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First, list six Takarazuka plays you love, or ask someone to assign you six.

1. El Halcon
3. A/L
4. The Second Life
5. Silver Rose Chronicle
6. Scout

(I personally decided to go with original Zuka works, and therefore omitted tsukigumi Ernest in Love, Me and My Girl, and Elisabeth)

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I feel a little silly making a report about a show that I myself didn't go to.  But since I'm trying to get my hands on every tidbit of information I can about this show, and because a great deal of it makes me jump up and down with excitement, I feel the need to share what I can find out.

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Ah...sounds like good times.  I am breathless with anticipation for this show to be broadcast on Sky Stage!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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First of all, I'd like to thank the survey respondents for being by and large intelligent with their answers.  With the 2008 "Enchanted by..." series in Graph, I got the impression that people were just writing in with the most recent thing they'd seen :P

For those of you who haven't seen Brilliant Dreams: Stage before, each episode focuses on a different performer.  A few months beforehand, the Sky Stage websites ask fans to write in with what they think that performer's most notable role/scene/etc. has been to date.  Each episode's guest then comments on each answer.

I bolded the important parts so that you stand a chance of getting through my commentary )
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Okay, so when it comes to Takarazuka I'm not  a big fan of YouTube.  I feel like too many people use it as an excuse to not buy official merchandise.  However, I will admit that occasionally I browse it for anything interesting.  Today I came across two such things that I wanted to show to my friends list (and hey, neither has an official DVD release :P):

Kiriyan in the Nova Bossa Nova shinko: You can also see Tani in the background.  It's been nearly ten years since they last did Nova Bossa Nova.  Occasionally I daydream about them doing it again for Kiriyan when she becomes top star (knock on wood).  Then again, if Hankyu was going to do it again they might want to give it to another troupe.  Anyway, at least there's the shinjinkouen, and Kiriyan does beautifully in my highly biased opinion.  (Despite er...recent stuff, I'm still a huge Kiriyan fan, believe it or not.  Oh, polyandry...)

Moving onto the other girl in my life, someone posted Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto ga Aru, Micchan's piano solo from The Second Life.  This comes out pretty well on video, but what you don't see when it's video and not live is the fact that the orchestra is completely at rest during this song while Micchan plays the piano.  I mean, you know that objectively from watching the video, but somehow the atmosphere was different in the theater.  Tacchin also has some amazing acting moments in the latter half of this song.  I really, really wish there were alternate angles (which there aren't since it's a Sky Stage broadcast) because the second half of this song is when both Micchan and Tacchin have their best moments IMO, and unfortunately the camera can only focus on one of them at a time.

(For anyone who is bored, the same user also posted a lot of stuff from tsukigumi's recent MiiMai)
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Okay, so it turns out the part I was having trouble with used the words "black tail coat" and "finale feathers."  No wonder my denshi jisho wasn't finding them ^^;;;  There's still some dodgy spots and I plan on looking this over once more before putting it on the Wiki.  In any case, this is a little late, but happy birthday, Micchan!  (I swear, one of these days I’m going to do an article that’s not about Kiriya Hiromu or Hokushou Kairi.  One day -_-;;) 

[personal profile] caithion I hope that it’s okay that I stole the name of this series of articles from your Graph guide on your site.  Let me know if you want me to change it.

The usual disclaimer: I'm only an amateur, so my apologies for any mistakes that are made >_< Feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated.  Do NOT repost of retranslate without permission

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WARNING: Here be lots of spoilers, so read at your own risk.  Also, my Japanese is only so-so and I’m doing this from memory, so I apologize if I make any mistakes or if things are out of order.  Not to mention the rambly-ness.  Gomen… -_-; You might want to first read the translation of the Japanese summary that Julie did on the TakaWiki. 


Because this has gotten so long and rambly I'm going to do my actual review in the next post. 


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