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The last time I did this was June 12th, 2007.  I had only been in the fandom for about six months at that point.  Many things have changed on many levels since then...

1  Please tell us your name, age, and your history of being a fan. 

Becca, 25, been doing this for a little over three years now.
2  What was the first performance you saw? It doesn't have to have been a live show, it could be a video or DVD. 

Soragumi's "Sketches From the Life of Sakamoto Ryouma/The Classic: I Love Chopin" at the Tokyo theater in January 2007.
3  What was the performance that first addicted you? 

Tsukigumi's "Ernest in Love."
4  Who is the "first love" that lead you to becoming a Takarazuka fan? 

Kiriya Hiromu
5  Do you mainly go to see shows at the Grand Theater or the Tokyo Theater? 

I lived near Tokyo when I lived in Japan from 2006-2008, so I mainly went to shows there.  The last time I was in Japan I mainly spent time at the Grand Theater.  The Grand Theater is probably a better place to visit when you're on vacation, but I still feel like the Tokyo Theater is my "hometown" in a lot of ways.
6  Please tell us the otokoyaku you prefer. More than one is okay. 

Bah, hard question : P  First and foremost, Hokushou Kairi.  After that...on the shortlist are Kiriya Hiromu, Otozuki Kei, Ranju Tomu, Nanami Hiroki, and Mitsuki Haruka.
7  Please tell us the musumeyaku you prefer. More than one is okay. 

So many musumeyaku who I loved retired in the last year or two :/  But in any case: Ootsuki Sayu, Hanakage Arisu, Fujisaki Eri, and Sumireno Rei.
8  What musicals do you like? Up to three is okay. 

At this moment in time, I'll say "Ernest in Love", "The Second Life", and "Casablanca."  Can I sneak El Halcon in there too? :P
9  What revue shows do you like? Up to three is okay. 

I like revues, but it's been harder for me to find revues I adore to the same level I adore some shows.  But anyway, Miroirs, Sora Fantasista, and Nova Bossa Nova.
10  Which performance made you think, "Give me my money back!" as you were watching it? 

Tsukigumi's A-"R"ex.  I don't know what exactly went wrong or whose fault it was, but that show wasted it's potentially horribly and was instead an ugly, boring mess.
11  Outside of the ones you prefer, which seito is on your mind the most right now? 

*scratches head* I guess I'm keeping a close eye on the various up-and-coming wakate?
12  Of the ones NOT star-tracked, so to speak, which seito do you like? More than one is okay. 

At this moment in time...Mikaze Maira, Amou Tamaki, and Kiryuu Sonoka (she seems to have completely fallen off the star track recently) 
13  Please tell us which of the "avuncular type upperclassman" do you like? 

Misa Noeru, Kotobuki Tsukasa, Koshino Ryuu.  Also Yoshizuki Eri, who retired a few years ago but who still has a very special place in my heart.
14  Please tell us which of the "older sister type upperclassman" do you like? 

Miho Keiko.  Once again Mikaze Maira.  Itsumine Aki as well, although I haven't seen anything with her in it recently.
15  Please give us your strong point and weak point as a Takarazuka fan.

 Strong point: I'm pretty good about taking things in stride and not getting overly worked up by controversial decisions (I can only hope this will remain true).  
  Weak point: When I lived in Japan I used to see every show that came through the Tokyo theater, and a lot of the smaller performances in Kantou as well.  Now that I'm living in the states again I find that I can financially only keep up with Soragumi and to an extent Tsukigumi.  I still know who the prominent players are in other troupes, but it's hard to have an opinion on things like the new Chie-Nene combi when the truth is I've never seen one of their performances.

16  What's your greatest boast as a Takarazuka fan? 

Last winter, a year and a half after returning to America, I was finally able fulfill my dream of making a two-week trip to Japan.
17  What's your greatest confession as a Takarazuka fan? Feel free to elaborate. 

Unless I have someone helping me, I am *really* bad at picking out babies :/
18  Is there a musical you wish they would put on again? 

I'd love to see a Zuka version of West Side Story, except they never release that one to any form of video :/
19  Is there a revue show you wish they would put on again?  

Seeing Nova Bossa Nova again would be fun.  I think there are a variety of troupes right now that would do well with it. 
20  Please try and analyze the kind of seito you're inclined to become a fan of.

  Onstage, I tend to like the ones who are passionate, good singers, and good actresses.

   Offstage, I have a big weak spot for goofy siennes who are kind to their fans.

21  Whom do you think is currently best suited to a black tailcoat? 

Ranju Tomu.
22  Do you ever actually use the words "lead otokoyaku"? 

Nope :P
23  Some comments on Todoroki Yuu. 

