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Shangri-La has finally started, and Asahi was kind enough to provide me with many, many images to obsess over <3

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Feb. 21st, 2010 02:02 pm
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This morning I had the weirdest dream.

I went to check my mail, and I had a reijou.  (In reality Casablanca senshuraku was only two weeks ago, and I stalk my mailbox on a daily basis.  Thus far I've only received reijou from Micchan.  But given that Eri-chan and Mitsuki have both sent me things before, I'm still hopeful ~_^)

Only in my dream, the reijou I received was from some underclassman I had never written and didn't even know who they were.

My mailbox is a drop-in slot.  So sometimes if there are junk flyers you have to pull them out before the rest of the mail can drop out.  In this case I pulled some other stuff out, only to find my mailbox overflowing with reijou, all from people I 1) didn't know, and more importantly, 2) hadn't written to.  I also got a bunch of random things like photos (sent without envelopes using 10 cent stamps?) and programs from Mami's ochakai (Micchan apparently had a guest spot and sang two songs...?)

I got woken up by my phone going off, and by that point I was more relieved than anything else ^^;
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So a lot of the Shangri La character names are puns and/or have second meanings based on their kanji.  This is what I have figured out so far: (and er, obviously correct me if I got any of these wrong ^^;)

Oozora Yuuhi (Sora 空):
Sky ("Sora" is an alternate reading of the "zora" part of Yuuhi's name)
Nono Sumika (Miu 美雨): Beautiful Rain (?)
Suzuna Saya (Yun 雲): Cloud
Ranju Tomu (Ran ): Storm ("Ran" is from "Ranju")
Yuumi Hiro (Aisu 氷): Ice (氷 translates to "ice", and "Aisu" would be this word in katakana)
Hokushou Kairi (Kai
海): Sea ("Kai" is from "Kairi")
Toki Irisu (Fon 風): Wind
Hasumi Yuuya (Hyou 雹): Hail
Junya Chitose (Fogu 霧): Fog ( translates to "fog", "Fogu" is a katakana-ized way of writing this
Nanami Hiroki (Rui
): Tears
Aihana Chisaki (Hien 飛燕): Flying Swallow (?)
Fujisaki Eri (Mizore 霙): Sleet
Sorahane Riku (Sou
): Blue
Aizuki Hikaru (Kou
): Rouge

Names I haven't figured out yet: Amou Tamaki (Yan Yan 欣欣), Houshou Dai (Bunjaku 文雀), Hanatsuyu Sumika (Fon Fon 芳芳)

I'm having way too much fun XD  Also, I'm predicting Kai-chan as Sumika's lover who vanished.  It's the kind of role she's good at, and with a name that means tears...?  Poor Kai-chan ;)

Alas Mitsuki (my favorite 94th) didn't get a named role, but neither did a lot of other people.  I'm mostly just glad that she got into a show at all.
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Since I've gotten home, I haven't managed to get any work done on my grad school admissions essays. And yet I seem to have found the time to finish my Casablanca review AND write a Christmas card to Micchan >.> For the record, I went into this show thinking of it as "Takarazuka Does Casablanca." I don't think anyone could be Humphrey Bogart, etc. so I tried to think of this "Casablanca" as a completely different animal.


The Bad )



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So in conclusion…no, it’s not an absolutely perfect show. But I really, really love it anyway, and I really recommend that everyone see it



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