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About a week ago my friend who had hooked me up with Elisabeth tickets before e-mailed me to say that she had ended up with some extra tickets.  When she offered me the chance to go again, I jumped on it.  Hey, it saved me the trouble of having to get toujitsuken ^_^

So I think this might have been a company booked show.  I'm pretty sure it was for people who had Mitsumoto Visa cards (the same company Osa does advertising for).  There was someone (who I assume was from the company?) out of stage and doing some announcements before the show started.  She then brought out Asuka Yuu, the yukigumi kumichou, who had a few words.

So then the actual show started...

Sienne-related ramblings
  • Mostly my impressions remain the same.  I think Shirahane Yuri is extremely talented and she's my favorite actress in the show.  Takarazuka really is blessed right now with a lot of really strong musumeyaku tops.  I'm having trouble these days deciding who is my favorite among them.  It's starting to turn into who I've seen most recently.
  • I liked Yumiko's Franz Joseph better today.  When watching her and Sophie in the first scene they appear, I was thinking about how  Franz has most likely had his mother dominating over him his entire life.  He probably didn't even know how to go against her when Elisabeth asked for him to speak up on her behalf.  In any case, it helped me because I saw him more not being able to even imagine how to oppose Sophie instead of just being a wimp.  When Elisabeth came into his life, he was happy (because he did look pretty genuinely in love with her when they first met).  It didn't occur to him somehow that someone who hadn't grown up like him might not like Sophie running their life.  I think I "got" Franz's character more this time, and it helped me like him.  /end rambling.
  • I forgot if I mentioned this before, but when seeing the show live you realize how much Lucheni is on stage.  Kimu's Lucheni was above all of the drama and emotions happening  on stage and could make fun of it and roll her eyes (which she did a lot).  In any case, I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about Kimu this time, but I still liked her performance very much.
  • I can recognize that Mizu is a very talented performer, but the fact that her Der Todd is creepy/stalker-ish/has a bad temper keeps me from falling in love with her.  Which obviously isn't her fault considering the character is written that way -_-;  I really need to see her in another lead before I can make a judgment.  I was thinking maybe Romeo and Juliet if I ever have money again.
General show ramblings
  • I started crying during Rudolph's suicide to the point that I had to make sure I wasn't becoming audible -_-;  I really this show, but it's like being hit with a ton of bricks.
  • When I'm watching Elisabeth, I often forget that I'm watching Takarazuka per se.  It's only when everyone comes out in sequins for the finale that I remember.  Maybe it's because of how both acts are a (very intense) musical and there's no revue to break it up until the end.  To some degree I'm kind of annoyed that it's character of Death who gets the last of the final bows in the finale.  Don't get me wrong, Mizu and all of the other siennes who have played Death are very talented, but I feel like this is Elisabeth's show instead of Death's, no matter how Takarazuka revises it.  Oh well, I guess this is Takarazuka, and I am at least happy that this show managed to sneak an extremely strong musumeyaku role into the Takarazuka classic repertoire. 
  • Offstage blond Mizu without makeup is pretty.  On stage wearing a blue wig with makeup Mizu is pretty.  I'm sure that many other forms of on stage Mizu with wigs and makeup are pretty.  However, I'm not that fond of the combination of blond Mizu with goth Death makeup during the Saigo no Dansu tango.  The first time I saw it I wondered if Mizu had a wig malfunction and therefore was doing the scene without it.
  • The otokoyaku finale dance is love/hotness/many other happy things.
Post show ramblings

  • During intermission someone came out and began raffling off prizes, which were mostly things like signed photos.  You had to have some kind of ticket that I didn't have :/  After the show Mizu and Tonami came out for a special greeting for the Mitsumoto Visa customers.  Also, two lucky people won the chance to have their photos taken on stage with Mizu and Tonami (who were still in their finale costumes).  One of the girls was as tall as Mizu, which got lots of laughs.  They got to shake both Mizu and Tonami's hands.  If it wasn't for the fact that I didn't like my outfit today I'd be very jealous.  Oh, what the heck, I still am jealous ^_^
  • I stayed around a little for demachi afterwards.  I figured if I'm joining Kiriyan's club soon it would be my only chance to see a yukigumi demachi.  Unfortunately it was raining, which made it hard to see over rows of people AND umbrellas.  But I did catch a glimpse of Kimu and Tonami, which made me happy.  There's something about seeing siennes so close when they're out of the illusion of the theater that I really love.  I can't wait until tsukigumi comes back to Tokyo and I have an excuse to demachi like crazy.
  • I liked this performance of Elisabeth enough that I'm thinking about getting it on DVD.  And silly, silly Hankyu is tempting me to preorder it by offering a nice photo of Tonami and Mizu along with it.  Unfortunately at the moment I'm broke enough that I'm not sure if I can even afford Osaka Samurai right away.  The temptation of getting a clear file with everyone who has ever had a main role in Elisabeth did make my buy a copy of the Elisabeth II mook, though.  Jerks, I was trying to be good :P

There was a time about a month or two ago that my job was becoming really miserable and I was becoming pretty negative about Japan.  During that time, it was really, really good to have Takarazuka, which was something Japanese I could be positive about.  The phrase is highly cliched and I usually don't like it, but Takarazuka really is like a world of dreams.  A world that I like making visits to.

Date: 2007-07-29 10:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
thanks for the report!

"The first time I saw it I wondered if Mizu had a wig malfunction and therefore was doing the scene without it"

i wondered the same because during the first shows i am 98% sure she wore a real long wig!

Date: 2007-07-30 06:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
How is Mizu's voice? At the beginning, someone said Yumiko is drowning out Mizu at times... :-/

Date: 2007-07-30 01:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I thought her voice was pleasant to listen to, although she could have let it rip a little more in Saigo no Dansu. But I don't think I ever noticed her being overpowered.

Date: 2007-07-30 03:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm not that fond of the combination of blond Mizu with goth Death makeup during the Saigo no Dansu tango.

I'm 100% sure that she did that tango in Takarazuka with the wig. What on earth made her decide to go without it?

I'm intrigued that this Mitsui-Sumitomo show had little extra features like a raffle. I wonder if I'll have the chance to go to a company-booked show...


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