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Ignore this if you don't know anything about Takarazuka ^^; 


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It's always a little weird watching revues in their touring/Chunichi/etc. versions.  I like how lower ranked people get bigger parts, but it's hard for the troupe not to feel like it's at half power simply because of it being cut in half number-wise.

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To be completely honest, for all that I am excited that Kiriyan has become top, she hasn't become top of the troupe that I fell in love with three years ago.  There are still people I love in tsukigumi, but the truth is I still feel the loss of many people I love (Eri-san, Sueko, Taki-san, Mihoko, Yuuhi, Ai-chan, etc).

At the same time I've waited a while for Kiriyan to be top, and I *want* to like her tsukigumi.  I don't want to be so caught up in retirements and politics that I can't enjoy things any more.  

Anyway, I still have Yukariko to watch, and I plan on buying Scarlet Pimpernel when it comes out <3
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Not that this is very surprising, but Kiriyan gave Yumiko the douki flowers at Yumiko's sayonara show.

If that's not cute, I don't know what is <3
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This might have something to do with the fact that I'm slightly tipsy at the moment.  But Kiriyan's new star goods?  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

(I'm surprised she didn't find a way to get Finch on there) 

I can't believe she's finally top star... ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Jan. 24th, 2010 11:12 pm
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Now the real question is, does a girl really need both of her kidneys? ;)


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:02 pm
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So it is Marimo.  Well, frankly, I can live with that.  I don't think she and Kiriyan are going to be my next One True Pairing, but I liked her well enough in the Pimpernel shinko and in Kean.

I mean, I would have much preferred Alice or Nacchan.  Not to mention Ai-chan.  But compared to a lot of the other choices that were being speculated about, Marimo is at least acceptable to me.  (Not that the universe is looking for my approval, but you get the idea *g*)

I think my only real objection is that she's 164 centimeters.  While Kiriyan claims to be 167 centimeters, I'm pretty sure she's lying.  That's only about an inch in height difference o.O

In other news, poor Chiaki T__________T  She was awfully cute as Louis Capet in Pimpernel.

ETA: Lest I sound like I'm complaining too much, at least we have a top musumeyaku now.  It's about time!!!!
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I feel a little silly making a report about a show that I myself didn't go to.  But since I'm trying to get my hands on every tidbit of information I can about this show, and because a great deal of it makes me jump up and down with excitement, I feel the need to share what I can find out.

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Ah...sounds like good times.  I am breathless with anticipation for this show to be broadcast on Sky Stage!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Okay, so Micchan will be in the buyoukai again this year.    That makes for her fourth year in a row!  I'm afraid that like fine wine, the art of buyou escapes me.  It's something that I know has a lot of value, but I just don't know how to judge and appreciate everything that goes into it.  But if this is Micchan's fourth year in a row, I wonder if the company thinks that she's good at it?  (The first year was with tsukigumi, and the other three were/will be with soragumi).  Tomu is also in the cast, which will be her third year in a row o.O

Also in the cast are:

Senka: Matsumoto Yuri, Todoroki Yu, Kyou Misa, Kou Akemi, Ichihara Kei, Itsumine Aki, and Miho Keiko
Hoshigumi: Yuzuki Reon, Yumesaki Nene, Suzumi Shio, Tsurumi Mayuu, Shirotae Natsu, Kai Hayato, Asato Mao, Miharu Ayaka, Hishiro Yua, Makaze Suzuho, Seki Yutio, Kizaki Reo, Wakanatsu Ayame, Honjou Kureha
Soragumi: Oozora Yuuhi, Nono Sumika, Ranju Tomu, Hokushou Kairi

...It occurs to me that I may be in Japan for this.  I'm still waiting on an ochakai date, which will determine everything.

I worry about Micchan because this will be yet another extra thing she'll have to rehearse for.  (Then again, who knows, maybe she enjoys it.  I know she said that the 2006 buyoukai was one of her favorite performing experiences) But in between her dinner show, probably being in the 2009 TCA special, and now the buyoukai, I worry T_________T

Also, the speculation in this thread made me worried that Micchan or even Tomu would be pulled out of soragumi to be Kiriyan's nibante, maybe even before Casablanca.  I was starting to wonder if the lack of a Casablanca cast list was because Hankyu was waiting on some sort of transfer annoucnement (and they still might be.  I have a theory that I don't dare say out loud for fear of it not happening).  But if both Micchan and Tomu are announced to be in the buyoukai (which is in the middle of Casablanca's mura run) and they're doing so as soragumi members, then neither of them could be transferred out before mura senshuraku. someone who is trying to make travel plans, this is very good news :D  Obviously I have opinions about what goes on after this, but I'm selfishly relieved that two of my favorite siennes will be in Casablanca.  After all, it's going to be much harder to get tickets to Last Play ;)

Oh dear, how did it become 1:30 in the morning? ^^;
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So yesterday I decided to rewatch A/L.  It had been over a year and it was fun to revisit it, especially since I know soragumi a lot better now than I did back then.  It's one of those silly, campy shows that I love.  And I'm always a sucker for a good secret identity tale.

