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1. Who is your favorite current Top Star?
A: Otokoyaku: Oozora Yuuhi.  Musumeyaku: Can I pick Shirosaki Ai on the basis that she's half-top star? ^^;

2. Who is your favorite current Nibante?

A: Otokoyaku: Kiriya Hiromu.  An honorable mention goes to Ranju Tomu.  For musumeyaku: Shirosaki Ai if we can count her again in this category, and honorable mentions to Hanakage Arisu and Ootsuki Sayu.

3. Who is your favorite current sienne who is neither a top star or a nibante?

A: Otokoyaku: Hokushou Kairi.  Musumeyaku: *grumbles something about how all of my favorite musumeyaku keep on retiring and it makes me feel like a bad musumeyaku fan GRRRR*  I'll say Mikaze Maira ;)

4. Where is your current troupe loyalty?

A: *sigh* This could be a post all of its own, but I have to admit, post 2008 Me and My Girl, it's soragumi.  This comes from 1) The mass exodus of some of my favorite seito from tsukigumi over the last few years, 2) the lack of a top musumeyaku/Asako's exhaustion, and 3) I'm just getting really attached to some of the soragumisei.  I blame it completely on Julie.  Well, Teffy too ;)

5. Which is your favorite troupe for
a) 1995-1999: Tsukigumi
b) 2000 - 2002: Tsukigumi
c) 2003-2005: Tsukigumi
d) 2006-2008: Tsukigumi

6. Which sienne would you switch your troupe loyalty for if they transferred somewhere else?

A: *joins Katharina in coughing*

7. What kind of play/stories do you want to see Takarazuka do?

More plays with strong heroines and interesting characters.  Not every play has to be Masatsuka-sensei, but I really like dramas that don't insult my intelligence.  (Crackish comdies are another story). 

8. What types of plays do you want to see more of? (ie comedy, romance, western, supernatural, fable/fairy tale)

I have a weakness for the supernatural in Takarazuka.  Some fable/fairy tales could be cool.

9. Would you like to see Takarazuka do a non-singing play?

A: Honestly?  Not really. 

Now what could be interesting is a play that was all dancing/dialogue but no singing (a la the musical Contact).

10. Which is your favorite version of Elisabeth and why?

A: Probably yukigumi 2007.  It's the only version of Elisabeth that I saw live and that left an impression with me.  More than that, there are some REALLY good performances.

11. Which is your favorite version of Rose of Versailles and why?

A: I go out of my way to avoid BeruBara whenever possible.

13. Which are your top 5 favorite Takarazuka plays?

A:  I'm going to knock off western musicals (thereby getting rid of Ernest in Love, shinyuki Elisabeth, and Daigekijou 2008 Me and My Girl)  Otherwise they would be on the list. 

(Not ordering them because it's too hard): The Second Life, Silver Rose Chronicle, Scout, El Halcon, and...ngggh, it's too hard!  I can't decide on a fifth!!!! *flails*

14. Which are your top 5 favorite Revues?

A: (Not in order): Miroirs, Sora Fantasista, Apasionado, Les Bijoux Brilliants, and...can't pick a fifth one!  (The tie-breakers are too hard *pout*)

15. Who is your favorite Top Star combi of all time?

A: Hmm...honestly, I'm not sure if I've really found my One True Combi.  I'll say Touko/Asuka, though.

16. What is your favorite Top Star / Nibante combination of all time?

A: Mami and Rika <3  Honorable mention to Asako and Kiriyan.

17. Which troupe would you most likely cheat on your current favorite troupe with?

A: Er...

18. Which character is your favorite Takarazuka hero?

A: I feel like I'm missing someone obvious here, but because I want to get this done, in no particular order 1) Francis from Bara no Fuuin.  He's a vampire, he's wistful, and yet he manages not to overdo the angst.  2) Algernon from Ernest in Love ('nuff said).

19. Which character is your favorite Takarazuka heroine?

A: Once again I feel like I'm missing someting really obvious, but...I find Elisabeth to be one of the most in-depth characters in Takarazuka.  I love Sally Smith because she's so quirky and yet has such emotional depth.

20. Which character is your favorite Takarazuka villain?

A: Tyrian Persimmon from El Halcon.  Brian Keyes from Luna (gotta love the over-the-top-ness).  Also Lucheni! <3

21. Do you prefer if a top couple has about the same age, or if the musumeyaku is much younger?

A: I prefer the couple to be closer in age, as it usually equals a more mature musumeyaku.

22. If you would have a chance to be casted for a role in a Takarazuka play, which role would you want to play the most? (Just pretend that your dancing/singing/acting would be well enough for said role).

A: Parchester.  Misa Noeru always looks like she's having so much fun <3

23. If you would have one night alone in the Takarazuka Daigekijou, what would you do?

A: Try on and oogle over all the pretty costumes.  And run around on stage a lot XD

24. If you would have the chance to write a play for Takarazuka, what kind of play would that be? You can either just name a type (like comedy, tragedy etc.), name a book/movie you would like to turn into a play) or tell us your own awesome original idea.

A: The Count of Monte Cristo.  Kiriyan would be particularly good at it ;)

25. As we'll most likely have to face the retirements of 3/4 of current Senka within the next six years, please tell us who can see/want to see as new members of future Senka. Please feel free to give reasons. (Please ignore the fact that they'd have to leave their current troupes, if that would be a reason for you not to name someone.)

A: Mihou Aya, Kiryuu Sonoka, Mirai Yuuki, Ema Naoki, Kotobuki Tsukasa, Amou Tamaki, and Mikaze Maira.

Your Favorite! (pick one!)

1. Otokoyaku or musumeyaku

A: Otokoyaku

2. Comedy or drama

A: Comedy

3. Singing or dancing

A: Singing

4. Western style play or traditional japanese style play

A: Western style

5. Oscar or André

A: Oscar

6. Death or Franz Joseph

A: Death

7. Play or Revue

A: Play

8. Tuxedo or 10 layer bell-bottom latin pants

A: Tuxedo

9. Sequins or feathers

A: Feathers

10. Main theater or Bow Hall (or Umeda or whatever other smaller theater they use)

A: Bow/Umeda/etc.

11. Heroes or villains?

A: Villians

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I could reply to your meme answers, but the only concise thing I have to say is BWAHAHA YOUR NEW ICON ♥ ♥ ♥


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