I'll parrot [ profile] jenebi  and say that they need to cast her in shows she's actually suited for.  I am (apparently one of few) people who liked Kean, and it's because that was one show where her age wasn't working against her.
24  What do you think are requirements for a star-tracked otokoyaku? 

Hmmm.  Obviously all the usual (singing, dancing, acting), but she also needs a special charisma and drive to make her stand out from the rest of the pack.
25  What do you think are requirements for a star-tracked musumeyaku? 

Honestly?  Luck that she happens to work well with an otokoyaku top star and being in the right place at the right time :/
26  What do you think of Yuzuki Reon? 

She's very, very good, and I can see why she got promoted so quickly.  That being said, I wish she had another couple of years to refine her skills a little more.  And the fact that she made top so early means that her fans will most likely get less years out of her :/
27  What do you think of the Yuu-Ayane combination?

Honestly I've only really seen one show with them.  They seem to do okay? 
28  Well then, what about the Chie-Nene combination? 

As I mentioned above, I've never actually seen a show with them together.  Nene has never been my type, but who knows, maybe she compliments Chie well?
29  What do you think is the coolest stage name?

I'll be very predictable and name some of the stars I like.  I always loved how "Hiromu" means Big Dream, and I love the sound of "Kiriya."  Same with "Kairi."  Also, Mitsuki = Beautiful Moon <3
30  Is there an OG whom you wish you could have seen when she was a current seito? 

Natsukawa Yura.  That woman is hilarious.
31  Is there someone you think: "They didn't retire last time, but this time..."? Who is it? 

Suzumi Shio.  Ayana Oto.  Yuumi Hiro.  Misuzu Aki.
32  Some comments on Ayabuki Mao. 

She has such a sweet smile, and she's a very talented seito.  I'm sad that she won't be top, but I'm glad she's getting a proper sendoff.
33  If you had to select a current musumeyaku from the 90th class to recommend, whom would it be? 

Chisuzu Mayu made an awfully cute cafe boy in Casablanca.
34  Are you more partial to Remi's style, or Seiko's? 

I'd have to say Remi by default.  Seiko has a very pretty voice, but I'm not a fan of her acting.
35  Is there someone whom you want to ask to improve their stage makeup? Who?

I can't think of anyone in particular, but most of them get better at their stage makeup as they get older.
36  Some comments on Suzumi Shio. 

She's never really jumped out at me on stage.  That being said, I hear she's extremely sweet offstage.
37  Some comments on Aoki Izumi. 

I adore her because of her cute baby cheeks, but beyond that she's actually a very good actress.  I really wish she was being promoted more :/
38  Please tell us about a seito you think should be used more, but gets no recognition. 

Kiryuu Sonoka.  She's an *awesome* dancer and really, really funny.  But lately the roles she's been getting have been meh.
39  If I said "someone treasured by the company", whom would you associate that with? 

Yuzuki Reon.  Todoroki Yuu.
40  Whom do you consider the best etoile? 

I really liked Kazune Miou back when she was with the company.
41  "She can't sing", "she can't dance", "she can't act", which do you consider the biggest handicap? 

"She can't act", although "she can't sing" is a personal pet peeve of mine.
42  Some comments on Ranju Tomu. 

One of the most talented otokoyaku in the company at the moment.  She really brings the "otokoyaku charm" to life while still having a very lovable, accessible persona.
43  What do you think is the preferred amount of time for a top star to hold that position? 

About three years is good, give or take a year depending.  And for God's sake don't be without a top musumeyaku for the last year and a half of your career :P
44  Please tell us who your favorite musical playwright is, and which of their works you like most. Up to two people is okay. 

Ueda Keiko.  Kimura Shinji.
45  Please tell us who your favorite revue playwright is, and which of their works you like most. Up to two people is okay. 

Miki Akio.  Fuji Daisuke.
46  Is there a costume you'd like to try on?

In an alternate universe, sure, but I feel too insecure about my image to do so.
47  Please tell us your favorite Takarazuka tune. Up to three is okay. 

"Kimi ni Tsutetai Koto ga aru" from The Second Life.  "Watashi Dake Ni" from Elisabeth.  "Nanatsu no Umi, Nanatsu no Sora" from El Halcon.
48  If I say dancer, whom do you think of? 

Kiriya Hiromu.  Yuzuki Reon.
49  If I say singer, whom do you think of? 

Hokushou Kairi.
50  If I say actress, whom do you think of? 

Otozuki Kei.  Kiriya Hiromu.
51  Please tell us what you think is Ueda Shinji's best work. 

"Jawa no Odoriko" was the one I disliked the least? ^^;
52  Although Moon Troupe just performed "Elisabeth" in 2005, they revived it again in 2009. What do you really think of that? 