I came to the conclusion that A/L and Bara ni Furu Ame are basically the same story, only with vastly different directing styles XD After all:

  • Tani and Ume knew each other when they were younger but were separated.  They encounter each other again as adults (or in the case of BaraAme, when they're older)
  • Tani is poor while Ume is from a wealthy family.
  • Tomochin is the evil fiance who is actually after Ume's family's wealth.
  • Ume has a bad relationship with her parents, who want her to get married to Tomochin for the wrong reasons.  Tani eventually has to rescue Ume from being forced into marrying Tomochin.
Cut for vague and not-so-vague spoilers about the endings of A/L and Bara ni Furu Ame respectively )

In other news, the lack of a Casablanca cast list may cause me to pull my hair out, especially with people speculating in [ profile] ekusudei 's entry that someone Micchan or Miwacchi's age would make a good nibante to Kiriyan.  (Er...not that I don't want Micchan and Kiriyan performing together, but it's complicated and would mess up my travel plans.  Which is an entirely different post.  *points* Go and watch A/L instead!  It's really cute).
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  • The cast list (as in who will be in the show) for tsukigumi came out on July 5th.  This means that we're overdue for soragumi :P  I doubt anything drastic would happen at this point (*knocks on wood*), but I would feel better if I knew that transfers weren't going to mess with my travel plans.  Plus I would imagine that the sooner a cast list is announced, the sooner I'll get ticket and ochakai forms.  (The problem is that right now plane fares are pretty reasonable.  Please pray with me that this doesn't change? T_____T)
  • I'm having trouble getting worked up about the new schedule.  I think it's because poor yukigumi is stuck with an Ueda Shinji show and soragumi has no announcements, which leaves only tsukigumi.  I'm not much of a nihonmono fan, but the plot of Yukariko (if I ever manage to understand it) sounds interesting.  That being said, I wish Kiriyan would get a show composed specifically for her, especially if her Daigekijou ohirome kouen ends up being Pimpernel.
Commentary on Hamlet, Masaki, and tsuki's new pecking order. Underneath cut because it gets political. )


Aug. 9th, 2009 06:40 pm
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I looked back in Live Journal, and last year the schedule announcements for the following year came out on August 29th.  In 2007, it was August 21st.  Today is the 9th (American time, at least), so I guess that means we'll be hearing about the 2010 schedule sometime in the next two to three weeks.  And probably news in regards to tsukigumi's next top combi too.

Somehow I think I'm enjoying this Schrodinger's Cat period ^^;  Even if something is extremely unlikely, it's comforting to know that the very small possibility is there, rather than having it dashed completely.

That being said, I'm interested in the actual show announcements.  If there really is a tsukigumi Pimpernel...I may not necessarily like whatever top musumeyaku they pick, but the idea of Kiriyan as Percy makes my brain break in happy ways.

*goes back to compulsively refreshing the homepage for the next two to three weeks*
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I'm embarrassed to say that I had my copy of How to Succeed for a little over a year before I actually watched it >.>
Some thoughts under the cut )So in short, you really should try to track down a copy.  But you can't have mine :P *clings*

...*wanders off to scheme about possible casting for a future production*
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I put on "Guys and Dolls" the other day after having not watched it in a good year or so.  
Over-analyzing the ending and why I'm disatisfied with it )

When I first saw this show a good year and a half ago, I think it had been hyped up *so* much that I couldn't completely enjoy it.  (Er, not that Guys and Dolls isn't a worthy show, but rather sometimes your expectations become so high that there is no humanly possible way for them to be fulfilled).  But even at the time, the "I've Never Been in Love Before" scene was so tender and sweet I nearly cired.  Kurara isn't one of my favorite musumeyaku, but she makes an excellent partner to Rika.

