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%$#@, I really don't have any money.  Or rather, looks like I'll be putting off buying Ooeyama Kaden photos for yet another paycheck. 

But while I can order Ooeyama Kaden photos later (or perhaps even buy them in Japan myself), I have no idea when this will come up again, if ever.  And it's such a gorgeous poster T____________T

I'm sort of scared, though...I think just the chirashi went for about 3700 yen last time I saw it on Y!J.  I'm not sure if even I can spend more than 5000 yen on a poster, even if it's one that I desperately want -_-;  Well, we'll see where this goes.  That's the nice thing about setting an auction limit

Is it better if I put in my bid now, or later? *has been trying to stay away from actually purchasing things on Y!J lately*

There was a time when I had more sanity than this.
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Can I spend just a minute gloating over the Yahoo auction I just won?  It was the picture on the top left and the bottom left that did me in.  (I don't care if it's ridiculous, Luna is one of my favorite shows).  The picture on the top and in the middle isn't bad either (Nova Bossa Nova <3), nor the one on the bottom right.

I, er, have to confess that I actually already own the pictures from Slapstick and Daikaizoku -_-;

There's another Yahoo! Auction that's really, really tempting, but I'm not sure if I'm going to go for it.
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I haven't updated my Takarazuka master book list in a really, really long time.  Now that I finally have all of my Takarazuka books back together, I figured it was time to do so, if only to entertain myself at 12:45 on a Sunday night ^^;;
list underneath the cut )

Now, there are most definitely people in western fandom who have much greater collections than mine.  However, my greatest accomplishment (and bragging right) was managing to get all of these from Japan to northern California in a short space of time.  And now it's finally all back, despite the fact that I had to leave some boxes to the chance that they would be destroyed via sea mail.  Other than a few slightly bent corners, thank God everything came back fine.  (Some of the boxes themselves got pretty mangled, though.  If anyone ever attempts to do this, I recommend a hearty amount of bubble wrap and duct tape).

Every now and then I have to suppress the urge to go and hug my bookshelf.  If I ever get around to cleaning up around here I'll take a picture of it.

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So after me comlaining through a good chunk of 2008, Hankyu is finally rereleasing their troupe design stage photo albums

After I leave Japan, Hankyu, after.  And not to mention after I bought a Sena Jun album for my tsuki pictures and made a DIY sora album for my Micchan ones.  (The last one was harder than you would think, given that apparently no one else besides Hankyu prints pictures that size).
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Now that my dream vacation is over I'm stuck facing the reality of packing up my apartment.  Deciding how to send your Takarazuka collection can be compared to being caught in a fire and trying to decide which of your children you want to save first.  Unfortunately I had to ship all of my Graph and Kageki issues via surface mail, aka the really unreliable kind.  I simply have too many of them, and while I would be upset if they got lost or damaged, they're comparatively easy to replace.  My VHS collection is being shipped via EMS.  The rest of the books are being divided between going in my suitcase, being shipped air mail, and being shipped surface mail.  Yup, I maintain that it's like deciding which of your children you would save first ^^;;;

I think today alone I took five boxes of books (5 kilos each) to the post office, although at least three of those were fiction.  Being both a bookworm AND a Takarazuka fan is turning out to be even more expensive than I originally thought.  I would probably have an easier time getting home if I just drank away the last two years of my time on the JET program.  But then my life wouldn't be as shiny ;___;

/real life babble
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1. The fact that I have 9.8 kilos of Graph issues.
2. The amount of money it would cost for me to ship them home via EMS (14,000 yen.  It doesn't even give a rate for the cheaper methods.  I think I'll have to break it up into groups to use something cheaper).
3. My worry about those beautiful, beautiful magazines getting lost or damaged.
4. The despair I feel at the idea of being departed from my Graphs for several months.

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Pari no Sora Yori mo Takaku/Fancy Dance was the first time that I saw tsukigumi live.  Right now I'm watching it on TV.

It was my second live Takarazuka show.  My first was Ryoma-den.  However, in between the two I had bought copies of Tsuki's Elisabeth and Ernest in Love and was budding into a fan.  As my crummy luck would have it, I came down with a fever that week and was still sick that night.  Even still, I still went.  I had been excited about this all month, plus it was a 8000 yen ticket and I didn't want to waste that kind of money.

