Nov. 4th, 2009 11:16 pm
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First, list six Takarazuka plays you love, or ask someone to assign you six.

1. El Halcon
3. A/L
4. The Second Life
5. Silver Rose Chronicle
6. Scout

(I personally decided to go with original Zuka works, and therefore omitted tsukigumi Ernest in Love, Me and My Girl, and Elisabeth)

Please work, cut? )
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I should be taking care of some e-mails.  I should be cleaning my apartment since I have a friend coming in tomorrow from out of town.  Instead, I'm writing my review of Silver Rose Chronicle, which I saw tonight.

my review )

I went into this show without knowing a whole lot about it and a lot of things were pleasant surprises.  From now on, I want to do this as much as possible.  I think I ruined my initial viewing of Mahoroba for myself by going into it knowing too much (I bought the Le Cinq, the Daigekijou program, read other people's reviews, listened to some of the music...) From now on I think I'm going to try to limit myself to the TakaWiki summary and maybe a few promotional pics.

I went to Kiriyan demachi at the Tokyo Gekijou afterwards.  According to my fellow cultists, Asako, Kiriyan, and a bunch of other tsukigumi-sei went to see the show on Wednesday (when they had a day off).  *grumble* I could have had a Kiriyan sighting if I went yesterday.  Oh well, at least by going tonight I got to go to demachi afterwards...
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The first image for Silver Rose Chronicle is up here.  Looks nice ^_^

Secondly, TCA music is releasing a whole bunch of stuff.  Available starting today are:
-Soragumi's "The Last Party"
-Tsukigumi's "Cinderella Rock"
-Yukigumi's 2000 "Flame of Love" and "Arch of Triumph" (and I believe the special cast verison of the second as well)

Starting on the 22nd is:
-Soragumi's "Pierre the Mercenary", and "A Kiss to the Flames"
-Yukigumi's "Say it Again"
-Tsukigumi's "Twelth Night"

These are all very shiny, but the happiest things are on the 27th, which will have:
-"El Viento" (Asako's dinner show)
-Osaka Samurai :D

Unfortunately you need a Japanese billing address to get this stuff, but you can listen to samples.  Also, I believe that sells iTunes Japan gift certificates.

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Hankyu put up the page for Silver Rose Chronicle here.  Yukigumi right now is the troupe that I know the least about, but I'm probably going to see this one since, well, the story sounds interesting.  I'll admit, I like vampires on occasion.  And who does vampires better than Zuka? *dreamily thinks of Rika and Saeko*


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