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It made my speculation-happy heart very joyful last night to see some new show announcements <3333  The rest of the 2009 schedule (as in which troupe is playing where, *not* which shows and their leads) has been up here for a while now.

The things we still don't know about are:

-Hanagumi's, Tsukigumi's, and Soragumi's fall/winter 2009 Daigekijou shows.
  If things fall the way I think they will/want them to, Tsukigumi's fall show will be Kiriyan's ohirome kouen and Soragumi's winter show will be Tomu's ohirome kouen.  *nudges Hankyu* 

I worry a little about Yuu-kun, as she seems to be having trouble catching on popularity-wise.  (It's simply not easy to escape the legacy of a really, really longstanding top star.  It's sad that Tani and Touko are retiring, but I like this move away from tops with really long runs).

-The soragumi summer Hakata show, and the Bow/Akasaka ACT Theater show.  The Hakata show will almost assuredly go to the new top (Tomu yes please?)  It's the Bow/Akasaka ACT Theater show that I've been eyeing for a while now.  If things go in order, that would be Micchan's show (even if someone from another troupe came in to be sora top and Tomu and Micchan remained nibante/sanbante respectively, I still don't think they would give Tomu two Bow shows in one year).  

On one hand I would be a little cranky if Micchan got a lead and I wasn't able to go, which would probably be the case.  But I'm really scared right now that they're going to pull in someone from another troupe to be the new top's nibante instead of Micchan.  (Or Micchan could be transferred out, obviously).  I could deal with her being transferred, but I would get very cranky if she gets jumped over by someone else within soragumi.  I have been extra paranoid given the small size of Micchan's part in the current Gaiden BeruBara (it er...only gives me some comfort to hear that no one except for Tani seems to have a good part in that show :P)

I both anticipate and dread hearing about this show ^^;

-The October hoshigumi national tour, and the October hoshigumi Theater Drama City/Nippon Seinenkan show.  The tour will almost definitely be Chie/Nene.  Tours are almost always top star shows.

Kaname seems to be in line to be hoshigumi's new nibante, but is she ready to have a Theater Drama City/Seinenkan show?  She hasn't even had a Bow/Seinenkan show yet.  Then again, Kaname also seems to have her own gravitional pull ;)  (I'm not trying to dismiss Toyoko completely, but I don't think things look that promising here.  What I'm hoping is that she sticks around as an upperclassman).

-The December yukigumi national tour, and the December yukigumi Bow Hall/Nippon Seinenkan show.
  The national tour will (barring any radical moves) go to Mizu and Mika.  Kimu has already had a Bow Hall lead this year, so maybe Yumiko?  Or is Yumiko getting too big for Bow Hall?  Even if Chigi is the new yonbante, she seems too young to be getting Bow/Seinenkan leads.
Of course Hankyu will probably throw in a bunch of transfers just to throw me off XD

Date: 2009-02-14 04:15 pm (UTC)
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I worry a little about Yuu-kun, as she seems to be having trouble catching on popularity-wise.
Aw, that's sad to hear. I thought it was just The Legend that was doing bad. But they're getting to do Me & My Girl~ Which, hm, could be interesting. Hopefully there's no comparison wars or anything...

Then again, Kaname also seems to have her own gravitional pull ;)
LOL~ True that. Wait! Didn't she have that Bonnie and Clyde type Bow Hall? Or is Bow/Seinenkan completely different?

Kimu has already had a Bow Hall lead this year, so maybe Yumiko? Or is Yumiko getting too big for Bow Hall?
Oh. Wow. Huh. Who else would they use? Hey, what about Hiromi? She hasn't been doing much outside of AQUA5 stuff, has she?

I suck at speculating. I don't know enough, really. I guess that means I should, uh, research more! XD


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