Nov. 4th, 2009 11:16 pm
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First, list six Takarazuka plays you love, or ask someone to assign you six.

1. El Halcon
3. A/L
4. The Second Life
5. Silver Rose Chronicle
6. Scout

(I personally decided to go with original Zuka works, and therefore omitted tsukigumi Ernest in Love, Me and My Girl, and Elisabeth)

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Jun. 10th, 2009 09:45 am
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I had a dream last night that I was seeing The Brothers Karamazov live, only it was some sort of strange performance where there wasn't a stage.  Instead there was a series of rooms, and you had to rotate through the rooms (often standing only a few feet away from the actors).  In fact, there were a couple of times I had to move out of the way of the actors XD

I haven't actually seen Brothers Karamazov, but somehow I was aware that this was why Kimu and Kaname weren't in the show.  I think Hiromi was playing a revolutionary, again.  However, the only real sienne I recognized was Tonami.

My dreams tend to be more in generalities than details, but I know she sang an absolutely amazing opening song.  And then some time during the second act (and I'm blushing as I'm typing this), she slow danced with someone in the audience (who were only a few feet away).  Um...that person may have been me? ^^;;

I like dreams.  I'm certainly not going to slow dance with Shirahane Yuri in real life!!!!
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It made my speculation-happy heart very joyful last night to see some new show announcements <3333  The rest of the 2009 schedule (as in which troupe is playing where, *not* which shows and their leads) has been up here for a while now.

The things we still don't know about are:
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Of course Hankyu will probably throw in a bunch of transfers just to throw me off XD
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Congratulations to Chie and Nene, our new hoshigumi top combi!  A year ago I would have been really disappointed by Nene, but I feel she's improved in her time in hoshigumi.  I'll probably never be the world's biggest fan, but I can more or less accept this and will try not to dwell on the other musumeyaku who could have taken this position.  Or maybe this is all just relief that the theory about getting rid of the top musumeyaku position has been debunked? ^^;

Kaname is moving to hoshigumi after the Takarazuka run of Zorro (and obviously won't be in the Tokyo run). 

Chigi is moving to yukigumi after BeruBara and will be in the Tokyo run of Zorro.

Amasaki Chihana is moving to hanagumi after BeruBara.

This is actually a lot less shakeups than I was expecting.  *scratches head* Wait, weren't we expecting some tsukigumi things?  Unless this is going to come in stages?  I wouldn't be surprised.

Excuse me while I guiltily sit around and feel relieved that Micchan wasn't moved ^^;

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From some of the comments I had heard about this show, I was expecting it to be really bad.  Maybe it was the result of low expectations, but I enjoyed “Je t’aime” a lot.  It’s not Kimura Shinji’s best work, but at the same time it was a very fun hour and a half at the theater.



Yukigumi fans will really enjoy Je t’aime/Miroirs when it comes out on DVD.  Je t’aime isn’t the best play ever, but it was much better than I thought it would be.  Miroirs is a really great revue that I recommend for everyone.  Regardless, both halves demonstrate how strong yukigumi is right now.  Now please look at the pretty mirrors while I go steal Kimu for tsuki.


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Please remind me to never complain about the lack of news again.  I give you full permission to whack me if that's the case. 

I...wasn't exactly expecting this.  I'm pouting because I love my tsukigumi otokoyaku trio.  My love for Yuuhi and Asako tends to get overshadowed by my love for Kiriyan, but that doesn't mean I don't love those two.  And the idea of Yuuhi leaving and Asako and Mihoko eventually retiring...I worry about the void that it would leave.  *sigh* And with Sueko-san and Eri-san gone... Kiriyan is my favorite part of tsukigumi.  But she's one of many parts, and I worry about what will happen to the troupe if too many of those parts are taken away.

Is this possibly good for Yuuhi's career, however?  Even being a 2.5-bante, she was always stuck behind Kiriyan.  Is she now being moved into position as Un-chan's eventual successor?  ETA: The word on the street seems to be that Yuuhi is being moved as an upperclassmen and not as part of the star track.  This makes sense, and honestly, I'd rather see her stick around longer in another troupe than retire.  From what I understand, upperclassmen negotiate their contracts year to year.  I think if Yuuhi truly, truly, didn't want to be in hanagumi, she would have retired instead.

Also, if Asako retires and Kiriyan becomes top, who becomes the nibante and sanbante of tsukigumi?  Ahi and Sonoka?  If they're going to be moving in people from other troupes, can we possibly steal Kaname?  Or can we have Micchan back?

*wanders off, head still spinning*
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I should be taking care of some e-mails.  I should be cleaning my apartment since I have a friend coming in tomorrow from out of town.  Instead, I'm writing my review of Silver Rose Chronicle, which I saw tonight.

my review )

I went into this show without knowing a whole lot about it and a lot of things were pleasant surprises.  From now on, I want to do this as much as possible.  I think I ruined my initial viewing of Mahoroba for myself by going into it knowing too much (I bought the Le Cinq, the Daigekijou program, read other people's reviews, listened to some of the music...) From now on I think I'm going to try to limit myself to the TakaWiki summary and maybe a few promotional pics.

I went to Kiriyan demachi at the Tokyo Gekijou afterwards.  According to my fellow cultists, Asako, Kiriyan, and a bunch of other tsukigumi-sei went to see the show on Wednesday (when they had a day off).  *grumble* I could have had a Kiriyan sighting if I went yesterday.  Oh well, at least by going tonight I got to go to demachi afterwards...


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