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So according to Ai-chan's blog, she's moving to Tokyo.  (If I remember right, up until now she's been sharing an apartment with her older sister in Kansai). 

It also looks like she'll be doing (what I think is a) workshop or something along those lines of a new dinner show.  (Wrong country-itis, wrong country-itis T_________________T) I'm under the impression that Tokyo is much more of the center of the entertainment industry than the Kansai area, so here's hoping that this all means that Ai-chan will continue her stage career.

Regardless, I'm just glad to see her posting so much <3
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According to the internet rumor mill (aka the sienne kangeki thread ^^;), Susshii-san, Tomochin, Micchan, and a bunch of underclassmen went to see Tacchin in The Woman in White <33333

But more than that, AI-CHAN IS A TEASE.  You see, January 24th is her birthday (I will not dwell on the depressing fact that she will be turning *twenty seven* and yet was considered by some to be "too old" :P).  In any case, she says she has a surprise for us in the form of telling us what her future plans are.

"それまで・・・舞台するのかなぁ とか、結婚するのかなぁ とか、

バイトするのかなぁ  とか・・・(笑) 色々想像してください(´∀`*)"

"To that end...maybe I'm doing a performance.  Or maybe I'm getting married.  Or maybe I'm getting a part time job.  And so on *laugh*  Please imagine various things!"

As I said, TEASE XD

No matter what she's doing, the sheer amount of moji in her entry indicate that she is her excited, and that makes me happy.  When Ai-chan retired I worried that she would publicly disappear off the face of the earth completely.  Post-graduation she's certainly not obligated to keep up with her fans via a blog or any other means, but the fact that she is doing so makes me so, so happy <3


Jan. 5th, 2010 11:21 pm
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I know that [ profile] csh_121476 already posted about this, but I have the need to scream to the heavens that
Maybe this signals that she's going to have some kind of a career in acting.  Maybe it just means that she's going to post pictures of her pets and whatever she made for dinner that night.

But either way, I'm so glad that we have "contact" with Ai-chan again ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
ETA: So was it anyone here who went ahead and told Ai-chan on the comments section that gaijin also love her? ;)
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Has anyone seen a complete set list for Asako's sayonara show?  One of the news sites listed the songs that Asako sang, but didn't mention anything about the other taidansha.

I'll admit that I'm particularly interested in whether or not the girl in the icon got anything <3

ETA: One more thing, as long as I'm posting.

So I'll be seeing seeing soragumi's Casablanca for the first time about two and a half weeks from now.  Shonichi is this Friday.  Can I request that if anyone on my f-list is going to post images/reviews etc., that it be done behind a cut?  I'm trying hard not to spoil myself before I see the show <3

ETA 2: A friend of mine is saying she doesn't think Ai-chan got anything.  This makes me exceedingly grumpy.


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:02 pm
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So it is Marimo.  Well, frankly, I can live with that.  I don't think she and Kiriyan are going to be my next One True Pairing, but I liked her well enough in the Pimpernel shinko and in Kean.

I mean, I would have much preferred Alice or Nacchan.  Not to mention Ai-chan.  But compared to a lot of the other choices that were being speculated about, Marimo is at least acceptable to me.  (Not that the universe is looking for my approval, but you get the idea *g*)

I think my only real objection is that she's 164 centimeters.  While Kiriyan claims to be 167 centimeters, I'm pretty sure she's lying.  That's only about an inch in height difference o.O

In other news, poor Chiaki T__________T  She was awfully cute as Louis Capet in Pimpernel.

ETA: Lest I sound like I'm complaining too much, at least we have a top musumeyaku now.  It's about time!!!!
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Watched the 2008 Daigekijou "Me and My Girl" raku last night.  Such a good show, and even better with bonus Ai-chan Jackie (the Ai-chan!Jackie digest on the official DVD just isn't the same).  I sorely miss Mihoko and Taki-san these days :(

Anyway, I have a rather dumb question.  I never really understood why it had to remain a secret that Sally was training with Professor Higgins.  Why couldn't Sir John and Sally have told Bill of the plan?  Obviously it makes for great dramatic tension later on, but I never completely understood the point of putting Bill through all that pain.  I have a feeling I'm missing something really dumb -_-;


Aug. 26th, 2009 11:45 am
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I just accidentally deleted my Ai-chan love post.

It had some really good commentary from everyone here too...

ETA: Okay, I'm reposting it.  I have the comments saved on my computer, but even if I can't reproduce those, I'm repeating the text because I feel like it needs to be said.