I hadn't hit my Elisabeth saturation point until the 2009 performance.  I think the biggest problem was that Tsukigumi had *just* done it, and I didn't understand why this much-performed show needed to be performed by Tsukigumi in its current state.  I would have been much more excited had it been, say, Touko and Asuka.
53  Please tell us what you think is Shibata Yukihiro's best work. 

Toss-up between Ooeyama Kaden and Jose and Carmen.
54  Some comments on Koike's works. 

Ah, Koike...he's written and/or directed some of my very favorite shows.  But I wish that all of his productions of Elisabeth weren't so similar.
55  Which troupe's version of Elisabeth do you like? 

Yukigumi 2007.
56  Is there some staff from outside of Takarazuka that you'd like to work there? It doesn't matter how feasible it is. 

Hmm...maybe Claude-Michel Schonberg, aka the guy who did the music for Les Miserables?  I always thought that was a beautiful score.
57  Is there an original work (novel, movie, historical person) that you'd like to see turned into a Takarazuka performance?

The Count of Monte Cristo.  Kiriyan would be brilliant.
58  Do you like Ueda Keiko's works? 

Yes, very much, and I'm glad to see a female director doing so well within the company.  I particular like Hollywood Lover and Paradise Prince.
59  What do you think of Saitou's works? 

He's done a number of shows that I really, really liked.  I am optimistic for Trafalgar.
60  Well then, what about Kimura's? 

This is the man who directed Ernest in Love ;)  He's brilliant at adapting, and I'm one of the few who really liked Kimi wo Aishiteru.
61  Which character from which performance do you think is the best Takarazuka hero? 

Off the top of my head: Elliot from Silver Rose Chronicle.
62  Well then, what about the best heroine? 

I love Elisabeth.  She's such a fascinating character.  Even though Death gets to walk down the staircase last in the finale, the show is really about Elisabeth.
63  Predict the five top stars in five years.
 We don't know who will be in which troupe in five years, so troupe doesn't matter.

Sou Kazuho, Ranju Tomu, Ryuu Masaki, Ouki Kaname I am too paranoid to include Micchan in this list.
64  Do you go to performances with friends or alone? 

When I lived in Japan I often went alone, but it's more fun with friends.
65  Do you have a lot of friends who go to shows? 

Yes, but never enough who lived near me when I lived in Japan (or now, for that matter)
66  What do you think of irimachi and demachi? 

Super fun, but you have to do it at your own pace.
67  Do you like ochakai? 

Very, very much so (I'm a sucker for buying fanclub goods).  That being said, some seito feel more comfortable than others interacting with fans, and it largely depends on what kind of mood you catch them in that night.  But assuming I had money and was available, I would never pass up the chance to go to the ochakai of a sienne I like <3
68  Feel free to say something about fan club uniforms. 

They're fun in a dorky way.  That being said, I really respect Kairi Spirits for having only one wear for all Daigekijou and Tokyo Gekijou shows.  It saves me so much money, and it keeps me from having a closet full of things I'll never wear again.
69  A comment about "Kageki". 

Kageki is really wordy...I have an easier time reading the fluff articles in Graph.  That being said, E to Bun is really cute, and I appreciate having articles that aren't just "meat or fish", as [ profile] caithion  put it.
70  A comment about "Takarazuka Graph". 

As I said, I like fluff articles.  And pretty pictures <3
71  Do you use Quatre Reves often? 

When I lived in Japan I went at least once a week.  My poor wallet...
72  What goods would you like to see at Quatre Reves? 

I'd like to see a fourth series of Personal Books, and it seems like it's about that time.  Provided that Micchan gets one, of course ;)
73  Have you ever been to Takarazuka-an? 

Yup!  Once again, my poor wallet...
74  Is there a video you saw against your better judgment and liked? 

I once left Sky Stage on and got into watching The Tempest.
75  What do you do with your videos and programs in your room? 

They're filed on my bookshelf.
76  Please tell us a restaurant around the theaters that you recommend. 

In Tokyo, I love the curry place in the basement of Hibiya.  It's tasty and cheap.  In mura, I highly recommend Izumi's.  Once again the food is tasty and reasonably priced, plus the owner is an extremely sweet lady.
77  Have you ever paid premium prices for sold-out tickets? Feel free to elaborate. 

Heh heh, yes -_-; I paid a particularly ridiculous amount of money for a weekday Last Play/Heat on Beat B-seki.
78  Feel free to say something about the Takarazuka Home Page. 

I reload it more than any other page on the internet, except for maybe my Gmail account.  *scratches head* Or maybe the Takarazuka page wins out ;)
79  Do you watch Sky Stage? 