Watching this again, I am reminded that PariSora is a fairly crummy show with a few good bits.  But even still, when I watch it I can't help but smile because I remember falling in love with Takarazuka then, and particularly with a certain stuttering French inventor.  By sheer luck, I think I had either row six or eight tickets.  Way off to the left, but still pretty darn good.  When people ask me why I like Kiriyan, well, there are many reasons.  But I often tell them it's because of her smile.  Even though now I may look back at the opening of PariSora and think that first song is a little too pink for my taste, I won't forget the feeling of wonderful shock that the real life Kiriya Hiromu was in front of me.  (Not to mention the real life Sena Jun, Ayano Kanami, and Oozora Yuuhi, but that's a different story).  To be honest, I remember some of the Takarasiennes looked tired.  But I was amazed at how bright and genuine Kiriyan's smile was.

By the time Fancy Dance started I was really starting to not feel good.  Unfortunately even now I have trouble enjoying the Arabian number towards the end, not because there's anything wrong with it in the least, but because I somehow associate it with being sick.  Even with all of that, however, I convinced my friend to stay after with me for demachi.  I ended up chatting with a nice British lady who was a big Takarazuka fan as well.  I stood behind Kiriyan's club.  I'm strangely having trouble remembering the exact details of what she did as she collected letters, but I remember I took some pictures and I remember that she smiled and said "Bai bai!" as she finished.  Later on that week I remember I was teaching at one of my crappier schools and trying not to go crazy.  I looked at the pictures on my digital camera and cheered up.  (Looking back at them now they're not very good pictures, but they made me ecstatic at the time).

Okay, I'm going to attempt to be productive.  But I felt like waxing nostalgic <3

Sales post

Dec. 22nd, 2007 03:30 am
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So sadly I seem to be stuck on this idea of acquiring Sky Stage.  So as to not go broke while doing this, I'm selling some of my stuff.

On an off-chance, are any of you guys interested in the following?  It's for a really, really good cause :D

-X/1999 manga volumes 1 and 2 (English) $5 each
-Ranma 1/2 manga volume 7 (English) $5
-Alice 19th volumes 1-3 (Egnlish) $5 each
-Fushigi Yuugi volumes 1 and 2 (English) $5 each
-Gundam Wing DVD 1, $10
-Oh My Goddess! complete OAV series on VHS, subtitled, $15 for the whole set

Remember, it's for a good cause :D

*is a dork*

I'll also be selling some of my Zuka stuff, but I'm not going to be able to ship out any of that until I get back to Japan.  For those of you who have sold used DVDs in the past, how much did you usually ask for them before shipping?

Oh, also!  I have Kiriyan 2007 calendars!  (Which I brought back to the states with me) When I originally made a post about this way back in October, I believe [personal profile] sumire_no_hana,[info]bluerevue, [profile] skye_fall, and [personal profile] demoneyeskyo87 responded.  Unfortunately I made a mistake with the number of calendars and I only have three to sell.  [personal profile] sumire_no_hana, [profile] bluerevue, [profile] skye_fall, it looks like you were the first three to respond and you get priority.  Please let me know in the next couple of days if you're still interested (if not, [personal profile] demoneyeskyo87 gets first dibs, then anyone else who is interested, and then I'll make a post on Yahoogumi).  It's $6 before shipping, which I'm guessing will probably be $3-4.
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This morning:

[personal profile] kyanited: Hey, look at this!
Me: Wow, that's shiny.  But I really shouldn't.
Kyanited: Aww....

*Our heroines goes off to Zukaland.  She valiantly manages to NOT take the Guys and Dolls shinko home with her*

Later that day...

Me: Huh, this is only going for 4200 yen, that's not very much.  *goes off to read her book*
Me: *comes back, looks at auction* It has...four minutes left.  And it's only going for 4200 yen.  That's just not right.

So uh, yeah.  This is now mine.  I don't know what the quality is going to be like, but I don't care THAT much *grin*

Except when I think about the painful, painful, debt.  Which I'm not.

Edit: You know, when I look at people like this, I suddenly don't feel so bad...with that kind of money, I could most likely go to grad school without taking out loans, pay off my undergrad debt, buy a decent car, and probably have money left over to make a few trips to Japan.
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Post your own answers on your journal!  C'mon, you know there's something you're avoiding doing...


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