It's funny, I thought I would feel sad when I saw the announcement, but instead I just kind of feel resigned.  And well, unsurprised, really.

That being said...Ai-chan has had a very good career and a lot of wonderful opportunities.  She's had a total of 4 shinko leads and 6 smaller show leads leads.  She's played opposite Mano Sugata, Tsukifune Sarara, Hokushou Kairi, Oozora Yuuhi, Kiriya Hiromu, Sena Jun, and Todoroki Yu.  She's had lead roles in the rather large Nissay Theater twice.  She's the only musumeyaku to have played "Me and My Girl"'s Jackie in a honkouen, which is a huge honor.  And let's not forget juicy roles like Sarah in the Guys and Dolls shinko, Sophie in Elisabeth, and Cecily in Ernest in Love.

All of this being said, she really did deserve to make top.  I'm not pleased with the trends in promoting top musumeyaku these days, and I'll leave it at that.  And I'm certainly going to miss Ai-chan's presence in both tsukigumi and Takarazuka.

But...she has had a wonderful career, and I'm proud of her for everything she's done.  Love you, Ai-chan <33333  I promise I will write to you before December 27th.


Aug. 9th, 2009 06:40 pm
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I looked back in Live Journal, and last year the schedule announcements for the following year came out on August 29th.  In 2007, it was August 21st.  Today is the 9th (American time, at least), so I guess that means we'll be hearing about the 2010 schedule sometime in the next two to three weeks.  And probably news in regards to tsukigumi's next top combi too.

Somehow I think I'm enjoying this Schrodinger's Cat period ^^;  Even if something is extremely unlikely, it's comforting to know that the very small possibility is there, rather than having it dashed completely.

That being said, I'm interested in the actual show announcements.  If there really is a tsukigumi Pimpernel...I may not necessarily like whatever top musumeyaku they pick, but the idea of Kiriyan as Percy makes my brain break in happy ways.

*goes back to compulsively refreshing the homepage for the next two to three weeks*
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Similar to Tani, Asako will also have a dinner show pre-retirement (although this one is happening before rehearsals start).  I guess Hankyu is trying to squeeze everything they can out of her? 

It's great for her fans that she's getting one more before she leaves, but poor Asako must be exhausted.

Also starring are Ai-chan, Otoki Sunao, and Touka Yurino.  I'm a little terrified that this means something.

Honestly, I think it's more likely than not that Ai-chan will retire.  The company as of late has not been kind to older star track musumeyaku.  But nothing can be said for sure around here, so it's probably not worth getting worked up about until I actually hear something.  (Although someone other than Ai-chan becoming the next tsuki musumeyaku top would be a very bad sign). 

Then again, if she played Sophie in Elisabeth, maybe it's a sign that they're moving her towards upperclassmen roles?
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I didn't find out about the news until this morning.  I'm glad this was the case, or I would never have been able to fall asleep last night (and I didn't even have access to a computer then).

Anyway, a few comments on Elisabeth (because I feel the need to put in my two cents as well :P): 

1) There has been a lot of discussion Kacha now that we've seen her in the white dress.  Elisabeth starts out as a bit of a tomboy.  She's supposed to be beautiful, but does she necessarily have to be regal the entire way through the show?  I personally think that Kacha has enough of "the look", even if she's untraditional.  Which brings me to my next point.

2) I love Elisabeth, but with the possible exception of the 2007 yukigumi version, all of the productions are basically the same.  If tsukigumi is going to perform this show only two years after it was last performed, then I'm really not opposed to the idea of shaking things up.  I'm interested to see what Kacha brings to the role.  Of course, a "new" production of Elisabeth doesn't make the casting decisions in regards to Ai-chan and Shizuku any less of a slap in the face.  But...I'm interested to see where this goes.

3) I've already posted about my feelings on Franz.  That being said, Kiriyan's strength is making boring characters into interesting ones.  And she can be especially good when tackling a challenge <3  Oh, and there will be a moustache.  Kiriyan looks good in moustaches <333

4) Poor Ahi :(  And um...what will the other two Rudolphs be doing when it's not their turn?  My personal theory is that they will be revolutionaries, who ironically enough have more stage time than Rudolph.  Will it be a three-way role rotation?  And if that's the case, will Mirio have to learn three honkouen roles AND her probable shinko lead?

