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I have mixed feelings on this one.  I feel like Asako overstayed her time and I hated the fact that the company never gave her a new partner after Mihoko, but there are also performances of hers that I really love (Ernest and Love and Me and My Girl, namely).  Also, I got into fandom in January of 2007.  From the top stars of that time, only Mizu is left o.O

Whew, what a crazy year for retirements.

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Ahem.  I finished doing "Mr. Bunbury" from Ernest in Love.  That's two.  I still have a bunch to go.  I think my next target is going to be "The Muffin Song."

The standard disclaimer stuff: I'm only an amateur, so I apologize for any mistakes.  Please don't repost this anywhere without getting permission from me.  If you see someone named "kitsune32" posting this on takawiki, that's me.

Feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated :D

I really do love this show :D

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So I managed to find the tsukigumi "Ernest in Love" program at Takarazuka-an.  In addition to being awesome (since it is Ernest in Love after all), it has the lyrics for all of the songs.  Guess what my new project is? 

I started off with "Ai no Kotoba" since it was short.  It's the duet that Jack and Gwendolyn sing after Jack's proposal.

Disclaimer: I am most definitely an amateur at translating.  I would absolutely love feedback, so long as it's constructive.  Please do not reproduce this anywhere else without my permission.  (For the record, if you seem someone named kitsune32 posting my translations on the takawiki, that's me ^_^)


May. 15th, 2007 10:20 pm
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Dear Ernest in Love,

You are awesome.  Just turning on your DVD makes me feel better at the end of a long, highly crappy day.  Thank you for being so wonderful.  Even though I've seen your shininess many times and occasionally go away for a while, your sparkling quality will never fade.

*ponders* Was a script ever released for Ernest in Love?  I have the Le Cinq issue for it and I know it's not in there.

In other news, I signed up for the pre-order sale for Dal Lake no Koi.  I think what this means is that basically I'm entering a lottery, although that might not necessarily be the case if not enough people enter.  But I'm worried since because this is a tour and there's so few dates that it'll be hard to get tickets. *crosses fingers* Wish me luck!


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