I used to have Sky Stage in Japan.  I miss it T________T
80  Do you have the first, second, or third series of personal books?
 Please tell us the purchasing circumstances, or why or why not you bought them.

I have most of the ones from the first and second series.  Honestly, with the first series ones I think I bought some of them just because they were rare and I had the opportunity to.  I have Yumiko's and Kimu's from the second series.  The only reason I don't have Tomu's is because the universe is conspiring against me *pout*
81  What's your opinion on the girlish fashion of musumeyaku?

Not my style personally, but it's cute.  I personally like musumeyaku like Ume-chan who are a little edgier.
82  Is it a problem if otokoyaku are overly feminine in off-stage portrait photos?

I find it kind of sexy.
83  Confess, if you're talking with a friend about a play without seito you support, are you bored?

I try my best to keep listening.
84  What is the "sexiness of otokoyaku"?

The androgyny.
85  Are you partial to the TakaWiki or to Takarazuka blogdom?

I wish Takarazuka blogdom didn't have such an exclusive feel.  That being said, I understand why some people (myself included) want to keep things private.
86  Have you gotten caught up in any internet conflicts?

I really try my best not to, and I'd like to think that I've kept any drama I've been involved in away from the net.
87  Do you prefer not to think of the Takarazuka Revue as a business?

I prefer to think of it as a business, because it makes some of the decisions feel less personal.
88  What do you think of non-zuka fans who associate Takarazuka with a lesbian tiger pit?

This question always bothered me.  What's wrong with lesbianism anyway? ;)  Seriously, though, there are probably some seito who really are gay.  There are also some who are straight, and some who fall somewhere in between.  It's their own business.
89  Have you come out as a Takarazuka fan at work or school?

In Japan, yes.  In America, I'm too embarrassed to explain what it is.  (This made explaining my Japan trip interesting, to say the least).
90  If a complete beginner asked you "What's so great about Takarazuka?" how would you reply?

I'm too tired to logically answer this question.  I know when I first saw Takarazuka I was almost taken aback at first, but then it slowly warped my mind...
91  Have you ever used the term "infatuation" in regards to Takarazuka?

We went past that a long time ago ;)
92  Has your love for Takarazuka ever slanted your perceptions of men in your real life?

Nope.  Interestingly enough, though, I think it affected my view of gender.  Right before I got into Zuka I was (don't laugh) on a big Gothic Lolita kick, and somehow when I started to watch Zuka my sense of aesthetics also changed.
93  Have you ever had an instant as a fan where you thought: "I've gone past the point of no return?"

On many, many occasions ;)  The most significant one was taking a two week trip to Japan for the express purpose of watching Takarazuka.
94  What kind of person is an "excessive fan"?

Someone whose fan activities start to cause harm to themselves or others (through excessive neglect of finances, relationships, and responsibilities)
95  What do you think of men being Takarazuka fans?

I think they're very brave <3
96  Please tell us your definition of an "old fan".

Someone who has been following their star since their early days.
97  What do you think is something that Takarazuka fans must not do?

Use Takarazuka as an excuse to act in a way that would be unacceptable otherwise (I'm talking about behavior towards others, not standing around at iri/de).  Lash out at other seito's fans.  Stalk or harrass seito.
98  What would cause you to stop being a Takarazuka fan?

I'll admit that right now I don't know who could replace Micchan when she eventually retires a very long time from now please universe kthanx.  But...who knows.  Maybe I would pick someone else up.  Maybe not.  But I think I'd always have at least a peripheral interest in Takarazuka :)
99  If you had a daughter, would you want her to enter Takarazuka?

I would allow her to, but I'd be worried about the pressure.
100  Last question. What is Takarazuka to you? Please answer with something other than "a world of dreams".






Date: 2010-03-09 10:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Kiryuu Sonoka (she seems to have completely fallen off the star track recently)"

>_____< uhuhuhuhuhuhu

Very interesting! Thanks! ^^

Date: 2010-03-09 11:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She really brings the "otokoyaku charm" to life while still having a very lovable, accessible persona.

by "otokoyaku charm," do you happen to mean drop-dead sexiness? :p if so, i agree!

Hmm...maybe Claude-Michel Schonberg, aka the guy who did the music for Les Miserables? I always thought that was a beautiful score.

omg, kiriyan or micchan singing bring him home. omg, i kind of can't handle it. omg, someone please do something about this because it would be SO amazing, i think i would die.

Date: 2010-03-09 07:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And for God's sake don't be without a top musumeyaku for the last year and a half of your career :P

I totally agree!!! I think that hurt Sena and contributed to her feeling lonely at the top.


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