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I put on "Guys and Dolls" the other day after having not watched it in a good year or so.  

From the first time I saw the show when I was in elementary school, the ending has *always* bothered me.  Sky and Sarah make a really cute couple and seem to be genuinely in love with each other, but I never completely bought the idea that Sky would be happy settling down and marching with the Salvation Army band.  He's a guy who truly loves his freedom, and as much as I like seeing Sky and Sarah end up together...the ending never sat right with me. 

I remember talking about it with my Hebrew School teacher at the time.  She mentioned the show had a much different feel when she was younger, when you really could cheer for Sky being "redeemed."  But in the modern age, the idea of being a gambler (while maybe not the most stable life choice) doesn't seem *that* bad, and well... I have mixed views on organizations like the Save a Soul mission anyway (not because I have anything against Christianity, but because in modern times similar organizations can be very homophobic.  My apologies, I usually try not to be political on my Zuka journal).

So it's hard for me to cheer when Sky and Nathan give up their freedom-loving ways.  But all that being said, this is Takarazuka, and I am perfectly free to imagine 1) Sky/Sarah and Nathan/Adelaide will be happy, and 2) the Save a Soul mission simply doesn't have a stance on homosexuality ;)

When I first saw this show a good year and a half ago, I think it had been hyped up *so* much that I couldn't completely enjoy it.  (Er, not that Guys and Dolls isn't a worthy show, but rather sometimes your expectations become so high that there is no humanly possible way for them to be fulfilled).  But even at the time, the "I've Never Been in Love Before" scene was so tender and sweet I nearly cired.  Kurara isn't one of my favorite musumeyaku, but she makes an excellent partner to Rika.

And Kiriyan's Adelaide?  (This is what I'm talking about in regards to things being overly hyped).  Finally I was able to enjoy it, and she does such an amazing job of both hamming it up AND being sexy.  Also, I can't help but be proud of Micchan for getting such a big role at such a young age <333333

The ending may never felt right to me, but the songs are catchy, the characters are memorable, and the entire cast looks like they're having so much fun.  You can't help but like it ;)
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