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Okay, some good things about Alain (because I have to confess that I don't know the BeruBara manga that well.  Or BeruBara period, really):

-He gets to survive the French Revolution and the Terror, eventually living a quiet life in the country. 
-He gets to have Ayane-chan as a little sister (well, at least in the hanagumi version)
-Micchan doesn't have to play a female role again...I'm disappointed, but I'm sure she is relieved -_-;
-So apparently Alain gives Oscar a really hard time in the manga.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Micchan when she's goofy, but it would also be really fun to see her play someone a little tougher. me out here, guys?  I'm really trying to be positive ^^;
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Can I have a cookie please?  It's just that I had a pretty bad day at work, am expecting a challenging one tomorrow, and then I find out at midnight that Micchan will be Alain, not Oscar.  The problem is that I wasn't all that excited about BeruBara to begin with, and now that Micchan isn't playing a Oscar...

Well, I try not to pout too much over Takarazuka.  I figure there are enough things in the world to be sad about without getting angsty about my fandom.  But, given that I had a bad day...can I have a cookie?  Preferably oatmeal chocolate chip?  And can someone please start telling me about what a fascinating role Alain is?

P.S. I don't want to take away from the excitement for others that Kacha and Chigi get to do such a famous Takarazuka role.  You know how these things go ;)


Oct. 17th, 2008 01:24 am
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No official casting announcements yet, but according to this picture it looks like Ume-chan is playing Rosalie in soragumi's BeruBara next year.  (Or at the very least, a traditional musumeyaku role.  And in Andre Hen is there anyone else it could be other than Rosalie?)

Part of me feels annoyed on both Ume's (and Ayane-chan's) behalf.  It would have been really something to see a musumeyaku Oscar.

...the other part of me is secretly (and guiltily) pleased that this brings the scenario of a certain soragumi sanbante playing Oscar a little closer to fruition.  If I write to said sanbante about it, is that going to jinx it?  *looks around at universe suspiciously*
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So Tomu has a Bow Hall, which in of itself is awesome.  The fact that it's based off a video game and that Tomu will be Lawyer!Tomu makes it even better.

Whenever the nibante has a lead, the sanbante just about always stays with the top star in their show.  At this point I would be surprised if Micchan didn't go to BeruBara (unless she gets a dinner show, but you would think that would be announced by now).  That would make her the nibante under Tani, and given that Oscar is most likely the nibante role for this show, this points to Micchan being Oscar.

Julie (among others) is probably laughing at me for doubting any of this (and in fact did earlier today ^^;).  So many signs point to Micchan being Oscar, plus she is IMHO much more the Oscar type than any of the other candidates (I suppose Eriko too maybe?  But she's farther down the pecking order than Micchan).  And yet I'm really scared to get my hopes up.  After all, a lot of people predicted that Sou would be Oscar in the hanagumi version, and it ended up going to Miwacchi.

To be honest I'm not even that big of a BeruBara fan.  I like the manga and I really like how Oscar is one of the strongest characters in Takarazuka canon, but I'm not a fan of Ueda Shinji's directorial style and I find the whole thing  And yet, Oscar is one of the most prominent roles in Takarazuka history, and Micchan would be lucky to have an opportunity to play her.  Assuming of course that she's not reeling at the idea of having to play her second female role in less than a year, but I suppose that Oscar doesn't count as your typical female role ;)

Of course Ume-chan could also be Oscar, but I'm doubtful of this since given that Ayane-chan wasn't given Oscar in hanagumi's BeruBara.  I feel like I should be should be campaigning for Musumeyaku Rights and I really like Ume, but...I want Micchan!Oscar.  Given that she's such a Tani fangirl it would be hillarious to see her paired with Tani, and I really just see her being the type for the role.

I have a little hope, but I'm still scared to get my hopes up too much.  Like many other people, I will be reloading and reloading the Hankyu page eagerly until a casting announcement goes up some distant day in the future.

ETA: I'm also intrigued by the soragumi Bow Hall slot in August.  I don't think it would go to Tomu since she just had a lead.  That would make Micchan the next most likely candidate (which is needless to say exciting), but do sanbante get leads that go to both Kansai and Tokyo?  This could just as likely turn out to be a Tom show *shrug*
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This was another one that I found on VHS at Takarazuka-an.  I’m afraid I have to confess that I’ve never seen a full version of BeruBara until now.  I’ve seen the Kiriyan digest, which on first viewing I thought was only so-so and rather overdone.  At the time, I thought it just wasn’t Kiriyan’s best role.  In retrospect I think I just wasn’t prepared for exactly what BeruBara is.  

In other news, exactly why did I get so fixed on this idea of going to the Mahoroba senshuraku?  I tried bidding on one ticket and lost, and I have a feeling I’m going to get outbid on another.  I’m not sure if I can get anything for less than 20,000 yen.  With that money I could go see the show almost three times in S-seki on other days.

Is there any chance of getting something through the general sale?  I have a feeling I’m going to start having dreams about the Loppi machine at Lawsons…


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