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2010-01-19 12:15 am

Announcements! <3

Soragumi's next Daigekijou show will be Trafalgar/Funky Sunshine.  Trafalgar is about Horatio Nelson.  From my Wikipedia research since the announcement went up (yay for history through Zuka? ^^;;;), it appears that he was a British naval officer who was famous for leading England to victory in a battle where he was killed.  He also had a scandalous affair with a woman named Emma Nelson (both were married to other people at the time).  Trafalgar is the name of the battle where he was killed.  After El Halcon, I'm amused that Saitou-sensei is returning to the topic of the various European navies again XD

Funky Sunshine will apparently have (shock!) sun-related things as its theme.  Personally I'm just looking forward to the soragumisei saying "Funky Sunshine!" over and over XD

This one seems like it could go either way, but I'm definitely interested <3  Does it sound strange if I say I'm relieved that this isn't an instant "OH MY GOD I MUST SEE THIS" show? ^^; I'm also uncertain as to whether or not Micchan would potentially be transferred out befre this show.  Well, no matter what, it appears that there will be Yuuhi and Tomu fighting over the same woman again <3

Oh, and Mizu's sayonara show was announced too (what would be the correct romanization of ロジェ?  Because that's the show's name, apparently).  And what is it with Masatsuka-sensei and sayonara shows lately? ^^;  The revue is called "Rock On", which is also highly amusing <3
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2009-07-06 12:16 am

Sena Jun retirement announcement anyone really surprised?

I have mixed feelings on this one.  I feel like Asako overstayed her time and I hated the fact that the company never gave her a new partner after Mihoko, but there are also performances of hers that I really love (Ernest and Love and Me and My Girl, namely).  Also, I got into fandom in January of 2007.  From the top stars of that time, only Mizu is left o.O

Whew, what a crazy year for retirements.

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2009-04-11 07:41 am

New poster preview images

I crashed very, very early last night.  Sometime between then and waking up the initial photography for Russian Blue and hanagumi's Me and My Girl went up.

In regards to Russian Blue, it looks like it could be a really cute show, and they both look good.  But...I'll admit that it's really strange to think of a new yukigumi Daigekijou show without Tonami ;_______;  My first yukigumi show was the 2007 Elisabeth, so I've always associated yukigumi with her.  Then again, I've always been an advocate of Takarazuka-in-motion as people have been calling it, so it's not like yukigumi could have stayed the way it was, given how often and how fast things change.  I will try my best not to be bitter that Mika and not Nacchan got the new spot -_-;;  *waves the Kimu flag in an attempt to think of happy things*

As for hanagumi's MiiMai, Ayane-chan and particularly Yuu-kun look fabulous.  I don't follow hanagumi very much, but this could be a lot fun <3
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2009-02-12 08:03 pm

You know what we love? Speculating!

It made my speculation-happy heart very joyful last night to see some new show announcements <3333  The rest of the 2009 schedule (as in which troupe is playing where, *not* which shows and their leads) has been up here for a while now.

The things we still don't know about are:
Rambling underneath the cut )
Of course Hankyu will probably throw in a bunch of transfers just to throw me off XD
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2008-10-02 07:18 pm

Brothers Karamazov poster

My, this is pretty.  My one complaint would be that the design is a little busy, but I'm certainly not going to complain about people like Hiromi and Nacchan getting a spot on a poster.

And Tonami's shoulder blades and Mizu's left hand?  Nothing more needs to be said.

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2008-03-31 11:35 pm

The Phone's For You! Hello Exchange: Aran Kei (Graph April 2008)

Spring break=sitting in the staff room with no work and no classes for eight hours a day=sketchy translations.  ([profile] wao_wao, I hope it's okay that for the title of the article I used what you had come up with in the Mizu version.  Let me know if it's not)

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2008-02-22 05:37 pm

Je t'aime/Miroirs review

From some of the comments I had heard about this show, I was expecting it to be really bad.  Maybe it was the result of low expectations, but I enjoyed “Je t’aime” a lot.  It’s not Kimura Shinji’s best work, but at the same time it was a very fun hour and a half at the theater.



Yukigumi fans will really enjoy Je t’aime/Miroirs when it comes out on DVD.  Je t’aime isn’t the best play ever, but it was much better than I thought it would be.  Miroirs is a really great revue that I recommend for everyone.  Regardless, both halves demonstrate how strong yukigumi is right now.  Now please look at the pretty mirrors while I go steal Kimu for tsuki.


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2007-12-23 11:04 pm


So for the last few years I believe that Wao and Osa have had the biggest fan clubs in Takarazuka.  After Osa retires, who has the next biggest fan club?

I'm guessing that it has to be Asako, Touko, or Mizu, but I'm not sure which one.  I'm not very good at estimating club size.  Any thoughts?

In other news: Ganbarre, hanagumi!
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2007-07-29 10:26 pm

Going back to Elisabeth

About a week ago my friend who had hooked me up with Elisabeth tickets before e-mailed me to say that she had ended up with some extra tickets.  When she offered me the chance to go again, I jumped on it.  Hey, it saved me the trouble of having to get toujitsuken ^_^

So I think this might have been a company booked show.  I'm pretty sure it was for people who had Mitsumoto Visa cards (the same company Osa does advertising for).  There was someone (who I assume was from the company?) out of stage and doing some announcements before the show started.  She then brought out Asuka Yuu, the yukigumi kumichou, who had a few words.

So then the actual show started...

There was a time about a month or two ago that my job was becoming really miserable and I was becoming pretty negative about Japan.  During that time, it was really, really good to have Takarazuka, which was something Japanese I could be positive about.  The phrase is highly cliched and I usually don't like it, but Takarazuka really is like a world of dreams.  A world that I like making visits to.