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So the Trafalgar poster is up on the Hankyu website.  Needless to say I'm thrilled that Micchan made it onto this one, given that the last time she was on a Daigekijou poster was Paradise Prince.  More than that, everyone looks very good and I'm pleased with the poster design.

We already know that Yuuhi will be playing Nelson and Sumika will be playing Emma.  What I'm not sure about is Tomu and Micchan.  Tomu is behind the French flag, so does that mean that she's supposed to be Napoleon?  And given that William Hamilton (Emma's husband) is a British diplomat and Micchan isn't in military costume, will Micchan be playing Hamilton?

I'm hoping this is the case.  Napoleon would be a change for pace for Tomu, who seems to be getting a lot of jilted husband/lover/etc. roles lately.  And according to the summary Hamilton quickly grows jealous of Nelson and starts sending him into dangerous battle after dangerous battle.  If this means I'll finally get my villainous Micchan, I'm be very pleased <3
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Shangri-La has finally started, and Asahi was kind enough to provide me with many, many images to obsess over <3

Some of my favorites + my commentary under the cut )
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Casablanca Talk Deluxe (February 2010 Graph)

Translated by [ profile] muffin_song and [ profile] wao_wao

My eternal thanks to Julie for letting me rope her into working on this <3  It was a lot of fun, and a really good learning experience for me <333

Please do not re-post or retranslate without permission.


  Oozora Yuuhi, Ranju Tomu, and Hokushou Kairi discuss the Takarazuka production of Casablanca and the new Soragumi. )


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Soragumi's next Daigekijou show will be Trafalgar/Funky Sunshine.  Trafalgar is about Horatio Nelson.  From my Wikipedia research since the announcement went up (yay for history through Zuka? ^^;;;), it appears that he was a British naval officer who was famous for leading England to victory in a battle where he was killed.  He also had a scandalous affair with a woman named Emma Nelson (both were married to other people at the time).  Trafalgar is the name of the battle where he was killed.  After El Halcon, I'm amused that Saitou-sensei is returning to the topic of the various European navies again XD

Funky Sunshine will apparently have (shock!) sun-related things as its theme.  Personally I'm just looking forward to the soragumisei saying "Funky Sunshine!" over and over XD

This one seems like it could go either way, but I'm definitely interested <3  Does it sound strange if I say I'm relieved that this isn't an instant "OH MY GOD I MUST SEE THIS" show? ^^; I'm also uncertain as to whether or not Micchan would potentially be transferred out befre this show.  Well, no matter what, it appears that there will be Yuuhi and Tomu fighting over the same woman again <3

Oh, and Mizu's sayonara show was announced too (what would be the correct romanization of ロジェ?  Because that's the show's name, apparently).  And what is it with Masatsuka-sensei and sayonara shows lately? ^^;  The revue is called "Rock On", which is also highly amusing <3
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The Shangri La poster looks even more like Final Fantasy X a video game XD  (The photoshopping only makes it moreso ^^;) But in all seriousness if this is any indication, I'm seriously excited for the costuming possibilities.

For the record, I think I'm predicting Tomu as the Dragon King and Micchan as part of the troupe of traveling entertainers.  (Unless it's Tomochin as the Dragon King, Tomu as the friend with the traveling entertainers, and Micchan in another role?)  Nah, I think I'm sticking to what I first said.  And then Tomochin can be Tomu's co-bad guy and Masako can also be wit te entertainers.

Oh, and I think Yuuhi used to be evil before she lost her memories XD  *scratches head* Maybe she's the Dragon King?

I'm scared of jinxing myself, but I'm really looking forward to this show <3

In other news, Yumiko's dinner show will be entitled "Thank you."  How sweet is that????  The fact that Nacchan is in there doesn't surprise me, and hopefully they'll do some Silver Rose Chronicle stuff..  Having Koma as well is an extra bonus <3
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I’m lucky to have been able to see three shinjinkouen performances since becoming a Takarazuka fan.  They’re always so, so much fun.  Shinko performers only get one chance per run to do their performance and as a result always put 200% into their roles.

Shinkos are always a little rough around the edges, but even with that I found the Casablanca shinko very, very enjoyable on its own.  There were a *lot* of promising siennes in the cast.

My review under the cut )

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Since I've gotten home, I haven't managed to get any work done on my grad school admissions essays. And yet I seem to have found the time to finish my Casablanca review AND write a Christmas card to Micchan >.> For the record, I went into this show thinking of it as "Takarazuka Does Casablanca." I don't think anyone could be Humphrey Bogart, etc. so I tried to think of this "Casablanca" as a completely different animal.


