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I like it.  Very Masatsuka-esque with the costumes of course, but even more stylish than usual.

In other news, I'm still alive (really).
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I watched the honkouen of "Aoi Tori wo Sagashite" tonight.  What a cute show!  I'm embarrassed to admit that this is actually my first Komu/Maa-chan show (and I'm not sure if it technically counts since it was also a Tom show).  Somehow I've managed to miss out on a lot of pre-Mizu yukigumi >.>  This may need to be corrected.

The performances were very solid all around and the entire cast was obviously enjoying having Tom back in the troupe, but it was the 84th class who stole the show for me.  Before this I had only seen Tonami in the strong, elegant roles that she has become known for.  Who would have known that she is just at talented at playing ditzy roles too? (although we really shouldn't be surprised)  Everyone needs to see this show if only to see her forlornly singing "Happy Birthday" to herself while wearing a bathrobe and face mask <3333  And tomboy-musumeyaku!Kimu?  Need I say more about how happy this made me? 

Oh, and Kashige was adorable.

Beyond a lot of good performances, I thought it was also decently written.  Convoluted, yes, but in the Takarazuka way and therefore not bad.  There were both moments that had me rolling on the floor and some genuinely touching moments as well.  I'm looking at the TakaWiki now, and I don't understand how Ishida-sensei can write such good shows (namely Aoi Tori and Osaka Samurai), and yet also produce such wastes of my time like Sakamoto Ryoma and Reimei no Kaze.  I guess everyone has their good and bad days >.> of the plot got a little confusing.

Spoilery question underneath the cut )
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Congratulations Mika!  I'll admit that I like Nacchan better, but Mika is certainly acceptable.  (If anything, Nacchan is a little too much like Tonami, and it may have been eerie).

Oh, and other announcements
*goes off to read*
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Casting for The Brothers Karamazov is up.  I have to admit that I don't know the book, so the role names don't mean much to me right now.

Retirements are Ouju Hirari (89th) and Isaki Maoto (87th).
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My, this is pretty.  My one complaint would be that the design is a little busy, but I'm certainly not going to complain about people like Hiromi and Nacchan getting a spot on a poster.

And Tonami's shoulder blades and Mizu's left hand?  Nothing more needs to be said.

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Especial Time: Otozuki Kei x Shirahane Yuri (Graph February 2008)

Ha! I’ve translated something that’s not Kiriyan or Micchan related!  It’s not even tsukigumi related!  Also, you get a prize if you can count how many times Kimu and Tonami laugh in this article *g*

Sometimes I feel like my translations get sketchier and sketchier as I progress.  I’d like to put some of these up on the TakaWiki (if just so I can feel like I’ve finished/accomplished something), but then I angst about the quality.  I feel strange about posting things that I’m not 100% certain about.  (Which is why there are at the moment roughly a million comments in the margins of my Luna translation >_<)

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I went back to Kimi wo Aishiteru/Mirroirs last night.  This isn't really a review, but I have some notes anyway.

In other news, there was a flyer for Singin’ in the Rain (not the final version, obviously).  Ume-chan was still listed as the lead.  I would guess that it was printed post-Ume’s accident, so knock on wood this means that she’s hopefully still going to be the musumeyaku lead.  There was also a picture of Tani in the Don Lockwood coat (looking good ^^) as well as a couple of Tani and Ume.  I’m not sure if the latter were from the hoshigumi production, though.
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From some of the comments I had heard about this show, I was expecting it to be really bad.  Maybe it was the result of low expectations, but I enjoyed “Je t’aime” a lot.  It’s not Kimura Shinji’s best work, but at the same time it was a very fun hour and a half at the theater.



Yukigumi fans will really enjoy Je t’aime/Miroirs when it comes out on DVD.  Je t’aime isn’t the best play ever, but it was much better than I thought it would be.  Miroirs is a really great revue that I recommend for everyone.  Regardless, both halves demonstrate how strong yukigumi is right now.  Now please look at the pretty mirrors while I go steal Kimu for tsuki.



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