5) We haven't talked much about the other roles.  I'm betting on Sonoka for Zeps and Ryuu for Max.  My latest dream is for Ai-chan to play Madame Wolf.  I would die, but I would die *very* happy.  Also, "My Dear New Orleans" ends in Tokyo on April 26th.  Elisabeth starts on May 22nd.  Does this give Miho Keiko enough time to be Sophie?  *looks around to make sure of not jinxing the idea by saying it out loud*

Okay, that was more than a few comments.  I'm going to bed.
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We may know where Mippou is going in the spring, but STILL no mention of Ai-chan or Magee.

Manda, don't you have irimachi today?  

And now I'm being called away to eat latkes...

ETA: Latkes were tasty.  Anyway, Kiriyan's dinner show is called "K Collection", which for the record, I think is awesome.  She will be accompanied by Hazaki Mana, Maino Yuka, and Sana Yuzuha.  I'm not really familiar with any of these girls, but I figure this will be a good opportunity to know them.

Ahi's dinner show is called "Glitter" (I'm amused, it's very Ahi-esque somehow) and will have Mihou Aya (<3), Mishou Kazuki, Sawaki Rizu, and Ayahoshi Rion.

But...Ai-chan...Magee...with Ai-chan, I could see it being an outside performance, but Magee?  *refreshes homepage obsessively*
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...I've had that line of "Thinking of No One But Me" stuck in my head all day.  A couple of MiiMai notes from today:

-I saw Ai-chan as Jackie this time.  Her Jackie is pure love.  If you liked her Cecily in Ernest in Love, you'll love her Jackie.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm somewhat biased against Mirio for jumping over so many people, but of the two I prefer Ai-chan.  Oh, and her chemistry with Kiriyan in the finale was better :P

-Asako adlibs what she does with the tiger every time.  Today she used it as a blanket and took a nap.  I think Izumo Aya's line is usually "While you're playing over there...", but today it was "While you're sleeping over there..."

-I was sitting on the second floor today.  Even though the Tokyo cast doesn't have the hatsubutaisei, there are still about ten seito who dance in the aisles of the second floor for Lambeth Walk.  I have to admit that I liked it more when I had Asako and Mihoko run right past me, but it's cool that there is love for those of us on the second floor as well ^^
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Why do I not have a Taki-san icon? 

Anyway, I noticed an advertisement in Kageki the other day for this.  Taki-san will have a dinner show called "My Revolution."  If this is old news I apologize, but it makes me feel somewhat better about her retirement.  Ah, if only money grew on trees...

In other news, in the section of this month's Kageki where everyone writes messages to the retiring Mihoko, Ai-chan addresses hers to  her "大好きな Gwendolyn-oneesama" <3
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Okay, now that I have that particular bit of drama out of the way, I went to see MiiMai on Sunday! 



Before the show I was talking to a tsukigumi fan friend of mine.  She said that there are some shows that she dreads having to see multiple times, but this isn’t one of them and that she was smiling the entire way through.  I agree completely.  If you have the opportunity, I really recommend seeing this one, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of tsukigumi or any of the Takarasiennes involved.

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The usual disclaimers: I'm just an amateur with too much time on her hands.  Feedback and constructive criticism are always greatly appreciated.  Do not repost or retranslate without permission.

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Seito )

In closing, I think you guys know by now where my loyalties lie in tsukigumi.  Despite that, I thought that Hollywood Lover was definitely the better of the two tsukigumi shows that came to the Nippon Seinenkan this January.  Just uh, don’t tell the Kiriyan cultists that I said that -_-;;;;

Yuuhi fans, you definitely need this one.  Tsukigumi fans, I highly recommend it.  Even if you’re not a particularly big fan of either, I still really recommend Hollywood Lover.  Really, I can’t think of any complaints.


Jan. 11th, 2008 04:31 pm
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Sorry, have to comment on this.

I love the idea of Ai-chan playing Jackie.  There's so few good roles for musumeyaku.  I always love otokoyaku in drag, but it's nice to see a musumeyaku getting an opportunity.  Mirio, I'm not as sure about.  She seems alright enough (and admittedly I haven't seen much of her), but I worry about how she's leapfrogging over Morie, Maggie, and Masaki, who I like more. 

Honestly, I would have rather seen Yuuhi or Kiriyan as Jackie seducing Asako in a negligee, but I'll take what I can get.

Can someone help convince me that John is a good role?  Oh well, and least this way Kiriyan gets to propose to (hopefully) Taki-san.

Also, yay for Misa Noeru joining the cast!  She does seem to have unofficially been adopted in tsukigumi these days, which makes me very happy :D


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