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1) The next "Juri no Yappari Go Go 5" will have Tomu, Mii-chan, and Chii-chan ♥

2) The 14th Isobella Salon concert will feature ♥♥♥ Sakura Ichika ♥♥♥  Unfortunately I don't follow hanagumi much these days, but it still makes me happy to see a skilled upperclassman musumeyaku get some attention ♥

Now can we please just get a release date for the Shangri-La DVD? :P

That is all ♥


Nov. 4th, 2009 11:16 pm
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First, list six Takarazuka plays you love, or ask someone to assign you six.

1. El Halcon
3. A/L
4. The Second Life
5. Silver Rose Chronicle
6. Scout

(I personally decided to go with original Zuka works, and therefore omitted tsukigumi Ernest in Love, Me and My Girl, and Elisabeth)

Please work, cut? )
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Guess which extremely bouncy senka member showed up in the cast listing for hanagumi's Me and My Girl????

Okay, okay, so she's already played the role of Parchester twice, and you could make the argument that some other should have a turn.  But she was...amazing beyond words in the 2008 Daigekijou version.  MiiMai is an incredible show to begin with and chock full of really, really good performances, so saying that Maya-san's role was my favorite means a lot.

My favorite part of her "Lambeth Walk" is when she starts going into her white man dance XD

Kyou Misa is also listed in the cast, and will most likely be playing Maria again.  I have to admit that I wasn't wild about her performance in the Hakataza version, but maybe she'll have better chemistry with Yuu and Ayane-chan?

ETA: It just occurred to me that this probably means that Hacchi-san won't be Parchester.  But she'll probably be Hethersett, which is a very fun (and decently sized) role.  (Honestly, I think I have an easier time imaginging her as Hethersett rather than the slightly-goofy Parchester).

Now if I ran the world, Ichika would be Jackie.  But since I don' guess is still that Miwacchi will get it.  Miwacchi is probably the hanagumisei I'm the most interested in, but the whole idea of her in drag is getting...well, I'm sure you know ^^;
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I'll start off by saying the following about this show: It makes me really excited that both the director and the choreographer for Scout also worked on Magician no Yutsu. 


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