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Because it was senshuraku, everyone got a penlight when they entered the theater, along with instructions to wave it during a certain part during the finale.  It was red and said “Le Rouge et le Noir.”  I love these sorts of things *g*  I was a bit surprised since I thought it only happened at a top star’s sayonara show, but I’m certainly not complaining.  Apparently the Tokyo branch of Touko’s club organized it ^^ 

Warning: Spoilers contained within! 



Mar. 27th, 2008 09:49 pm
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I suppose I should warn my friends list that I will be blogging about hoshigumi's upcoming Scarlet Pimpernel obsessedly in the coming months. In high school I really fell in love with the Broadway musical. It inspired me to read the books, which I also fell in love with. As soon as I got into Takarazuka, I (like many others) said that this would make a perfect Takarazuka show. And really...aagh, Touko is going to be so awesome. As will Chie and Asuka and all of the rest of the hoshigumisei <3 <3 <3  In any case, I think several people have linked to this already, but I feel the need to comment on it anyway.  Am doing this in bullet points because I am lazy:
  • I'm trying to adjust to the sight of Blond Hair!Touko, but I think it'll definitely grow on me.   (Besides, it would be a little strange if Percy didn't have blond hair, now that I think about it).  *scratches head* Except she wasn't blond on the first publicity picture that went up on the site earlier...oh well, I guess that wasn't a final design anyway.
  • According to the article, Touko sang 「ひとかけらの勇気」 (I think this is "Into the Fire") and Touko, Chie, and Asuka sang 「謎解きのゲーム」 (The Riddle).  I am praying that this is on the news tomorrow, or at the very least that it shows up on the website soon. 
  • The casting of Chie as Chauvelin doesn't surprise me, and I think she'll be wonderful.  The only thing is I always got the impression from the books and the Broadway musical that Chauvelin wasn't supposed to be younger than Percy... Oh well ^^;; I'm really curious about where Tatsuki You and Suzumi Shio will be cast.  I'm guessing they'll end up as either Armand (Marguerite's younger brother), Andrew (Percy's best friend), or Tussaud (a guy who Percy ends up saving).
  • For those of you who aren't familiar with Pimpernel, there's an absolutely wonderful number in the middle in which Percy teaches the other members of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel how to be fops.  They wear some pretty outrageous costumes in the process.  I always wondered how Takarazuka would deal with this, given that even "normal" costumes in Takarazuka tend to be pretty outrageous.  My idea way back when was that originally everyone would be costumed very starkly, so then when Percy begins to dress like a fop there would be a contrast.  Judging from the pictures on ENAK this may be the route they're taking (because really, Broadway!Percy would never wear black ;) ).  Have I mentioned how happy I am that Koike "I Made Luna, Bara no Fuuin, and Many Other Beautiful Pieces of Crack" Shuuichiro will be directing?
Tragically The Scarlet Pimpernel doesn't come to Tokyo until after I've left.  Therefore, I'll be making a trip down to Takarazuka in July.  In between this and Kiriyan's MiiMai in Kyushu, I don't exactly have a lot of extra money these days >_<
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So last night I decided to drown my woes about Takarazuka by…watching more Takarazuka at the Tokyo Theater.  (Okay, actually I had bought the ticket over a month before.  It just happened to work out well ^^)

On a random hoshigumi related note, I have a hunch that a star-track otokoyaku is going to be transferred into tsukigumi within the next year.  If this is the case, I wonder if one of these could be Tatsuki You or Suzumi Shio, given that they weren’t promoted after Wataru left?  Or are those two off the top star track at this point?

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So if I'm reading Zuka Jinjibu right, someone posted that the Umeda Arts Theater website said on their page that they made a mistake in saying that Kiriyan would be in Aka to Kuro.  All I can say is: Yokatta.

Although I was starting to doubt it at this point.  A few days ago KBD sent out an e-mail talking about Kiriyan's upcoming Me and My Girl promotional tour in England, which she wouldn't have been able to do if she was in Aka to Kuro.  But still...whew.
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So my contact who is in Tomo no Kai came through and it looks like I'll be able to get tickets for Sakura/Secret Hunter.  My purse is uh...hurting lately with tickets for all the shiny shows going on sale within the next month.  Dal Lake no Koi, Osaka Samurai, Tokyo's Elisabeth...Takarazuka's Hot Flower of Valencia (will be in the Kansai area with my mom in July so I'm going to make a pilgrimage to Takarazuka).

So uh, yeah, in response to all this, my wallet really, really hates me.  The following conversation happened the other day sitting around talking to one of the English teachers I work with (paraphrased):

Me: Computers are expensive.  I'd love to get a new computer, but mine right now is only three years old and I'd rather not have to shell out money for a new one for a while.
Takeuchi-sensei: Maybe you don't have money because you go to the theater so much.
Me: *blushes and makes fun of Takeuchi-sensei's love of baseball*

(To explain, I asked for his help translating a couple of sentences from the Osaka Samurai summary.  When he was wondering what exactly it was, I finally told him that it was a Takarazuka show.  We began talking about my interest in theater, and at one point I admitted that recently I end up at the theater (mostly Takarazuka) about once a month.  I thought that was fairly casual compared to some fans who go see their favorite stars ten times during the run ^_^)

Why do I always manage to get interested in expensive hobbies?  If it helps, though, I still do manage to pay my bills, student loans, and put at least a little into savings every month so hopefully I'm not completely gone.  Yet.

I feel like in the next couple of weeks I need to do my research on Hoshigumi, since I really don't know much about them at all.  I've seen the first half of Singin' in the Rain, but that's about it.  Aran Kei is very pretty and seems to have good charisma.  Right now, having just met, we're just acquauntances.  It remains to be seen if we'll have a full-on love affair.


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