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I started rewatching bits of "Scout" tonight.  It's *such* a good show.  But...

I talk about the ending of Scout in very general terms, but I'm putting this under a spoiler cut just in case )


I've decided that I'm torn on Masatsuka-sensei's shows in general.  On one hand, he's written a lot of really good, smart shows (Magician no Yuutsu, Scout, Bourbon Street Blues, Practical Joke, Futari Dake ga Waru, etc). 

However, as someone whose Japanese is passable at best, his shows tend to be VERY dialogue heavy (I prefer shows that have more songs).  And depending on the show, the vocabulary can be difficult to understand.  For example, I don't think I ever would have been able to follow Futari Dake if it weren't for [ profile] ekusudei 's translation.  I'm a bit worried about Bara ni Furu Ame in this regard, *especially* since it's supposed to have a lot to do with business.

But even if there are business terms that I wouldn't even understand in English flying everywhere, I suppose chances are that it will at least be intelligent, and I'm always a fan of that.  Besides, I won't be seeing this one in the theaters, so even if it is extremely dialogue heavy it's not like I'm going to have to sit through it 5+ times.

I can't believe Zorro has already finished its Daigekijou run, Bara ni Furu Ame is about to start, and Touko and Asuka are about to retire.  I don't think I'm used to this new one-month schedule yet!
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First of all, I'd like to thank the survey respondents for being by and large intelligent with their answers.  With the 2008 "Enchanted by..." series in Graph, I got the impression that people were just writing in with the most recent thing they'd seen :P

For those of you who haven't seen Brilliant Dreams: Stage before, each episode focuses on a different performer.  A few months beforehand, the Sky Stage websites ask fans to write in with what they think that performer's most notable role/scene/etc. has been to date.  Each episode's guest then comments on each answer.

I bolded the important parts so that you stand a chance of getting through my commentary )


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