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Ignore this if you don't know anything about Takarazuka ^^; 


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It's always a little weird watching revues in their touring/Chunichi/etc. versions.  I like how lower ranked people get bigger parts, but it's hard for the troupe not to feel like it's at half power simply because of it being cut in half number-wise.

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To be completely honest, for all that I am excited that Kiriyan has become top, she hasn't become top of the troupe that I fell in love with three years ago.  There are still people I love in tsukigumi, but the truth is I still feel the loss of many people I love (Eri-san, Sueko, Taki-san, Mihoko, Yuuhi, Ai-chan, etc).

At the same time I've waited a while for Kiriyan to be top, and I *want* to like her tsukigumi.  I don't want to be so caught up in retirements and politics that I can't enjoy things any more.  

Anyway, I still have Yukariko to watch, and I plan on buying Scarlet Pimpernel when it comes out <3


Oct. 26th, 2009 08:12 pm
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Get well soon~~~~!  I want to see your cute cheeks in December.
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  • The cast list (as in who will be in the show) for tsukigumi came out on July 5th.  This means that we're overdue for soragumi :P  I doubt anything drastic would happen at this point (*knocks on wood*), but I would feel better if I knew that transfers weren't going to mess with my travel plans.  Plus I would imagine that the sooner a cast list is announced, the sooner I'll get ticket and ochakai forms.  (The problem is that right now plane fares are pretty reasonable.  Please pray with me that this doesn't change? T_____T)
  • I'm having trouble getting worked up about the new schedule.  I think it's because poor yukigumi is stuck with an Ueda Shinji show and soragumi has no announcements, which leaves only tsukigumi.  I'm not much of a nihonmono fan, but the plot of Yukariko (if I ever manage to understand it) sounds interesting.  That being said, I wish Kiriyan would get a show composed specifically for her, especially if her Daigekijou ohirome kouen ends up being Pimpernel.
Commentary on Hamlet, Masaki, and tsuki's new pecking order. Underneath cut because it gets political. )
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Watched the 2006 TCA special last night.  It was okay and kept me entertained while I got some hand sewing work done, but generally wasn't my thing.

That being said, there were a few sections I liked, particularly when nearly everyone was on stage to sing "Joyful."  It was so cool to see, for example, Morie on stage at the same time as Touko.  And Kiriyan got to sing How to Succeed.

I have to say, though, somehow Nova Bossa Nova songs don't get old, or at least I still enjoy them.  Tom may have sung Nova Bossa Nova songs in every TCA special since she performed the show back in 1999, but she can certainly still sing "Sinner Man" very nicely.  (I also have a weakness for the version of Amour, Amour sung by Tom AND Mami in the 2007 special)

It's probably time for me to go to bed.
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I've translated the article "Takarazuka Anonymous Research 2006."  Unfortunately the way it's formatted makes it difficult to post to Live Journal.  For the moment I've uploaded it to sendspace, so you can download it as a Word document there.  [personal profile] caithion has kindly agreed to let me put it up on her server, but I want to wait a couple of days to fix any mistakes (right now I really just want to get the darn thing posted).

The link is here. 

But, despite the fact that you need to do the extra work of downloading a document file, you should totally read it because it took me forever to translate it and figure out the formatting!  There's Yuuhi, Kiriyan, Micchan, and Morie acting silly!  Morie has really nice muscles!  Yuuhi can't remember whether or not she ate popcorn in Guys and Dolls!  Kiriyan likes humming songs from Nightmare Before Christmas!  Micchan likes taking her own picture!  And you should comment afterwards to entertain me during the times when I steal the internet at work tomorrow.  It'll give me a reason to live through my ichinensei classes.

Oh, and here's the preview blurb: "Four Moon Troupe otokoyaku are assigned to research a fellow Moon Troupe otokoyaku anonymously.  Each otokoyaku is asked questions by their anonymous researcher, and from the questions asked must guess the identity of their researcher."
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There are it seems still a few tickets left for the final performance on Friday.  The temptation to call in sick to work is...highly, highly, tempting, but unfortunately it would make me feel like an ass and I'd rather be on my school's good side.  Luckily for me I'm going back Thursday ^_^

Demachi details to follow sometime later today.<input ... ></input><input ... >


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