Feb. 21st, 2010 02:02 pm
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This morning I had the weirdest dream.

I went to check my mail, and I had a reijou.  (In reality Casablanca senshuraku was only two weeks ago, and I stalk my mailbox on a daily basis.  Thus far I've only received reijou from Micchan.  But given that Eri-chan and Mitsuki have both sent me things before, I'm still hopeful ~_^)

Only in my dream, the reijou I received was from some underclassman I had never written and didn't even know who they were.

My mailbox is a drop-in slot.  So sometimes if there are junk flyers you have to pull them out before the rest of the mail can drop out.  In this case I pulled some other stuff out, only to find my mailbox overflowing with reijou, all from people I 1) didn't know, and more importantly, 2) hadn't written to.  I also got a bunch of random things like photos (sent without envelopes using 10 cent stamps?) and programs from Mami's ochakai (Micchan apparently had a guest spot and sang two songs...?)

I got woken up by my phone going off, and by that point I was more relieved than anything else ^^;
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Watched the 2006 TCA special last night.  It was okay and kept me entertained while I got some hand sewing work done, but generally wasn't my thing.

That being said, there were a few sections I liked, particularly when nearly everyone was on stage to sing "Joyful."  It was so cool to see, for example, Morie on stage at the same time as Touko.  And Kiriyan got to sing How to Succeed.

I have to say, though, somehow Nova Bossa Nova songs don't get old, or at least I still enjoy them.  Tom may have sung Nova Bossa Nova songs in every TCA special since she performed the show back in 1999, but she can certainly still sing "Sinner Man" very nicely.  (I also have a weakness for the version of Amour, Amour sung by Tom AND Mami in the 2007 special)

It's probably time for me to go to bed.
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Last night I had a dream that I ran into Mami.  I'm afraid I'm bad at remembering details, but I think this somehow involved me brushing against her running into her and getting to talk for a few minutes.  It was an extremely doki-doki experience <33333

This might have something to do with why I'm watching the tsukigumi version of Nova Bossa Nova.  I'm not sure why when I watched this way back when I thought it paled compared to the yukigumi version.  I haven't seen the yukigumi version in a long time, but the tsukigumi honkouen at least is a lot beter than I remembered it.  (I'm still on the opening number, we'll see how it goes from here)

I'm with everyone else who says that it's time to restage this one <3
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Hankyu has given us no scandalous news recently, and I don't have anything to do while waiting for my disc to copy.  In the mean time, I'm subjecting my friends list to scattered thoughts on a few shows I've been watching lately :P

Excalibur, Rika's sayonara show, and Mami's sayonara show )
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Why didn't anyone tell me that Mami's ESP! is awesome?  It's been a while since I sat down and watched something that wasn't an interview/production notes/etc.  As much as I love off-stage stuff, I think I need to start working through my backlog of revues if ESP was any indication of really sparkly things that I didn't realize I had.

There was Rika singing "Born to Be Wild."  Vampire!Mami.  Kiriyan, Yuuhi, and Tani in drag.  Mami and Rika having a pair dance-esque moment before Mami dances with Dan-chan.  Kiriyan singing the etoile (I somehow didn't know that she had ever done an etoile).  But most of all, the entire thing was suffused with Mami Crack.

It also makes me feel a little sad to see how many wonderful people have left tsukigumi since 2001, but I suppose that's the nature of Takarazuka.

By the way, what was the reason for tsukigumi being so out of synch in 2001?  I think it was first "Ai no Sonata/Ima Sumire Hana ga Saku" in Tokyo, then "Practical Joke" (a Theater Drama City show), then "Ai no Sonata/ESP" in Takarazuka as Mami's sayonara show, and then "Great Pirates" as Rika's debut show, but Tokyo only.  The whole thing makes my head hurt a bit...
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Okay, so Mami and Rika were very sexy, but what exactly happened in that show?  I would feel bad about not understanding except for that words like "exorcist" just were never covered in my years of studying Japanese -_-;

On an up note, I love villainous Rika roles.  I may have to pop in Luna now.

(sorry for the post spam, but there's a typhoon going on outside and I have nothing else to do.  If any of you feel like signing online and entertaining me, it would be appreciated ^_^)
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Some reviews of the stuff I've watched recently:

Not sure what to watch next.  The remainder of stuff on my list looks a little depressing and that's not really what I'm in the mood for.  I'm probably going to go with either hoshigumi BeruBara 2001 or Orpheus in Spiral.


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