Rui
): Tears
Aihana Chisaki (Hien 飛燕): Flying Swallow (?)
Fujisaki Eri (Mizore 霙): Sleet
Sorahane Riku (Sou
): Blue
Aizuki Hikaru (Kou
): Rouge

Names I haven't figured out yet: Amou Tamaki (Yan Yan 欣欣), Houshou Dai (Bunjaku 文雀), Hanatsuyu Sumika (Fon Fon 芳芳)

I'm having way too much fun XD  Also, I'm predicting Kai-chan as Sumika's lover who vanished.  It's the kind of role she's good at, and with a name that means tears...?  Poor Kai-chan ;)

Alas Mitsuki (my favorite 94th) didn't get a named role, but neither did a lot of other people.  I'm mostly just glad that she got into a show at all.
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1. Right at this moment, soragumi is performing Casablanca for the final time.  I'm excited about their next round of projects (and it's not like I've seen the show since early December), but I still feel a little sad.  I really loved Casablanca, and I'm so grateful I got to see it live.

2.  Shuugoubi for Shangri La is on Thursday, apparently.  There's something wrong with me (or rather I've gotten sadly accustomed to overworked soragumisei) when I think, "They get until Thursday off!"  Given that Shangri La starts in about a month, I was worried it was going to be one of those cases where okeiko began two days after Tokyo raku.  *sigh* I do hope they get a decent vacation sometime soon.

3. The end of January marked three years since I became a Takarazuka fan.  (Where exactly has the time gone...?)
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The Shangri La poster looks even more like Final Fantasy X a video game XD  (The photoshopping only makes it moreso ^^;) But in all seriousness if this is any indication, I'm seriously excited for the costuming possibilities.

For the record, I think I'm predicting Tomu as the Dragon King and Micchan as part of the troupe of traveling entertainers.  (Unless it's Tomochin as the Dragon King, Tomu as the friend with the traveling entertainers, and Micchan in another role?)  Nah, I think I'm sticking to what I first said.  And then Tomochin can be Tomu's co-bad guy and Masako can also be wit te entertainers.

Oh, and I think Yuuhi used to be evil before she lost her memories XD  *scratches head* Maybe she's the Dragon King?

I'm scared of jinxing myself, but I'm really looking forward to this show <3

In other news, Yumiko's dinner show will be entitled "Thank you."  How sweet is that????  The fact that Nacchan is in there doesn't surprise me, and hopefully they'll do some Silver Rose Chronicle stuff..  Having Koma as well is an extra bonus <3
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This gives me hope that Shangri-La will be as crack-tastic as I'm dreaming it could be ♥ ♥ ♥

And this is entirely waaaaaaaay too cute ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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