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I didn't find out about the news until this morning.  I'm glad this was the case, or I would never have been able to fall asleep last night (and I didn't even have access to a computer then).

Anyway, a few comments on Elisabeth (because I feel the need to put in my two cents as well :P): 

1) There has been a lot of discussion Kacha now that we've seen her in the white dress.  Elisabeth starts out as a bit of a tomboy.  She's supposed to be beautiful, but does she necessarily have to be regal the entire way through the show?  I personally think that Kacha has enough of "the look", even if she's untraditional.  Which brings me to my next point.

2) I love Elisabeth, but with the possible exception of the 2007 yukigumi version, all of the productions are basically the same.  If tsukigumi is going to perform this show only two years after it was last performed, then I'm really not opposed to the idea of shaking things up.  I'm interested to see what Kacha brings to the role.  Of course, a "new" production of Elisabeth doesn't make the casting decisions in regards to Ai-chan and Shizuku any less of a slap in the face.  But...I'm interested to see where this goes.

3) I've already posted about my feelings on Franz.  That being said, Kiriyan's strength is making boring characters into interesting ones.  And she can be especially good when tackling a challenge <3  Oh, and there will be a moustache.  Kiriyan looks good in moustaches <333

4) Poor Ahi :(  And um...what will the other two Rudolphs be doing when it's not their turn?  My personal theory is that they will be revolutionaries, who ironically enough have more stage time than Rudolph.  Will it be a three-way role rotation?  And if that's the case, will Mirio have to learn three honkouen roles AND her probable shinko lead?

5) We haven't talked much about the other roles.  I'm betting on Sonoka for Zeps and Ryuu for Max.  My latest dream is for Ai-chan to play Madame Wolf.  I would die, but I would die *very* happy.  Also, "My Dear New Orleans" ends in Tokyo on April 26th.  Elisabeth starts on May 22nd.  Does this give Miho Keiko enough time to be Sophie?  *looks around to make sure of not jinxing the idea by saying it out loud*

Okay, that was more than a few comments.  I'm going to bed.
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Hankyu has given us no scandalous news recently, and I don't have anything to do while waiting for my disc to copy.  In the mean time, I'm subjecting my friends list to scattered thoughts on a few shows I've been watching lately :P

Excalibur, Rika's sayonara show, and Mami's sayonara show )
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It's been interesting reading the opinions on potential tsukigumi Elisabeth casting.  Some people are really excited about the idea of someone they like being cast as Franz, and some dread the idea.  The same goes for Lucheni.[Poll #1338015]


Nov. 6th, 2008 05:31 pm
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Happy shonichi, tsukigumi~~~~~~!
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I can't figure out what tsuki is doing in 2009.  (Granted I think we're all in the dark given that we haven't gotten a new top musumeyaku announcement, nor has Asako announced her retirement). 

So there's a show that will be at Theater Drama City, and then Showa Women's University.  My guess would be that this is tsukigumi's Berubara, and that they're doing the there day run at Showa Women's University because they couldn't get a hold of the Nippon Seinenkan or any of the alternatives.

What I can't figure out then is the Bow Hall also running at the same time.  Kiriyan just had the Hakataza show in August 2008, and I doubt they would give her two leads within a year.  It would also be really strange if they gave her a 17-day Bow Hall show that didn't have a Tokyo counterpart.

Who else is there besides Kiriyan, though?  They're not really treating poor Ahi as a sanbante these days, but I'm not sure if Morie, Sonoka, etc. are being pushed so much that they would be given such a long-running Bow Hall.  Someone suggested the idea of it being a run split between two leads, although usually there is a break between runs when that happens.

Also, both tsuki and hoshi this year will have two Daigekijou shows in a row without any smaller shows in between.  I wonder if this is going to be the new pattern or if this is just a result of Hankyu switching over to the new schedule.  Regardless, I'm really glad that the smaller shows haven't disappeared altogether (although there is a sad lack of workshops this year).

Of course it's a bit hard to predict who will get which leads without knowing about transfers.  After all, a year ago would anyone have predicted that Yuuhi would be leading the 2008 hanagumi Theater Drama City show?  But I have to say, I kind of enjoy the speculation side of Takarazuka, even when it's driving me crazy ^^;;
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Why didn't anyone tell me that Mami's ESP! is awesome?  It's been a while since I sat down and watched something that wasn't an interview/production notes/etc.  As much as I love off-stage stuff, I think I need to start working through my backlog of revues if ESP was any indication of really sparkly things that I didn't realize I had.

There was Rika singing "Born to Be Wild."  Vampire!Mami.  Kiriyan, Yuuhi, and Tani in drag.  Mami and Rika having a pair dance-esque moment before Mami dances with Dan-chan.  Kiriyan singing the etoile (I somehow didn't know that she had ever done an etoile).  But most of all, the entire thing was suffused with Mami Crack.

