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Watching "Tsukigumi Chronicle 2004" is making me think about Bara no Fuuin (aka Seal of Roses).

Don't get me wrong, it's on my favorites list and there is a great deal to love.  But I think my biggest problem is that out of Emi Kurara's three characters, it's Paula (the WWII character) that has the most chemistry with Francis (Rika's character).  The romances with Lydia (the medieval character) and Jennifer (the modern character) were a little rushed.  Paula probably had about the same amount of stage time, but maybe since it was established that she and Francis knew each other already, their romance felt a little more intimate.  In any case, at the end of the show when Francis decides to take a chance and be with Jennifer, I unfortunately kind of feel like Francis isn't with the right girl.  Or at least not the one who sang such a chemistry-filled duet with Rika on the ceiling.

So how do I fix this all in my head?  I tell myself that obviously by having the same actress play the same three characters, they're all supposed to be the same person, or at least have the same soul.  You say this doesn't make sense because Paula was Jennifer's grandmother?  It's okay, very little of the show makes sense.  For example, what exactly happened to the other vampires living in the Valley of Roses after the time jump?.  Occasionally, however, when I'm bored I try to come up with logic for it.  (Like the other vampires?  I've decided that they all went their separate ways after Lydia died, but they occasionally all reunite to be background dancers for Francis, a la the Vampire Requiem number).

Tsukigumi Chronicle 2004 contains some really shiny stuff in regards to this show.  Like Hokushou Kairi in the shinko.  I'm not sure who actually wins in that hotness contest, but Micchan makes a definite bid.  There's also a little bit of senshuraku footage, which makes me sad that the entire show wasn't released that way.  Even from the short clips they had I could tell it was a really good performance.  (Was any more of that included on Shibuki Jun: The Last Day?  *thinks* Did Rika have a "The Last Day" video?)

Before I finish my Bara no Fuuin blathering, how cool is it that vampire!Rika fights Nazis and smuggles Jews out of France? :D

For any of you who don't have a copy, it's one of the shows that Takarazuka Insanity Project has subtitled.  You have no excuse not to get it.
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