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Casablanca Talk Deluxe (February 2010 Graph)

Translated by [ profile] muffin_song and [ profile] wao_wao

My eternal thanks to Julie for letting me rope her into working on this <3  It was a lot of fun, and a really good learning experience for me <333

Please do not re-post or retranslate without permission.


  Oozora Yuuhi, Ranju Tomu, and Hokushou Kairi discuss the Takarazuka production of Casablanca and the new Soragumi. )


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Now I remember why I haven't been translating so much lately...because it takes forever.  Comments are highly appreciated XD


"Especial Time ~As You Like~": Hokushou Kairi and Yuzuki Reon

(Graph March 2009)

I’m just an amateur who does these for fun and to improve my Japanese.  My apologies for any mistakes contained within.  Do not repost or retranslate without getting permission first.

Many, many thanks to [profile] jess_in_japan for putting up with my grammar questions.  Also lots of thanks to [personal profile] sumire_no_hana  who was VERY generous in indulging a highly impatient fangirl with a scan of this article about 48 hours after it was published XD

Micchan and Chie talk about sneaking around the set of Nova Bossa Nova, cooking, adlibs, blood types, and more )

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So I think I started this translation at least six months ago, when I was still living in Japan and had a lot of free time at my desk to work on things like this.  Having dusted this one off and finished it, I'm finding that I actually miss translating.  I think I need to do it more often, if only to keep up my paltry Japanese skills.

The standard disclaimers:
 I'm only an amateur who does this for fun, so my apologies for any mistakes contained within.  These take me forever to do so feedback is greatly appreciated.  Do not repost or retranslate without first getting permission from me.

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Whew, I've really been on a Micchan kick lately.  I promise I'll post about other things soon!  (*points* Chie's getting a new lead!  Sonoka, Mirio, Masao, and Magee in Hakataza MiiMai!)  This isn't perfect, I'm sure, but I'm getting sick of looking at it and wanted to get it out there.

The usual disclaimers: I'm only an amateur who does this for fun, so I apologize for any mistakes contained within.  Feedback and constructive criticism are always greatly appreciated.  Do not repost or retranslate without getting permission from me first.

Thanks to [profile] kirakira_sora for proofreading this for me.


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For those of you who don't know, one of my projects is translating the script for tsukigumi's Luna.  I'm a significant chunk of the way through it.  However, I'm hitting spots that I'm stuck on and just can't figure out.  Hence, translation spam.  Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.  I really want to get this done and I'm hitting the sentences that I'm having trouble figuring out on my own.  (A few things I really just want a second opinion on).

Okay, I think I'm going to leave it here for now.  Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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I've translated the article "Takarazuka Anonymous Research 2006."  Unfortunately the way it's formatted makes it difficult to post to Live Journal.  For the moment I've uploaded it to sendspace, so you can download it as a Word document there.  [personal profile] caithion has kindly agreed to let me put it up on her server, but I want to wait a couple of days to fix any mistakes (right now I really just want to get the darn thing posted).

The link is here. 

But, despite the fact that you need to do the extra work of downloading a document file, you should totally read it because it took me forever to translate it and figure out the formatting!  There's Yuuhi, Kiriyan, Micchan, and Morie acting silly!  Morie has really nice muscles!  Yuuhi can't remember whether or not she ate popcorn in Guys and Dolls!  Kiriyan likes humming songs from Nightmare Before Christmas!  Micchan likes taking her own picture!  And you should comment afterwards to entertain me during the times when I steal the internet at work tomorrow.  It'll give me a reason to live through my ichinensei classes.

Oh, and here's the preview blurb: "Four Moon Troupe otokoyaku are assigned to research a fellow Moon Troupe otokoyaku anonymously.  Each otokoyaku is asked questions by their anonymous researcher, and from the questions asked must guess the identity of their researcher."
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Today I was actually able to at least start planning for lessons next week.  I nearly cried with joy.  But before then, I did more sketchy translating.  The below is the result.  Thanks as always to [profile] mizukusa for her help.

Disclaimer: I’m just an amateur with too much time on her hands who does these for fun.  My apologies for any mistakes contained within.  Feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated.  Do not repost or retranslate without getting permission first.