It also makes me feel a little sad to see how many wonderful people have left tsukigumi since 2001, but I suppose that's the nature of Takarazuka.

By the way, what was the reason for tsukigumi being so out of synch in 2001?  I think it was first "Ai no Sonata/Ima Sumire Hana ga Saku" in Tokyo, then "Practical Joke" (a Theater Drama City show), then "Ai no Sonata/ESP" in Takarazuka as Mami's sayonara show, and then "Great Pirates" as Rika's debut show, but Tokyo only.  The whole thing makes my head hurt a bit...
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Okay, now that I have that particular bit of drama out of the way, I went to see MiiMai on Sunday! 



Before the show I was talking to a tsukigumi fan friend of mine.  She said that there are some shows that she dreads having to see multiple times, but this isn’t one of them and that she was smiling the entire way through.  I agree completely.  If you have the opportunity, I really recommend seeing this one, regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of tsukigumi or any of the Takarasiennes involved.



Apr. 28th, 2008 05:24 pm
matataku_hoshi: (Kiriyan "stand up and sing") is it that I don't have a MiiMai icon yet?  Probably because I'm trying my best not to spoil myself.  Anyway, on the news today, I found out that apparently Noel Gay's grandson went to see tsukigumi's production of MiiMai.  (Noel Gay was the composer for MiiMai). 

You can never tell with press appearances, but he at least seemed to enjoy it a lot.  Asako, Kiriyan, Mihoko, Ahi, Taki-san, Ai-chan, Naho-san, and Misa Noeru-san got to shake his hand as he congratulated them (What is Misa Noeru's proper nickname anyway?  The TakaWiki says it's Maya-san, but I'm not sure if I've heard that before).

He said that Misa Noeru's Parchester was very funny and that he really enjoyed Taki-san's singing.  He didn't have as extensive feedback for Kiriyan, but I suppose no one is perfect ;)  Afterwards he got a program signed by all the tsukigumisei.  There was an interpreter there translating everything he said into Japanese and I didn't get to hear the siennes try to speak English, but it made me happy regardless ^^

Because I've been doing my best to ignore everything MiiMai related until I see it, in a way I've almost forgotten how soon it's coming up.  Assuming my club can get me tickets, I should be seeing it in slightly less than a month.  In the mean time, I'm stuck plugging my ears, humming, and looking away from the TV every time something MiiMai related comes on.  (At least if I'm too lazy to actually get up and turn off the TV, which is most of the time ^^;)
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I've translated the article "Takarazuka Anonymous Research 2006."  Unfortunately the way it's formatted makes it difficult to post to Live Journal.  For the moment I've uploaded it to sendspace, so you can download it as a Word document there.  [personal profile] caithion has kindly agreed to let me put it up on her server, but I want to wait a couple of days to fix any mistakes (right now I really just want to get the darn thing posted).

The link is here. 

But, despite the fact that you need to do the extra work of downloading a document file, you should totally read it because it took me forever to translate it and figure out the formatting!  There's Yuuhi, Kiriyan, Micchan, and Morie acting silly!  Morie has really nice muscles!  Yuuhi can't remember whether or not she ate popcorn in Guys and Dolls!  Kiriyan likes humming songs from Nightmare Before Christmas!  Micchan likes taking her own picture!  And you should comment afterwards to entertain me during the times when I steal the internet at work tomorrow.  It'll give me a reason to live through my ichinensei classes.

Oh, and here's the preview blurb: "Four Moon Troupe otokoyaku are assigned to research a fellow Moon Troupe otokoyaku anonymously.  Each otokoyaku is asked questions by their anonymous researcher, and from the questions asked must guess the identity of their researcher."
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Pari no Sora Yori mo Takaku/Fancy Dance was the first time that I saw tsukigumi live.  Right now I'm watching it on TV.

It was my second live Takarazuka show.  My first was Ryoma-den.  However, in between the two I had bought copies of Tsuki's Elisabeth and Ernest in Love and was budding into a fan.  As my crummy luck would have it, I came down with a fever that week and was still sick that night.  Even still, I still went.  I had been excited about this all month, plus it was a 8000 yen ticket and I didn't want to waste that kind of money.

Watching this again, I am reminded that PariSora is a fairly crummy show with a few good bits.  But even still, when I watch it I can't help but smile because I remember falling in love with Takarazuka then, and particularly with a certain stuttering French inventor.  By sheer luck, I think I had either row six or eight tickets.  Way off to the left, but still pretty darn good.  When people ask me why I like Kiriyan, well, there are many reasons.  But I often tell them it's because of her smile.  Even though now I may look back at the opening of PariSora and think that first song is a little too pink for my taste, I won't forget the feeling of wonderful shock that the real life Kiriya Hiromu was in front of me.  (Not to mention the real life Sena Jun, Ayano Kanami, and Oozora Yuuhi, but that's a different story).  To be honest, I remember some of the Takarasiennes looked tired.  But I was amazed at how bright and genuine Kiriyan's smile was.