And Kiriyan's Adelaide?  (This is what I'm talking about in regards to things being overly hyped).  Finally I was able to enjoy it, and she does such an amazing job of both hamming it up AND being sexy.  Also, I can't help but be proud of Micchan for getting such a big role at such a young age <333333

The ending may never felt right to me, but the songs are catchy, the characters are memorable, and the entire cast looks like they're having so much fun.  You can't help but like it ;)
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Watched the 2006 TCA special last night.  It was okay and kept me entertained while I got some hand sewing work done, but generally wasn't my thing.

That being said, there were a few sections I liked, particularly when nearly everyone was on stage to sing "Joyful."  It was so cool to see, for example, Morie on stage at the same time as Touko.  And Kiriyan got to sing How to Succeed.

I have to say, though, somehow Nova Bossa Nova songs don't get old, or at least I still enjoy them.  Tom may have sung Nova Bossa Nova songs in every TCA special since she performed the show back in 1999, but she can certainly still sing "Sinner Man" very nicely.  (I also have a weakness for the version of Amour, Amour sung by Tom AND Mami in the 2007 special)

It's probably time for me to go to bed.
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M-san tells me that Asako and Mihoko went to see Kiriyan in K Collection.  I get the impression that the three of them bonded when they all went on the MiiMai tour to Britain <3


It's not too long until Elisabeth rehearsals start up.  After all is said and done, I'm really interested in seeing how the rest of the roles are cast.  I know it was somewhat controversial not to include any senka members, but it does provide some interesting opportunities for the rest of tsukigumi.

I want Toshi to be a black angel <3

Also, something I haven't heard discussed...will Kacha be in the shinko at all?  On one hand she was just at the point where it looked like she would be getting leads in sora, and it seems unfair to deprive her of at least a shot at roles like Lucheni, etc (I'd a bit worried about her health if they gave her Death).  On the other, I'm sure she's under a ridiculous amount of pressure as it is -_-;;
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Finally, some nice soul was kind enough to post a set list for K Collection. 

But for those of you too lazy to look at the website yourself, it seems like the set list in Tokyo was:

Cut for length )
In short, I'm very intrigued.  I imagine this will eventually be released on DVD but who knows when.  (Will Kiriyan please get that top star announcement one of these days?????)  In the mean time I will very eagerly (and very impatiently) be waiting to see this show in one form or another.

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It made my speculation-happy heart very joyful last night to see some new show announcements <3333  The rest of the 2009 schedule (as in which troupe is playing where, *not* which shows and their leads) has been up here for a while now.

The things we still don't know about are:
Rambling underneath the cut )
Of course Hankyu will probably throw in a bunch of transfers just to throw me off XD
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I didn't find out about the news until this morning.  I'm glad this was the case, or I would never have been able to fall asleep last night (and I didn't even have access to a computer then).

Anyway, a few comments on Elisabeth (because I feel the need to put in my two cents as well :P): 

1) There has been a lot of discussion Kacha now that we've seen her in the white dress.  Elisabeth starts out as a bit of a tomboy.  She's supposed to be beautiful, but does she necessarily have to be regal the entire way through the show?  I personally think that Kacha has enough of "the look", even if she's untraditional.  Which brings me to my next point.

2) I love Elisabeth, but with the possible exception of the 2007 yukigumi version, all of the productions are basically the same.  If tsukigumi is going to perform this show only two years after it was last performed, then I'm really not opposed to the idea of shaking things up.  I'm interested to see what Kacha brings to the role.  Of course, a "new" production of Elisabeth doesn't make the casting decisions in regards to Ai-chan and Shizuku any less of a slap in the face.  But...I'm interested to see where this goes.

3) I've already posted about my feelings on Franz.  That being said, Kiriyan's strength is making boring characters into interesting ones.  And she can be especially good when tackling a challenge <3  Oh, and there will be a moustache.  Kiriyan looks good in moustaches <333

4) Poor Ahi :(  And um...what will the other two Rudolphs be doing when it's not their turn?  My personal theory is that they will be revolutionaries, who ironically enough have more stage time than Rudolph.  Will it be a three-way role rotation?  And if that's the case, will Mirio have to learn three honkouen roles AND her probable shinko lead?

5) We haven't talked much about the other roles.  I'm betting on Sonoka for Zeps and Ryuu for Max.  My latest dream is for Ai-chan to play Madame Wolf.  I would die, but I would die *very* happy.  Also, "My Dear New Orleans" ends in Tokyo on April 26th.  Elisabeth starts on May 22nd.  Does this give Miho Keiko enough time to be Sophie?  *looks around to make sure of not jinxing the idea by saying it out loud*

Okay, that was more than a few comments.  I'm going to bed.


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