The Bad )



The Good )



Cast Rundown )


So in conclusion…no, it’s not an absolutely perfect show. But I really, really love it anyway, and I really recommend that everyone see it

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So we have our first image for Casablanca, and's a little too photoshopped for my taste -_-;  It'll be interesting to see what the actual poster will look like.  ETA: Never mind, as [ profile] quinquin  pointed out they posted the actual poster five minutes later here.

We also now officially know that Tomu will be playing Victor Laszlo, Ilsa (Sumika)'s husband.  This was kind of a no-brainer IMO.  (Keep in mind that Tomu and Sumika interacted in their hanagumi years.  Sumika played Tomu's girlfriend in "Scout") 

I really am curious what they're going to do with the casting (and not just with Micchan).  With two senka members in the cast, it really could go a bunch of different ways.  *sigh* I guess I'll just have to wait for shuugoubi, which should be sometime in the second half of September.

I'm expecting that it'll be Yuuhi, Tomu, and Sumika at the press conference tomorrow.  I worry sometimes about Micchan falling off the radar (she hasn't been on a poster in a while), but I'm really excited about this show and I'm choosing not to dwell on it too much now :)

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Daily Sports posted some pictures from Ooeyama Kaden a few days ago.

I especially like Yuuhi looking pretty, Alice-chan looking like she's up to no good somehow, Masako's amusing horns, and a certain girl in blue

The whole production looks really, really pretty, and intriguing to boot.  I'm usually not one for Heian-era nihonmono, but I'm actually excited this time.  I blame it on the fact that it has demons AND a demon-hunting Micchan.  Unfortunately the DVD probably comes out sometime in October *pout*

I'm crossing my fingers that pictures from Apasionado II show up in a few days :D


Jul. 11th, 2009 02:52 am
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So tonight I sat down and watched Casablanca.  It was AMAZING, and definitely deserves its status as a great American film.   If you haven't seen it, I really do recommend it.  I can feel my willpower and common sense melting, although it's not completely gone yet.

This only makes me more excited about the Takarazuka version.  I suspect it could be a very talk-y show, but it suits the atmosphere.  And I wonder how they'll incorporate "As Time Goes By" and the other songs?  Or maybe they'll have to go with other songs if getting the original copyright is a problem?

Anyway, I decided to write down my casting predictions.  I always like doing these and going back later to see how I did.  (For the record, I'd like to brag that [profile] wao_wao  and I predicted long before the summary of Paradise Prince was released that Tomu would be an evil, corporate villain trying to get Tani to sell out and Micchan would play Tani's friend XD)


Here's looking at you, kid. )


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You can tell that Hokushou Kairi has permanently warped my mind when I start becoming excited about a Heian era nihonmono >.>  But we got Watanabe no Tsuna!!!!  (Okay, so this is what I had been expecting from the beginning, but I was afraid to get my hopes up after the disappointment of BeruBara: Alain Hen.

From my limited internet research, this is what I've figured out about some of the other roles:  )Cut for speculation )

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A bit ahead of the game (or at least ahead of the official site), the website for the Hakataza Theater has some information about the upcoming production of Ooeyama Kanden and an interview with Yuuhi and Sumika.

They also have the official poster.  The color scheme reminds me of Asaki Yume Mishi II.

I have to admit, I'm mostly interested in this because I want to know if Micchan will play Watanabe no Tsuna.  (Anything less than that would be a demotion, really :P *knocks on lots of wood*) 

It looks like this just went up on the Hakataza site today, which makes me wonder if we'll have any more information on the official site before the end of today.  Maybe I shouldn't fall asleep quite yet?  (Then again, sleep is good ^^;;;;)

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It's been interesting reading the opinions on potential tsukigumi Elisabeth casting.  Some people are really excited about the idea of someone they like being cast as Franz, and some dread the idea.  The same goes for Lucheni.[Poll #1338015]
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Lucia, you are one VERY lucky fangirl.

2009 seems to be the year of the revival, or at least that's what it feels like.  I suppose I should be sick of MiiMai by now, but the truth is I've grown very fond of it.  And I could definitely see Yuu and Ayane as Bill and Sally.

Does this mean that there might be another chance for Yuuhi!Jackie?  Or will Miwacchi get a female role yet again? *snicker*

There's certainly never a dull moment around here lately ^^;;

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So the other day I sat down and watched Jawa no Odoriko.  I got a little discouraged when I saw that it was an Ueda Shinji show, and actually thought about turning it off right after the very pink opening number.  But now while I wouldn't put it up on my list of favorite shows, it actually was a fairly entertaining way to pass two and a half hours.

Thoughts on the show and the Saeko/Kurara combi underneath the cut )

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The key to the bathroom for my office is attached to a large fly swatter.  Every time I walk to the bathroom I have to resist the urge to make poses like Yuuhi in the Gin-chan no Koi poster (which may in fact be my favorite poster of 2008.  You just can't beat the pimp suit and the fly swatter).

That is all.


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