By the time Fancy Dance started I was really starting to not feel good.  Unfortunately even now I have trouble enjoying the Arabian number towards the end, not because there's anything wrong with it in the least, but because I somehow associate it with being sick.  Even with all of that, however, I convinced my friend to stay after with me for demachi.  I ended up chatting with a nice British lady who was a big Takarazuka fan as well.  I stood behind Kiriyan's club.  I'm strangely having trouble remembering the exact details of what she did as she collected letters, but I remember I took some pictures and I remember that she smiled and said "Bai bai!" as she finished.  Later on that week I remember I was teaching at one of my crappier schools and trying not to go crazy.  I looked at the pictures on my digital camera and cheered up.  (Looking back at them now they're not very good pictures, but they made me ecstatic at the time).

Okay, I'm going to attempt to be productive.  But I felt like waxing nostalgic <3
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Watching Rika's L./R. concert is leaving almost completely speechless.  Instead, I will sum up my thoughts in the form of a badly written haiku:

"Tsuki, you are awesome
Natsukawa, I miss you!
Much hot Rika crack"

...excuse me, Rika just started singing "Amor Amor."  If anyone is looking for me, I'm busy dying a blissful death at the moment.

ETA: Crap!  Awesome has two syllables!  I need to rearrange that first line... -_-;;;

ETA again: Okay, let's try this again:

"I much heart tsuki
Natsukawa, I miss you!
Much hot Rika crack"

(Yup, good thing I didn't major in English either...oooh, musumeyaku in red dresses!  Who needs silly things like grammar?)
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Tsukigumi starts Me and My Girl tomorrow~~~!  Break a leg, girls!

I'm going to kindly request to my friends list the same thing that I requested for A-"R"ex: If you could put any promotional pictures, reviews, etc. under a cut, I would be extremely grateful.  I really ruined Mahoroba/Magician no Yuutsu for myself by looking at too much advanced material, and I'm trying my best to never do that again.  I hope this isn't too much trouble, but I would really appreciate it >_<
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I'm hurting a lot right now from all of the retirement announcements.  However, some of the doom and gloom that's been posted here...well, it makes me sad.

Tsukigumi is my favorite troupe.  I'm going to miss Taki-san, Erio, Mihoko, and Kitajima Mami like crazy.  I already miss Yuuhi, Eri-san, and Sueko.  But tsukigumi is still my troupe, and that means more than the love of just one person (even Kiriyan).  It is going to keep on going. 

Now, I'm not saying people shouldn't be upset over the retirements/transfers.  Hey, I certainly very upset.  Just...please don't say this is the end of tsukigumi or that it's going down the garbage after this, because I don't think that it is.  Tsuki has lost really awesome people before, but it's kept on going.  No one will ever, ever replace those who are leaving, but tsukigumi is still tsukigumi.  Please, please don't give up on them yet.

(And er, for the record, I don't think anyone has said "Tsukigumi is going to be garbage after July."  I hope I don't sound overly defensive in this post and partially am writing it because I want to put it out there that tsukigumi will continue.  I just don't like the implication of impending doom or that line of thinking.  But uh, obviously people are entitled to their opinions too.)

Tsukigumi saikou.
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This is not okay.  I knew something bad was going to happen when MiiMai rehearsals started, I just didn't know what.  This. Is. Not. Okay.

And what the heck will be happening with top musumeyaku for the next few show?!

But...but...Mihoko... *sob*

And if the page gets updated later today to show that anyone else is retiring, I may resort to throwing things.

*goes back to sobbing*
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Seito )

In closing, I think you guys know by now where my loyalties lie in tsukigumi.  Despite that, I thought that Hollywood Lover was definitely the better of the two tsukigumi shows that came to the Nippon Seinenkan this January.  Just uh, don’t tell the Kiriyan cultists that I said that -_-;;;;

Yuuhi fans, you definitely need this one.  Tsukigumi fans, I highly recommend it.  Even if you’re not a particularly big fan of either, I still really recommend Hollywood Lover.  Really, I can’t think of any complaints.

matataku_hoshi: (Asako glasses) if I could really stay away -_-;

If I'm reading this right, tsukigumi's going to be doing a tour to England and Ireland the same way yukigumi did a tour to Austria for Elisabeth.  I was never completely clear of what that consisted of, but it sounded like for the fans it was your general tour of the country plus some special talk show appearances with the siennes.  For this one it looks like Asako, Mihoko, and Kiriyan will be going along. 

I'm glad to know that Asako and co. are getting a vacation, even if it's a working vacation.  Who knows, they might even be able to relax a little.

Edit: So there's two options, either the six day tour or the eight day tour.  The eight day tour starts the the day after the Tokyo run of Arex ends...please tell me that the siennes won't actually come until a few days later...going from finishing a run to traveling internationally just sounds hectic.


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