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Hankyu has given us no scandalous news recently, and I don't have anything to do while waiting for my disc to copy.  In the mean time, I'm subjecting my friends list to scattered thoughts on a few shows I've been watching lately :P

Excalibur, Rika's sayonara show, and Mami's sayonara show )
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Disclaimer: Obviously there are those of you out there who have seen many more sora shows than I have and are more qualified to comment on this than me, but uh...I was sitting around at school with nothing to do and felt like writing something editorial-ish -_-;  This is also all obviously just my opinion.

Forgive me if this all has been said before, but after seeing Valencia/Sora Fantasista again the other day I felt the need to comment on recent soragumi.  To be blunt, ticket sales have not been very good for Valencia/Sora Fantasista.

And some very quick soragumi thoughts from when I went on Tuesday:

-The center of the B section is much nicer than the back.  It was almost as cheap as a toujitsuken and I didn't even have to wake up early to get a ticket.
-Right now sora is in the middle of the role switch.  Micchan made a very, very hot Ramon.  She had a somewhat dorkier take on the character, as fits with her otokoyaku persona.  When I say "dorky", I mean this in a good way.
-"Sora Fantasista" is one of the very few shows where the video special effects were a plus.  It fits with the futuristic, crack-filled feel.
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So, continuing down the stack of unwatched DVDs, I finally finished sora's Phantom last night.  Like BeruBara 2001 I wasn't really getting into it when I started watching, but by the time I finished last night I decided it was a really well done show.

I think there has been speculation that if Phantom is done again, tsuki will get it.  I'm not sure where this logic comes from, but I feel the need to comment anyway.  I don't see Asako getting another western musical after "Me and My Girl" after she retires, but I may be wrong.  Regardless, I think she'd be a great Phantom.  I think you all know by now how I feel about Kiriyan being cast in just about any interesting lead role.  Vocally, I'm not sure if Ai-chan or Nene (who seem to be the candidates for the next tsuki top musumeyaku) are quite strong enough.  Personally I'm rooting for Mihoko to stay around after Asa leaves.  I think she could definitely pull off Christine.  If this show was done with Kiriyan in the lead, I could see Yuuhi as a really good Carierre.  And of course, if tsuki did Phantom in the next few years Taki-san would play Carlotta yet again.  Is there any kind of precedent for a sienne playing the same role three times?
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I’m typing this up on my computer at work where I don’t have anything to do at the moment.  As a result, I’m extra rambly Becca today :D

I saw the VHS of soragumi Elisabeth on sale at Takarazuka-an for about 2000 yen and decided to pick it up.  I’m glad I did.  Rereading what I wrote about everyone below may make it sound like I was lukewarm about this show, but I actually really really liked it.  In any case…

Honestly, I’m not sure if there’s a bad version of Elisabeth out there.  I’ve now seen three (sora, tsuki, and yuki 07), and they’ve all been really cool shows.  I think to some extent it’s just a matter of who you like.  However, I think it’s getting more difficult to do Elisabeth lately due to getting compared to everyone else who has done the role in the past.  For example, even if you have a decent voice, you get blasted for not being Zunko.  Unlike Berubara, every honkouen production of Elisabeth has ended up on DVD.  This definitely isn’t a bad thing, but…  Ah well.  I have a feeling few people will complain if there’s another production of Elisabeth in a few years.  I certainly won’t.  I’d love to see Kiriyan’s Death.  (Yes, I realize that I want to see Kiriyan in just about every major role in Takarazuka canon).  Sadly this one probably won’t happen.  Even if there’s another production of Elisabeth before she retires, it won’t be tsukigumi.

...why is it that I started out writing about soragumi Elisabeth and ended up writing about Kiriyan?


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