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So I ended back up at Elisabeth again today with [profile] hanamichi_2510 and [profile] mizukusa.  A couple of quick notes:

-This show's popularity is insane.  I got on the first train of the morning and got to the theater at 6:15.  Already the B-seki were almost completely gone.  I'd say by about 7, 7:15ish all of the tachimi were gone as well.  This was on a Monday.  When I went to see Secret Hunter on a one-show weekday, not even all of the B-seki were taken by the time the box office opened at ten.

-Komu was at the show today.  Apparently [profile] hanamichi_2510 discovered this when she saw her walking down the street.  It was funny to watch all of the fans on the second floor (where we were sitting) try to spot Komu during intermission.  During Kitsch, Lucheni announced that they had a very special guest: his sempai, Asami Hikaru.  There was lots of cheering.  Apparently Ooura Mizuki was there as well, although I didn't actually see her.  After the show Komu exited through the artists' door.  She was wearing otokoyaku-esque clothing (well, insofar as she was wearing pants).

-Tonami was crying during Watashi Dake Ni.  I love this girl.

-Speaking of love: Lucheni-watching.  Today not only did Kimu laugh at the single mother brought before Frantz-Joseph, but she gave a small wave goodbye when she was dragged off.  She was also all over Madeleine and feeling up Madame Wolf.  She normally does this a lot, but I think [profile] mizukusa agreed that she was getting into it more than usual.

Okay, I had to get up at 4 this morning in order to make it to the theater.  Time for bed!
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About a week ago my friend who had hooked me up with Elisabeth tickets before e-mailed me to say that she had ended up with some extra tickets.  When she offered me the chance to go again, I jumped on it.  Hey, it saved me the trouble of having to get toujitsuken ^_^

So I think this might have been a company booked show.  I'm pretty sure it was for people who had Mitsumoto Visa cards (the same company Osa does advertising for).  There was someone (who I assume was from the company?) out of stage and doing some announcements before the show started.  She then brought out Asuka Yuu, the yukigumi kumichou, who had a few words.

So then the actual show started...

There was a time about a month or two ago that my job was becoming really miserable and I was becoming pretty negative about Japan.  During that time, it was really, really good to have Takarazuka, which was something Japanese I could be positive about.  The phrase is highly cliched and I usually don't like it, but Takarazuka really is like a world of dreams.  A world that I like making visits to.


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