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The usual disclaimers: I'm just an amateur with too much time on her hands.  Feedback and constructive criticism are always greatly appreciated.  Do not repost or retranslate without permission.

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Spring break=sitting in the staff room with no work and no classes for eight hours a day=sketchy translations.  ([profile] wao_wao, I hope it's okay that for the title of the article I used what you had come up with in the Mizu version.  Let me know if it's not)

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Especial Time: Otozuki Kei x Shirahane Yuri (Graph February 2008)

Ha! I’ve translated something that’s not Kiriyan or Micchan related!  It’s not even tsukigumi related!  Also, you get a prize if you can count how many times Kimu and Tonami laugh in this article *g*

Sometimes I feel like my translations get sketchier and sketchier as I progress.  I’d like to put some of these up on the TakaWiki (if just so I can feel like I’ve finished/accomplished something), but then I angst about the quality.  I feel strange about posting things that I’m not 100% certain about.  (Which is why there are at the moment roughly a million comments in the margins of my Luna translation >_<)

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Okay, so it turns out the part I was having trouble with used the words "black tail coat" and "finale feathers."  No wonder my denshi jisho wasn't finding them ^^;;;  There's still some dodgy spots and I plan on looking this over once more before putting it on the Wiki.  In any case, this is a little late, but happy birthday, Micchan!  (I swear, one of these days I’m going to do an article that’s not about Kiriya Hiromu or Hokushou Kairi.  One day -_-;;) 

[personal profile] caithion I hope that it’s okay that I stole the name of this series of articles from your Graph guide on your site.  Let me know if you want me to change it.

The usual disclaimer: I'm only an amateur, so my apologies for any mistakes that are made >_< Feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated.  Do NOT repost of retranslate without permission

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Many, many thanks to

[personal profile] sumire_no_hana, [profile] kozuki, [profile] mizukusa, and anyone else I may have missed for their help.  You guys are lifesavers.  There are still a couple of places that I feel unsure about, but I think this is as good as it's going to get for the moment.  May go back later before putting this on the TakaWiki.


Do not repost or retranslate without getting permission first.  

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Okay, I'm about 80-90% done translating a Kiriyan article, but I'm hitting some translation snarls.  I would be extremely grateful for any help.

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I'm in the process of putting up some of my translations on the TakaWiki.  I want to put up the Hokushou Kairi interview that I did a few months ago, but there are still one or two spots that are bugging me.  If anyone could offer any suggestions, I would appreciate it great.

1. 「絵がうまくなりたくて美術部に入ったんですけど、あまりにも下手くどで(笑い)、作る方に回りなさいと言われて、校舎中の流しに、一輪挿し用の籐で作った籠を一杯置いて表彰されたこともあるんですよ。」

This is in response to the question "What kinds of things were you obsessed with when you were a student?"  Right now my translation is, "Because I wanted to get at drawing I joined the art club, but I was hopeless (laugh).  When I was told to pass around something I had made, in the sink in the center of the school building in a single wicker flower vase, I put many things I had gotten a 'good try' on."

The last part just doesn't make sense right now.  One of my co-workers tried to explain it to me but I couldn't understand.  Help?

2. In response to a question asking how her hatsubutai was, Micchan answers: 「ロケットは銀行が怖くて、お客様に顔見せる前に向こいちゃったり(笑い)」

Right now my translation is, "The silver bridge for the rocket bridge was scary and before making our debut in front of the audience we would do things like face forward (laugh)."  With the way I translated 「向こういちゃったり」 the sentence doesn't make much sense.  Once again, help?
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Translations take me forever to do, so comments are nice.  Please do not repost or retranslate without permission.  I’m also light years away from an expert translator, so I apologize for any mistakes.  For those of you who with Japanese skills, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Many, many thanks to

[personal profile] caithion, [profile] wao_wao, and [profile] sumirepanther for their help!  Not to mention the teachers at Satte West Junior High School ^^;;

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I’m working on Micchan’s Young Star Guide 2004 interview and I’m getting down to the parts that just have me stumped.  I would be extremely, extremely grateful for any help.  *looks pleadingly*

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Many thanks to [personal profile] caithion for her help!  Please do not repost or retranslate without getting permission first.


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