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2009-06-14 01:00 pm

Guys and Dolls

I put on "Guys and Dolls" the other day after having not watched it in a good year or so.  
Over-analyzing the ending and why I'm disatisfied with it )

When I first saw this show a good year and a half ago, I think it had been hyped up *so* much that I couldn't completely enjoy it.  (Er, not that Guys and Dolls isn't a worthy show, but rather sometimes your expectations become so high that there is no humanly possible way for them to be fulfilled).  But even at the time, the "I've Never Been in Love Before" scene was so tender and sweet I nearly cired.  Kurara isn't one of my favorite musumeyaku, but she makes an excellent partner to Rika.

And Kiriyan's Adelaide?  (This is what I'm talking about in regards to things being overly hyped).  Finally I was able to enjoy it, and she does such an amazing job of both hamming it up AND being sexy.  Also, I can't help but be proud of Micchan for getting such a big role at such a young age <333333

The ending may never felt right to me, but the songs are catchy, the characters are memorable, and the entire cast looks like they're having so much fun.  You can't help but like it ;)
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2009-05-03 11:11 am
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What does this say about my subconscious?

I had a dream last night that I was invited (along with my family) to dinner at the house of a family friend.  A whole bunch of people were there, including...Rika.  

I was both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous.  Originally I was going to be sitting several seats down from her, and then somehow it was arranged so that I would be sitting next to her o_O

I'm afraid the only part of the conversation I remember was that she asked me a question, and I apologized and said 緊張しています (I'm nervous).  Only I couldn't even get that part out (this is probably because in actuality I was asleep, making it hard to talk :/)

I was a bit disappointed to wake up and discover that I actually hadn't been at the dinner table with Shibuki Jun :/
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2009-02-03 11:48 pm

Things I have watched recently

Hankyu has given us no scandalous news recently, and I don't have anything to do while waiting for my disc to copy.  In the mean time, I'm subjecting my friends list to scattered thoughts on a few shows I've been watching lately :P

Excalibur, Rika's sayonara show, and Mami's sayonara show )
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2009-01-26 02:19 pm

One of those eternal questions

It's been interesting reading the opinions on potential tsukigumi Elisabeth casting.  Some people are really excited about the idea of someone they like being cast as Franz, and some dread the idea.  The same goes for Lucheni.[Poll #1338015]
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2008-12-26 02:24 am

The "More Than You Probably Needed to Know" post on the Micchan episode of "Brilliant Dreams: Stage"

First of all, I'd like to thank the survey respondents for being by and large intelligent with their answers.  With the 2008 "Enchanted by..." series in Graph, I got the impression that people were just writing in with the most recent thing they'd seen :P

For those of you who haven't seen Brilliant Dreams: Stage before, each episode focuses on a different performer.  A few months beforehand, the Sky Stage websites ask fans to write in with what they think that performer's most notable role/scene/etc. has been to date.  Each episode's guest then comments on each answer.

I bolded the important parts so that you stand a chance of getting through my commentary )
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2008-09-15 12:40 am

Mami crack = love

Why didn't anyone tell me that Mami's ESP! is awesome?  It's been a while since I sat down and watched something that wasn't an interview/production notes/etc.  As much as I love off-stage stuff, I think I need to start working through my backlog of revues if ESP was any indication of really sparkly things that I didn't realize I had.

There was Rika singing "Born to Be Wild."  Vampire!Mami.  Kiriyan, Yuuhi, and Tani in drag.  Mami and Rika having a pair dance-esque moment before Mami dances with Dan-chan.  Kiriyan singing the etoile (I somehow didn't know that she had ever done an etoile).  But most of all, the entire thing was suffused with Mami Crack.

It also makes me feel a little sad to see how many wonderful people have left tsukigumi since 2001, but I suppose that's the nature of Takarazuka.

By the way, what was the reason for tsukigumi being so out of synch in 2001?  I think it was first "Ai no Sonata/Ima Sumire Hana ga Saku" in Tokyo, then "Practical Joke" (a Theater Drama City show), then "Ai no Sonata/ESP" in Takarazuka as Mami's sayonara show, and then "Great Pirates" as Rika's debut show, but Tokyo only.  The whole thing makes my head hurt a bit...
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2008-03-25 10:43 pm

There's a reason why I didn't major in creative writing

Watching Rika's L./R. concert is leaving almost completely speechless.  Instead, I will sum up my thoughts in the form of a badly written haiku:

"Tsuki, you are awesome
Natsukawa, I miss you!
Much hot Rika crack"

...excuse me, Rika just started singing "Amor Amor."  If anyone is looking for me, I'm busy dying a blissful death at the moment.

ETA: Crap!  Awesome has two syllables!  I need to rearrange that first line... -_-;;;

ETA again: Okay, let's try this again:

"I much heart tsuki
Natsukawa, I miss you!
Much hot Rika crack"

(Yup, good thing I didn't major in English either...oooh, musumeyaku in red dresses!  Who needs silly things like grammar?)
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2008-01-23 10:41 pm

From Young Star Guide 2004 - "Interview of Hokushou Kairi"

Translations take me forever to do, so comments are nice.  Please do not repost or retranslate without permission.  I’m also light years away from an expert translator, so I apologize for any mistakes.  For those of you who with Japanese skills, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Many, many thanks to

[personal profile] caithion, [profile] wao_wao, and [profile] sumirepanther for their help!  Not to mention the teachers at Satte West Junior High School ^^;;

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2007-09-20 10:30 pm

Ahhhh, vampire...! Ahhhh, requiem...!

Watching "Tsukigumi Chronicle 2004" is making me think about Bara no Fuuin (aka Seal of Roses).

For any of you who don't have a copy, it's one of the shows that Takarazuka Insanity Project has subtitled.  You have no excuse not to get it.
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2007-09-06 10:10 pm

Orpheus in Spiral

Okay, so Mami and Rika were very sexy, but what exactly happened in that show?  I would feel bad about not understanding except for that words like "exorcist" just were never covered in my years of studying Japanese -_-;

On an up note, I love villainous Rika roles.  I may have to pop in Luna now.

(sorry for the post spam, but there's a typhoon going on outside and I have nothing else to do.  If any of you feel like signing online and entertaining me, it would be appreciated ^_^)
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2007-04-26 01:29 pm