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I can't figure out what tsuki is doing in 2009.  (Granted I think we're all in the dark given that we haven't gotten a new top musumeyaku announcement, nor has Asako announced her retirement). 

So there's a show that will be at Theater Drama City, and then Showa Women's University.  My guess would be that this is tsukigumi's Berubara, and that they're doing the there day run at Showa Women's University because they couldn't get a hold of the Nippon Seinenkan or any of the alternatives.

What I can't figure out then is the Bow Hall also running at the same time.  Kiriyan just had the Hakataza show in August 2008, and I doubt they would give her two leads within a year.  It would also be really strange if they gave her a 17-day Bow Hall show that didn't have a Tokyo counterpart.

Who else is there besides Kiriyan, though?  They're not really treating poor Ahi as a sanbante these days, but I'm not sure if Morie, Sonoka, etc. are being pushed so much that they would be given such a long-running Bow Hall.  Someone suggested the idea of it being a run split between two leads, although usually there is a break between runs when that happens.

Also, both tsuki and hoshi this year will have two Daigekijou shows in a row without any smaller shows in between.  I wonder if this is going to be the new pattern or if this is just a result of Hankyu switching over to the new schedule.  Regardless, I'm really glad that the smaller shows haven't disappeared altogether (although there is a sad lack of workshops this year).

Of course it's a bit hard to predict who will get which leads without knowing about transfers.  After all, a year ago would anyone have predicted that Yuuhi would be leading the 2008 hanagumi Theater Drama City show?  But I have to say, I kind of enjoy the speculation side of Takarazuka, even when it's driving me crazy ^^;;
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Do not read the following if you don't want to get freaked out by rumors that may be entirely untrue.

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For those of you not on YahooGumi, Peter Williams posted this (among other things) about those Scarlet Pimpernel rumors:

I'll put out one of my disclaimers, that this is "interview land" - that strange place where Frank likes to talk about all the things he thinks are going to happen... most of them will, but some of these plans might change over time. I share them here because people are bound to talk about the interview... but please take the news with a grain of salt.

This is kind of what I figured.  I don't think he would mention it at all if there hadn't been very serious talks, but I'm not taking this as confirmed until I hear something.

Also according to Frank, Takarazuka is going to do "The Scarlet Pimpernel." I hear this should start in June 2008. I haven't found anything on the web, other than the interview, that mentions this keep an eye out.

This I find to be the most interesting news.  Right now the last announced show at the Grand Theater is tsukigumi's Me and My Girl.  The next show would start mid-may and run until the end of June.  Would that make hanagumi the troupe that would get Scarlet Pimpernel?  Or would its opening fall at the way end of June, making it hoshigumi?  I wouldn't be surprised by either troupe.


Jun. 6th, 2007 07:14 pm
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I'm assuming that everyone has seen this by now. 


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